Caedrel is a Twitch streamer who is dating his girlfriend Corinna Borau. Caedrel used to be a pro player of Esports games but he is now active as an analyst in tandem. 

Caedrel is currently working as a caster in the LEC broadcast team. He is seen playing League of Legends and World of Warcraft on his Twitch streams.

During his recent YouTube video, he said he would play as a pro player for some tournament.

Caedrel Girlfriend Corinna Borau Is A Twitch Streamer

Caedrel is dating his girlfriend Corinna Borau.

Caedrel and Corinna are both streamers. One day while they were streaming, one of the viewers asked them how they met each other.

The Twitch star said he had already told them about how they met each other. But, he shared again that he met Corinna while going to Space Exploration School.

Caedrel talked about how he met his girlfriend, Corinna during a live stream
Source : youtube

They were both admitted to Space Exploration School where they learned and trained to become astronauts. 

The couple had a space mission together, which they were going to do at the International Space Center and work there.

He went there a week before Corinna arrived there in the german space aircraft arrived. When Corinna arrived in the airlock, he was mesmerized by her. He told his friend Renault about her too. He took her on a tour of the International Space Center.

Corinna opened the airlock accidentally once, which led her to fly out but luckily, he flew with her and grabbed her hand while she was nearly getting sucked out of the airlock.

But since they were in an astronaut suit, they were protected by it. One of his colleagues came, and he grabbed her with force and pulled her through the airlock to the normal space.

Caedrel and his girlfriend, Corinna playing the game, It takes two.
Source : youtube