Where to watch the Grid Down Power Up documentary? It is available to watch and stream on their website, griddownpowerup.com.

Grid Down Power Up stars Dennis Quaid who narrates the whole story. The documentary is about the possible consequences and risks of the United States' power grid going down.

The makers planned to release the documentary on Netflix. However, there were changes made by the makers. Thus, it cannot be streamed on other platforms.

The well-known filmmaker David Tice directed the documentary. He is also one of the executive producers, along with Patrea Patrick. Tice has made movies like Soul Surfer, When The Game Stands Tall, and The Secret Lives of Dorks.

John Gilbert took care of film editing, while Jake Dilley and Jimmy Morrison were for visual effects. The 56-minute-long documentary premiered on July 15, 2022, at Anthem Libertarian Film Festival in Las Vegas.

In September 2022, the film won the title of best Feature documentary film by the New York City Film and Television Festival in recognition of excellence in the craft of filmmaking for documentary film.

Where To Watch Grid Down Power Up Documentary

Grid Down, Power Up release date is mentioned on their website. It became available in January 2023.

The movie was expected to get streamed on Netflix at the beginning. Yet, the plans were changed and are now available for streaming only on the film's official website.

 All you have to do is reach their website at www.griddownpowerup.com. , click on 'Watch the Movie.'

Then after, the person needs to provide the details like full name, state, zip code, and email address to receive a direct link on their email for free online viewing of the film.

The description of the documentary on the site reads, "Grid Failure is a real and imminent threat, a devastatingly deadly occurrence leading to a life-threatening shortage of food and water."

Is Grid Down, Power Up On Netflix?

Grid Down Power Up is not available on Netflix. It is also unavailable on platforms like Amazon Prime Video or Hulu.

The makers are confident that within 56 minutes, the documentary will educate the people on how electric grids work and how they are vulnerable.

Regarding the idea to make the documentary, around three years back, David discovered a documentary film related to grave risks and associated outcomes of a complete power grid collapse. Spontaneously, he decided to complete the documentary and began his research.

About Grid Down Power Up With Dennis Quaid

Grid Down Power Up with Dennis Quaid recently grabbed headlines after his work on the documentary. It explores the danger of power grid outrage.

Power grid failure is one of the worst possible scenarios in the world. A devastating threat can bring life-ending food, water, and fuel shortages.

Eventually, people would be left under hunger with months of darkness, starvation, and destruction, in the worst scenario, the tragedy of losing their life.

The filmmaker David Tice brought an award-winning documentary about the potential consequences and possible solutions to the problem.

It is a documentary where Dennis narrates the types of threats concerning incidents that have already occurred and alarming insights from experts. He also explains the possible consequences of doing nothing to secure the grid system.

The documentary shows how the world would look without power and life without lights. It explains that state and federal officials know the danger but have yet to pass legislation to solve it.

According to the movie and the makers, there are significant threats to the power grid; physical attacks, cyber-attacks, geomagnetic disturbances, and electromagnetic pulse attacks.

Dennis talks about his role in the documentary with the hosts of Access Daily in February 2023
Source : twitter

The documentary explains the 'Power Grid' and how thousands of private and public companies are involved with the grid. The backbone of the grid is a power substation that includes transformers.

These massive transformers can cause the whole grid to go down for an extended period if not suitably operated on. It talks about how each party avoids taking the grid protection responsibility claiming they belong to someone else.

According to the makers, prioritizing nuclear plants and spending on nuclear fuel can be one of the safest methods to generate high volumes of carbon-free electricity.

Similarly, other potential solutions can be protecting critical substations, upgrading federal and state cybersecurity standards, leveraging military standards, establishing microgrids, etc. Among all, passing federal legislation is equally important.

Meet The Cast Of Grid Down Power Up

Grid Down Power Up cast is Dennis Quaid. Dennis is the narrator of the documentary and David Tice is the director.

The 57-minute documentary includes speakers Jeffrey Hayzlett, Frank Gaffney, Michael Mabee, and Founder/President Tommy Waller.

Quaid came to prominence after portraying Mike in Breaking Away (1979). According to the narrator of the documentary, Quaid, Grid Down Power Up is about tomorrow, something that could happen in the future.

In 2004, he worked as climatologist Jack Hall in the American science fiction disaster film, The Day After Tomorrow. In the movie, he makes a daring trek to reach his son after the planet settles into a new Ice Age after a sudden international storm. 

Producer David (left) and the narrator of the documentary, Dennis (right) seen together
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While discussing the documentary, Quiad expressed his opinion that federal funding might help the situation. According to him, the power grid is something, if that happens, will make Covid look like a kids' show.

According to the versatile actor, the documentary is about the crucial topic of the current situation of the states. He argued that power grid outrage could potentially bring the US back to the 1880s, living without electricity for an extended period.

Dennis said, "There have been several attacks on substations. Just 30 days without electricity, it would take us back to 1880. You wouldn't be able to get gas," while talking with Jesse Watter.

He added, " You wouldn't be able to get food. The police would have to stay home and care for their families."

He stated that even though the states are known the potential consequences, there is no real plan to tackle the power grid going down.

Grid Down Power Up Release Date

The Grid Down Power Up release date was 18 May 2022 in the United States. The documentary has been available on their website since January 18, 2023. 

People started to notice the content after recent attacks on substations in Washington and Carolina. The grid became a topic of attention after many states in America reported blackouts several times.

The documentary was premiered at the Mirage Las Vegas Hotel and Casino starting Wednesday, July 13th.

Grid Down Power Up Review

The documentary clearly explains the problems and solutions of electric grids. Anyone watching the film can understand how electricity grids work and what would happen to the world without electricity within an hour.

By watching the documentary, citizens are even more aware of the problem now. When discussing the same topic five years ago, some viewers said they were called 'Conspiracy Theorists.'

Grid Down Power Up informs the viewers that the real vulnerability can be fixed if officials take action and do their job. Not just the possible consequences; the documentary also brought some examples of the solutions to the grid problem.

According to the viewers, the movie explored the dangers of sudden electric grid failure. They praised Dennis Quiad's performance as a serious documentarian. They believe it is one of the must-watch films at present, stating it is too important to ignore.