How to watch His Only Son? His Only Son will be available to rent or purchase on streaming site Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Apple TV+, and YouTube TV by June 2023.

Produced by RockBridge Productions and distributed by Angel Studios, His Only Son depicts the story of Abraham and his journey to fulfill God's will.

The feature film is based on a story from the Old Testament in the Bible. It portrays the experience of Abraham, played by Nicolas Mouawad, upon receiving the command from God to immolate his only child, Isaac.

The movie's central plot is Abraham's expedition of three data and three nights with his two servants and son to Moriah's mountaintop. It highlights the mental turmoil and dilemma emerging in his mind and his test of faith as he is asked to give up his promised son.

David Helling is the writer, producer, and director of the film. His vision to touch on this controversial topic from Genesis 22 explores the man and God's relationship and a man's decision to choose between his family or his almighty.

His Only Son On Streaming Sites

His Only Son is available to rent or purchase on The film will also be available for streaming on Vudu, Apple TV+, Amazon and YouTube.

As per Angel Studios, His Only Son will be released online in June 2023.

How To Watch His Only Son On Angel?

His Only Son can be rented from purchased from the official site of Angel Studio. The collectible Scene can be reserved by emailing a ticket copy.

A user need to create an account with their email address. The available dates for the movie can be traced by sharing the zip code.

Some showtime areas include Regal North Hills, Cinemark Raleigh Grande, and AMC Dine-in Holly Springs 9.

Is It Available On Amazon Prime Video?

You can watch His Only Son in Amazon Prime Video after its digital release.
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His Only Son is not available on Amazon Prime Video, but it will be available anytime soon.

Amazon Prime Video is a top-notch streaming platform. Having over 200 million subscribers, it needs to catch up to Netflix in the current market.

You can get the platform's services for a monthly fee of USD 5.99.

Is It Available On Apple TV+?

His Only Son is not available on Apple TV+. The movie will be available anytime soon by June 2023.

Apple TV+ is a subscription-based streaming platform. It was developed by Apple Inc. on 1st November 2019.

Audience can also watch the movie on Apple TV+ for a monthly subscription of $6.99.
Source : apple

After paying a monthly fee of $6.99, you can view a wide range of content on this OTT service. You can also get an annual plan for $69.

It has over 25 million paid users and has acquired the rights to many popular shows such as Ted Lasso, Severance, Bad Sisters, Friday Night Baseball, The Oprah Conversation, and many more.

His Only Son Cast

His Only Son cast includes Nicolas Mouawad, Sara Sayed, Edaan Moskowitz, Ottavio Taddei, Nicolai Perez, and Daniel da Silva.

Nicolas Mouawad as Abraham

Nicolas Mouawad plays the role of Abraham in the biblical drama.
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Nicholas Mouawas as Abraham plays the central role in the movie. The film's narrative revolves around him and his passage illustrating mankind's relationship with the almighty.

Nicholas was born on 22nd February 1979 in Lebanon. He has acted in various UAE, Lebanon, and Egypt ventures. Some notable acting credits include Wannous, Abriaa Wa Laken: Innocent... However, Helm Athar and Saabe' Gaar.

Sara Seyed as Sarah

Sara Seyed is a Law graduate and an actor who plays Sarah in the film.
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Sara Seyed as Sarah is the main cast in the film. Sara is a University College London graduate with an International Law and Legal Studies degree.

Born in Los Angeles in 1990, Sara has acted in multiple projects. It includes Aseman, Physical, Young Wallander, and Bl*ck Warrant.

Edaan Moskowitz as Isaac

Edaan Moskowitz is an actor and director who took the role of Isaac in the movie.
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Edaan Moskowitz as Isaac plays Abraham's son, who is asked to be sacrificed by the almighty. The talented actor is best known for his works in The Brink and Clairvoyant.

The Californian actor directed Here After in 2018 and More Than a Number in 2020. The 2018's short film earned his Award Of Merit at the One-Reller Short Film Competition.

Ottavio Taddei as Kelzar

Ottavio Taddei is an actor by profession who has written and producer a music video.
Source : instagram

Ottavai Taddei as Kelzar is an actor, writer, and producer. He was born in Italy and celebrated his natal day on 19th December.

Taddei has worked in over 52 films, including Ford v Ferrari, The Exile Road, Lost Man Found, Growing Up Vito, and Borders. He also wrote and produced a music video, 'Frank Lead: Embrace the Light.'

Nicolai Perez as Eshcolam

Nicolai Perez goes by the name Reji Lukai.
Source : twitter

Nicolai Perez as Eshcolam also goes by the name Reji Lukai. Perez has been active in the entertainment industry since 2015.

He has been part of numerous short films, music videos, and a few feature films. His acting credits include Nameless, Eureka, Virus of the De*d, Val, and Limits.

Daniel da Silva as The Lord

Daniel de Silva as The Lord examines Abraham's faith and loyalty by ordering him to offer his son. Silva is from San Francisco Bay Area.

He has acted in movies like Faultline, Center Divide, Overwhelm the Sky, Prelude to the King, Road to Emmaus, and Christ Tempted. Daniel also worked as a producer and production designer in 2013's American Mongrel.

Additional Cast

  • Alexandria Lior as Stolen Daighter
  • Scot Cooper as The Centurion
  • Luis Fernandez-Gil as Eliezer
  • Kevin Kapellas as Lead Horseman
  • Orestes Sophocleous as Roman Centurian

His Only Son Reviews

His Only Son reviews are primarily positive. The biblical drama has fared well among critics and audiences.

The movie has maintained a 96% audience score and 83% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes. Mike McGranaghan from Aisle Seat rates it 3 out of 4 and calls the movie sincere.

The film has garnered a massive 96% audience score within a week of its release.
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Likewise, many moviegoers have found the execution of the film to be on point. The audience responded well to the storytelling and the overall package of the film.

They believe that the acting of the main cast and the supporting cast has lifted the story's spirit making it more convincing. Many have claimed the movie to be worth the watch and loved the director's vision in making it biblically accurate.

His Only Son Streaming Release Date

His Only Son streaming release date was set for 31st March 2023. It was released in selected theatres across the United States.

Likewise, the digital release date of the film is yet to be announced officially. However, Decider reports that the audience will get to watch the movie on streaming platforms from late June 2023 onwards.