Is A Town Called Malice A True Story? No, A Town Called Malice is not based on a true story.

It is a show driven by the time where everything from costumes to music is from the 1980s. The actors were given real vintage pieces to make the scene realistic.

Music is one of the dominant elements in this show. Refreshing soundtracks from the 1980s that play as the series progresses fuse with the plot. Watching this drama feels like time-traveling back to the golden era of pop culture and colorful fashion.

Trends of wearing striking colors like neon, and fluorescent pink, with acid wash jeans, along with blazers fitted with gigantic shoulder pads, are what people visualize when they think about 80s style.

A Town Called Malice How Many Episodes

The first season of A Town Called Malice has a total of 8 episodes, 45 minutes long on average. Interestingly, all the episodes are named after an iconic song from 50 years ago.

For instance, the first episode is titled 'I Want To Know What Love Is', while the last episode is named 'Living On A Paper', a famous song by Bon Jovi.

Will there be a season 2 of A Town Called Malice? The show was made like that it would never get another season, according to IMDb

Is A Town Called Malice A True Story?

No, A Town Called Malice is a purely fictional television series. A Town Called Malice is a British crime thriller TV series created by Nick Love for Sky Max.

The show's name comes from a song by the 80s rock band called The Jam.

The Jam launched the song 'Town Called Malice' more than 40 years ago from their album 'The Gift.' Paul Weller, the lead band member, sang and wrote this exceptional song. 

During the early '80s, when this song was released, it also became one of the 'Tracks of the Year.' Meanwhile, it stayed at the number on the UK Singles Chart. 

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Well, this track is impactful and enjoyable. It is understandable why Nick Love was inspired to keep it as the name of his show.

On the other hand, Paul Weller made a small cameo in the show, implying that Weller was quite happy that his song was used as the title. 

Tahirah, the lead actress was fascinated with the loud characters and vibrancy of the show. The characters of the Sky Originals show have been slightly inspired by real underworlds from the 80s.

One can expect a crime thriller incorporated with a sweet love story and the struggle of a gangster family to rise and rule as top-notch criminals.

The story of this Sky Originals revolves around the Lord family, who once used to be elites in the world of criminals in their home country, the U.K. 

Gene Lord, the youngest kid in the family, feels neglected by everyone. However, he is the most sharpwitted in the lot.

Cindy Carter is Gene's girlfriend. They plan to marry, and when Gene proposes to her for marriage, she becomes his fiancée. 

While they were going to the Lords to tell them about their plans as a couple, they somehow found themselves in the middle of a battle.

The lovebirds manage to escape the gangland war held in their locality in South London. Furthermore, they run away to another part of the world where no one knows them.

They choose Costa del Sol, Spain as their new hideout. But nothing goes as planned; the couple is dragged into another underworld drama.

Uncle Tony, who was supposed to help them settle down in the new place, is another criminal disguised as a decent man. 

Uncle Tony was obligated to neighborhood drug dealers for some reason. Later, he was killed by Cindy amid the fight. 

Through several twists and turns, all of the Lord somehow end up in Costa del Sol for Tony's funeral.  As they say, blood is thicker than water, and the Lords reunite.

The gang comes closer to regaining its power and position at the top of the criminal food chain. Everyone engages in this fight for power from Mint Ma, Leonard Lord, Anthony Lord, and Kelly Lord to Albert Lord.

To find out where the Lords become the next top gangsters or even get closer to becoming one, season 1 has to be watched. This family drama is filled with violence, dance, and songs, making it vibrant and fun.

Meet The Cast Of A Town Called Malice

A Town Called Malice cast includes Jack Rowan, Tahirah Sharif, and Jason Flemyng. Martha Plimpton and Dougray Scott are also in the key role.

The men of the Lord family poses with other gangsters
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Eliza Butterworth Plays Carly Lord

Carly Lord is the eldest daughter-in-law of the Lord family. She is the wife of Leonard Lord, who became a mom in her teenage. 

She has been with this family forever, so much so that she is often regarded as a 'trophy wife' with not much identity of her own. Carly also takes it as an opportunity to start afresh as they move to a completely new place.

Eliza Butterworth describes herself as a British & Italian American, who is 29 years old. She gained prominence by portraying the role of Lady Aelswith in 'The Last Kingdom'.

Also, she has appeared in the 2022 mini-series 'The North Water' as Heston. For her performance as the supporting actress in this show by BBC Two, Butterworth was nominated for National Film Awards UK.

It has not even been a month since the release of 'A Town Called Malice, but she has already landed another project with Pete Rogers named 'Little Brown Bird'. 

Daniel Sharman Plays Kelly Lord

Kelly Lord is the middle child of the family, who seems competitive towards his siblings for his parent's attention. Kelly is not laidback, he is constantly trying to prove his worth. One never knows what his next move will be.

Daniel Sharman has mostly played tons of supernatural characters throughout his career. The 37-year-old is known for his work in 'Cursed', 'Teen Wolf', 'Mercy Street', and 'The Originals.'

He learned acting from The London Academy of Dramatic Art and has experience in theatre as well. He knew he was going to be a film star from the young age of 9, and he followed his dreams.

Jack Rowan Plays Gene Lord

Gene may be smaller in age but he is the smartest among the Lords. He knows how to effectively deal with fellow criminals unlike his dad and elder brothers. 

He makes the best use of his brain, and tactics, and talks business with people like drug dealers. Gene has a major role in changing the narrative of the story.

Jack Rowan is a 26-year-old who grew up in Pimlico, Westminster, South London. He gained fame by featuring in TV shows such as 'Peaky Blinders', 'Born to Kill', and 'Noughts + Crosses'.

For his role in 'Born to Kill', Rowan earned an award from BAFTA Cymru at the age of 21. While growing up, he went to Fitzroy Lodge boxing school, which must have helped him in preparing for his role in A Town Called Malice.

Martha Plimpton Plays Mint Ma

Mint Ma is not a traditional mom who only knows how to love, rather she is a fashionable gangster matriarch. Mostly working as an aide to her husband, she is driven to be on top either by hook or by crook.

Moreover, Mint Ma has a deep allegiance to her husband and children. And what makes her more attractive is her groundedness.

Mint Ma, the matriarch of the Lords family looks strong and stylish
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Martha Plimpton has successfully given the vibes of hardcore female gangsters from that time. As a key role of the mother as well as a gangster, her acting is top-notch. 

Interestingly, she herself belongs to the 80s generation, and some of her iconic roles can be seen in 'The Goonies', 'Parenthood', as well as 'The Real O'Neals'. 

Plimpton is a Primetime Emmy Award-winning actress. Currently, in her early 50s, she was born in New York City, U.S. Her experience as an actor has truly made her shine in the series.

Jason Flemyng Plays Albert Lord

Albert Lord is the head of the Lord family, who met his wife Mint Ma as a teenager in Bermondsey street. The couple has spent more years of life together, than alone.

It was Albert who helped Mint Ma to see a world, that is more than just poverty and illiteracy. While Albert might be a tough guy and a top-dog gangster, he lacks in making rational decisions. 

As the better half of the head Lord, Mint Ma completes him as she is more street-smart and strategic than her man. In this way, they have been working as a team for a few decades, staying as each other's rock.

Jason Flemyng is absolutely awesome while portraying Albert. He is probably one of the eldest in the sets of 'A Town Called Malice' as he is 56 and plays the patriarch. 

The collage of the members of the Lords Family taken from the series
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He is probably a seasoned actor who has already played the role of criminals in other projects like 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' and 'A Violent Man'. However, in real life, he is one the sweetest person one can ever meet.

Tahirah Sharif Plays Cindy Carter

Cindy Carter is a survivalist, with a solid character. Although she may seem like a strong woman, she is quite sensitive and vulnerable and has gone through a lot. 

Meeting Gene changes her life. She finds a family in Gene's parents that she never had. Carter is tough but vulnerable, and extremely loyal to the people she loves.

Cindy transforms from a sweet nice girl, ready to meet her boyfriend's parents to an indifferent killer in no time. 

Tahirah Sharif as Cindy Carter has given her best in this show with an 80s aesthetic. Tahirah and her co-actor Jack went to the same school in South London. 

She is from Brixton, so, it was easier for her to grasp the accents and attributes of a Sount Londoner. Her outstanding works include 'The Haunting of Bly Manor', 'The Tower', and 'Waterloo Road'. 

Sharif is a BAFTA-nominated actress, with a mixed heritage of Pakistani roots from the maternal side and Jamaican roots from the paternal. Other major casts include Leonard Lord as Lex Shrapnel, Anthony Lord as George Jaques, and Uncle Tony as Dougray Scott.

Tahirah and Jack as Cindy and Gene in A Town Called Malice
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As recurring characters, actors like Sarah Shahin, Ramiro Blas, Yassine Fadel, and Marcelo Converti, among a few others can be seen. Apart from that, actor Ernesto Collado has made a guest appearance.

A Town Called Malice Filming Locations And Release Date

A Town Called Malice filming locations include Costa Del Sol, Southern Spain. This Sky original series was released on the 16th of March 2023. 

It hit the screens on Thursday at 9 pm on NOW TV in the UK. For International sales, NBCUniversal Global Distribution represented Sky Studios. Vertigo Films, Sky Studios, and Rogue State produces this masterpiece. 

Incredible backdrops and colorful cinematography have made 'A Town Called Malice' a spectacular show. Nick Love, the director has done a fantastic job showcasing the Lord family's dynamic relationship.

Dance, songs, cars, and custom designs, used in the series are well-fitted with the lead characters. The cinematography is so gorgeous that people might book tickets for a holiday after watching it.

It has not even been a month since the release of this stylish crime thriller. The show is getting good reviews, but regarding the second installment of the show, there have yet to be any updates.

So, as of now, there will not be season 2 of A Town Called Malice. But, there is still enough time for the team to decide whether they want to take the story of the Lords ahead or not.

Where Was A Town Called Malice Filmed?

A Town Called Malice was filmed in Costa Del Sol set in 1980. The series heavily uses an island in Spain named Tenerife for shooting.

Because Tenerife still has a historical touch over other places of Costa Del Sol, Tenerife was primarily used as the ideal place for filming, and the shooting lasted for five months.

Actor Jack Rowan mentioned in an interview that one of the reasons why he readily signed up for the project was because of its beachy shooting location.

The canary island of Tenerife is ideal for its lanky palm trees, beach clubs, and seaside. Club De Mar in Radazul, in Tenerife, became the Club Paradiso in the show. 

Uncle Tony looks charming in sunglasses, vintage shirt and a hat on his hand in Costa del Sol
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The violent yet hilarious series was set on a beachy backdrop. The way Nick has directed the show incorporating the 80's aesthetics is just spellbinding.

One can feel that the writer Love knows and loves all the characters that he has developed. With his straightforwardness, humorous nature, and use of exotic places to develop the plot, he keeps all the viewers edged in their seats. 

El Balito, Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the spot where much talk about Uncle Tony's villa named Villa Circense was located. All in all, the ambiance and the storyline of the show match beautifully. 

A Town Called Malice has been given a 6.5 rating as per IMDB. The bold and unique characters, with everyone having a story to tell, make it an excellent watch.

Nick Love, the man behind A Town Called Malice has closely observed that part of the world and has smoothly made an engaging show. He is an English filmmaker who gives his actors a space for growth with incredible support and encouragement. 

Some of the significant projects of the writer-turned-director are 'The Football Factor', 'The Sweeney', 'Bulletproof', and 'The Escort'. In addition, he also acts and produces movies and series in showbiz.