Confusion Explained: Why Fans Think Kayla Nicole Is Pregnant With Second Baby!

Is Kayla Nicole Pregnant With Second Baby? Get to know whether the multi-talent webstar is pregnant for the second time or not here below!

Kayla Nicole has a huge surge of fan followings on various social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube.

She recently represented CBS TV at the 2022 Grammys. With her time as a public face, the young lady has made noticeable progress in her media career to date.

Aside from her social media presence, Nicole is known for being a viral meme on many occasions due to her hilarious facial expressions.

Is Kayla Nicole Pregnant With Second Baby?

Kayla Nicole is confirmed not to be pregnant with a second baby. She has not spoken about her second pregnancy yet, indicating no plans for another baby anytime soon.

Her YouTube videos often show that she has her hands full with her toddler son and maintains her social media influence.

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Now that she is busy with her mainstream media works, it is unlikely for Nicole to add another member to her family in the current scenario.

The young Nicole is cited as a perfect mother for her young son, Messiah, as her YouTube content mainly includes her parenting moments.

Meet Kayla Nicole Boyfriend Luhkye

Kayla Nicole is devoted to her boyfriend and baby daddy, Luhkye. Luhkye is a rapper and social media personality as well.

Luhkye is known to have collaborated with artists like Quoncho and is well-known among the rap community.

The two got engaged in 2020, the same year Nicole announced her seven-month pregnancy in August. 

Both Nicole and Luhkye are completely in love as they are dedicated to their son's upbringing. Likewise, Luhkye's Instagram is filled with PDA moments with Nicole, indicating that he is loyal to his baby mama.

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Kayla Nicole Net Worth Revealed 

Kayla Nicole is estimated to enjoy a net worth of around a million figures from her social media career.

Her main source of income is her YouTube channel titled Nicole Tv, which has amassed more than 5.4 million subscribers. Her funny comedy sketches, vlogs, and music videos have won everyone's hearts and have garnered over 343 million views.

With her growing career, Nicole has ventured into many entertaining jobs and has increased her sources of income. Thus, she earns impressive figures given her confidence.

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