Tribeca Film Festival 2023 Lineup includes 1. Gloria Gaynor: I Will Survive directed by Betsy Schechter 2. Stan Lee directed by David Gelb and more.

It is an annual international film fest in which movies from famous directors are premiered. Besides that, it showcases the music, games, art, and programming selections.

In 2022, it announced the lineup of 110 feature films and 16 online premieres from different countries. Moreover, it featured 50 first-time directors with 88 world premieres.

The celebratory event brings the best out of creative storytelling in all forms. Since it has expanded to sectors other than film, it is now known as Tribeca Festival.

Tribeca Film Festival 2023 Full Lineup

Tribeca Film Festival 2023 full lineup will showcase 109 feature films by 127 filmmakers from 36 countries and 93 world premieres curated from 8096 submissions.

Despite massive offers, only the ones with a creative and artistic touch were chosen. The celebration of this year is going to be grand.

It will display storytelling that highlights romanticism, resilience, family relationships, LGBTQ+ stories, expressions of freedom, and such.

U.S Narrative Competition

Movie Poster Of Lost Soulz Which Will World Premiere In The Fest
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The films like Bad Things directed by Stweart Throndike, and The Graduates made by Hannah Peterson will be featured under this category.

Other movies with their filmmakers are as follows:

  • Cypher - Chris Moukarbel(director and writer)
  • Lost Soulz - Katherine Propper(director and writer)
  • Mountains - Monica Sorelle(director and writer), Robert Colom(writer)
  • Smoking Tigers - Shelly Yo(director and writer)
  • Somewhere Quiet - Olivia West Lloyd(director and writer)
  • The Secret Art Of Human Flight - H.P Mendoza(director), Jesse Orenshein(writer)

International Narrative Competition

Official Poster Of Biopic Marinette Made By Virginie Verrier
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The movies that made up this category include "Dead Girls Dancing" by Anna Roller representing Germany and France and "Silver Haze" by Sacha Polak representing Netherlands and UK.

Other ones that fell into the international narrative competition are:

  • Boca Chica (Dominican Republic) - Garibella A. Moses(director), Marité Ugás, Mariana Rondón(writer)
  • The Future (Israel) - Noam Kaplan(director and writer)
  • Je'vida (Finland) - Katja Gauriloff(director and writer), Niillas Holmberg(writer)
  • Marinette (France) - Virginie Verrier(director and writer)
  • Richelieu (Canada, France, and Guatemala) - Pier-Philippe Chevigny(director and writer)
  • A Strange Path (Brazil) - Guto Parente(director and writer)

Documentary Competition

Maestra By Maggie Contreras Officially Selected For The Screening In The Event
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The films that are counted in the documentary competition are The Lionheart by Laura Brownson from the U.S. and Rule of Two Walls by David Gutnik from Ukraine.

More films that have been chosen for this category include the following:

  • Between The Rains (Kenya) - Andrew H. Brown, Moses Thuranira(directors)
  • Breaking The News (United States) - Chelsea Hernandez, Heather Courtney, Princess A. Hairston(directors)
  • The Gullspång Miracle (Sweden, Norway, Denmark) - Maria Fredrikkson(director)
  • Maestra (US, France, Poland, Greece) - Maggie Contreras(director)
  • Q (Lebanon, US) - Jude Chehab(director)
  • Richland (United States) - Irene Lusztig(director)
  • Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed (United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand) - Stephen Kijak(director)
  • Stylebender (New Zealand) - Zoe McIntosh(director)
  • Take Care of Maya (United States) - Henry Roosevelt(director)
  • Transition (United States) - Jordan Bryon, Monica Villamizar(directors)

Spotlight Narrative

A Scene From Downtown Owl Where Two People Are Having A Conversation In A Bar
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Cold Copy by Roxine Helberg from the U.S. and Afire by Christian Petzold from Germany have been successfully added up to this category.

Other ones which have summed the list are as follows:

  • The Adults (United States) - Dustin Guy Defa(director and writer)
  • The Blackening (United States) - Tim Story(director), Tracy Oliver, Dewayne Perkins(writers)
  • Blood for Dust (United States) - Rod Blackhurst(director), David Ebeltoft(writer)
  • Cinnamon (United States) - Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr(director and writer)
  • Downtown Owl (United States) - Lily Rabe, Hamish Linklater(directors), Hamish Linklater(writer)
  • Eric LaRue (United States) - Michael Shannon(director), Brett Neveu(writer)
  • First Time Female Director (United States) - Chelsea Peretti(director and writer)
  • Fresh Kills (United States) - Jennifer Esposito(director and writer)
  • The Good Half (United States) - Robert Schwartzman(director), Brett Ryland(writer)
  • He Went That Way (United States) - Jeffrey Darling(director), Evan M. Wiener(writer)
  • I.S.S. (United States) - Gabriela Cowperthwaite(director), Nick Shafir(writer)
  • John Early: Now More Than Ever (United States) - Emily Allan, Leah Hennessey(directors)
  • LaRoy (United States, France) - Shane Atkinson(director and writer)
  • The Lesson (UK) - Alice Troughton(director), Alex MacKeith(writer)
  • The Line (United States) - Ethan Berger(director), Ethan Berger, Alex Russek(writers)
  • The Listener (United States) - Steve Buscemi(director), Alessandra Camon(writer)
  • Maggie Moore(s) (United States) - John Slattery(director), Paul Bernbaum(writer)
  • The Miracle Club (Ireland, UK) - Thaddeus O’Sullivan(director), Joshua D. Maurer, Timothy Prager, Jimmy Smallhorne(writers)
  • Our Son (United States) - Bill Oliver(director), Peter Nickowitz, Bill Oliver(writers)
  • The Perfect Find (United States) - Numa Perrier(director), Leigh Davenport(writer)
  • Shortcomings (United States) - Randall Park(director), Adrian Tomine(writer)

Spotlight Documentary

Sam Pollard Directorial The League Will Premiere In The Fest
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The directorial titled Stan Lee by David Gelb from the U.S. and We Dare To Dream by Waad al-Kateab from the UK have been selected for spotlight documentary.

Other films that have been chosen for this category are:

  • All Up in the Biz (United States) - Sacha Jenkins(director)
  • American Son (United States) - Jay Caspian Kang(director)
  • Anthem (United States) - Peter Nicks(director)
  • BS High (United States) - Martin Desmond Roe, Travon Free(directors)
  • Comedy of War: Laughter in Ukraine (United States) - Christopher Walters(director)
  • Common Ground (United States) - Rebecca Tickell, Josh Tickell(directors)
  • Every Body (United States) - Julie Cohen(director)
  • Happy Clothes: A Film About Patricia Field (United States) - Michael Selditch(director)
  • Invisible Beauty (United States) - Bethann Hardison, Frédéric Tcheng(directors)
  • It’s Basic (United States) - Marc Levin(director)
  • The League (United States) - Sam Pollard(director)
  • Milli Vanilli (United States) - Luke Korem(director)
  • Minted (United States, Canada, Cuba, Netherlands, India, Nigeria) - Nicholas Bruckman(director)
  • Open Heart (United States) - Jonathan Hock(director)
  • Poisoned: The Danger in Our Food (United States) - Stephanie Soechtig(director)
  • Rise - the Siya Kolisi Story (South Africa) - Tebogo Malope(director)
  • Ron Delsener Presents (United States) - Jake Sumner(director)
  • The Saint of Second Chances (United States) - Morgan Neville, Jeff Malmberg(directors)
  • The Space Race (United States) - Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, Lisa Cortés(directors)
  • Sunday Best (United States) - Sacha Jenkins(director)
  • Taylor Mac’s 24-Decade History of Popular Music (United States) - Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman(directors)
  • This Is Not Financial Advice (United States) - Chris Temple, Zach Ingrasci(directors)
  • Untitled Nicky Nodjoumi (United States) - Sara Nodjoumi, Till Schauder(directors)
  • Your Fat Friend (United States, UK) - Jeanie Finlay(director)

Spotlight Plus

A Scene From Waitress, The Musical Which Will Be Screened In The Event
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The movies selected for spotlight plus are Uncharted by Beth Aala from the U.S. and more.

Other ones that have been selected for this section are as follows:

  • Bad Like Brooklyn Dancehall (United States, Jamaica) - Ben DiGiacomo, Dutty Vanier(directors)
  • Gloria Gaynor: I Will Survive (United States) - Betsy Schechter(director)
  • It’s Only Life After All (United States) - Alexandria Bombach(director)
  • Rather (United States) - Frank Marshall(director)
  • Scream of My Blood: A Gogol Bordello Story (United States) - Nate Pommer(director)
  • Waitress, the Musical: Live on Broadway! (United States) - Brett Sullivan(director), Sara Bareilles(composer), Jessie Nelson(author)


Directorial By Tian Xiaopeng Has Made Up To The Fest
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The videos that have been successfully listed in this category are Break The Game by Jane M. Wagner from the U.S. and Öte by Edmundo Bejarano from Turkey.

Some more motion pictures that have been added to the list are:

  • Apolonia, Apolonia (Denmark, Poland) - Lea Glob(director)
  • Asog (Philippines, Canada) - Seán Devlin(director), Seán Devlin, Jaya, Arnel Pablo(writers)
  • Catching Dust (UK, Spain) - Stuart Gatt(director and writer)
  • Chasing Chasing Amy (United States) - Sav Rodgers(director)
  • Deep Sea (China, Netherlands) - Xiaopeng Tian(director and writer)
  • Hey Viktor! (Canada) - Cody Lightning(director), Cody Lightning, Samuel Miller(writers)
  • Kim’s Video (United States) - David Redmon, Ashley Sabin(directors)
  • The Last Night of Amore (Italy) - Andrea Di Stefano(director and writer)
  • Melody of Love (Ethiopia, Belgium, Argentina, Germany) - Edmundo Bejarano(director and writer)
  • Playland (United States) - Georden West(director and writer)


Scene Of Woman Grunting From The Movie One Night with Adela
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The footages that have been selected for the midnight section are as follows:

  • One Night with Adela (Spain) - Hugo Ruiz(director and writer)
  • Perpetrator (United States, France) - Jennifer Reeder(director and writer)
  • The Seeding (United States) - Barnaby Clay(director and writer)
  • You’ll Never Find Me (Australia) - Josiah Allen(writer), Indianna Bell (writer and director)

Escape from Tribeca

Poster Of The Indian Cinema Adipurush Which Will Premiere At The Event
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The moving pictures that have been curated under this category are listed below:

  • Adipurush (India) - Om Raut(director), Om Raut, Manoj Muntashir Shukla(writers)
  • Enter the Clones of Bruce (United States) - David Gregory(director)
  • Enter the Dragon (Hong Kong, United States) - Robert Clouse(director), Michael Allin(writer)
  • Final Cut (France) - Michel Hazanavicius(director and writer)
  • Suitable Flesh (United States) - Joe Lynch(director), Dennis Paoli(writer)

When Is Tribeca Film Festival 2023?

Dakota Johnson Flaunted The Dress By The Label Area While Attending The Fest In 2022
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Tribeca Film Festival 2023 schedule date is set to be 7 June to 18 June 2023. The event will take place in New York.

The celebrations begin during the day and end at night. It includes movie screenings, panel discussions, red-carpet premieres as well as after-parties.

The venue will have multiple stages and screens to display the motion pictures. Moreover, it will be packed with high-tech devices to entertain the users.

The event will take 12 days to complete and each day will be filled with fun activities. The timetable and exact screening details will soon be revealed.

Where Is The Tribeca Film Festival Held?

Image Of Spring Studios Located In Saint Johns Lane, New York
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Tribeca Film Festival Location is the Tribeca Festival Hub at Spring Studios in New York City. It is the key location of the event.

The studio is built on an area of 120,000 square feet as a multiple-event space. It consists of a gallery, lounge area, screening room, and more that can hold thousands of people.

The main event space consists of 75,000 square feet and has a seating capacity of over 10,000. The film fest makes use of all the resources to accommodate the audiences.

The spaces might be changed throughout the event. In 2021, the event started running a virtual show due to the pandemic and it has been a hit.

Tribeca Film Festival 2023 Tickets

Tribeca Film Festival shorts lineup has been released. The professionals have curated a list of heart-touching stories following strict guidelines.

The tickets to the fest are available on the official site of the event. You can book tickets for the in-person show or the virtual one to watch from home.

The price for the event ranges from $25 to $7500 and depends on the package. The exclusive one has the highest price while a one-day pass costs less.

Although the event offers on-site ticket booking, it does not seem to be a good idea since the passes can be sold out in advance.

What Is The Tribeca Film Festival?

Emma D'Arcy Starring Movie For People In Trouble Selected For Screening
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Tribeca Film Festival at Home is available on Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, and web browsers. The event will be shown online from 19 June to 2 July.

It is a yearly event organized by Tribeca Productions in New York. It hosts more than 600 screenings with an attendance of approximately 150,000 people.

The fest was founded by Robert De Niro along with Jame Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff. It was established to revitalize Lower Manhattan after terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

There are three passes to watch the event online. The At Home Shorts Pass comes for $25 with a fee of $5 and gives access to the entire virtual short program.

The fest's At Home Awards Pass comes for $50 and an additional $6. It helps the users to watch all the virtual award screenings on their devices.

The expensive one is At Home Festival Pass which costs $150 with a fee of $20 and provides access to all of the virtual content.