Taylor Tomlinson Net Worth In 2023 Shows Her Success

 Taylor New York third show at the Beacon Theatre on January 9, 2022
Taylor New York third show at the Beacon Theatre on January 9, 2022( Source : instagram )

Taylor Tomlinson net worth currently stands at $2 million. Taylor earns a good amount of money from her successful career.

Anybody using social media must have stumbled upon Tomlinson at least once or twice while scrolling their feed.

Taylor is exceptionally skilled and genuinely funny as a stand-up comedian. She is huge on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Netflix.

Her comedy journey began at a very young age. Her father plays a significant role in shaping her career. It was her father who enrolled her in stand-up classes.

In 2015, she was placed as one of the top ten finalists in Last Comic Standing. She was featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 as well. In the world of comedy, she is an important figure.

Taylor Tomlinson Net Worth

Taylor Tomlinson has a net worth of $2 million. 

Taylor is currently busy preparing for 'The Have It All Tour'. It will commence on February 17, 2023, in Las Vegas. The tour will end on November 4 at Tampa Theatre. Audiences can enjoy a 90-minute to 2 hours show.

Taylor promoting @fabfitfun in the winter of 2020
Taylor promoting @fabfitfun in the winter of 2020( Source : instagram )

She will be present at Cullen Performance Hall Houston Majestic Theatre Dallas, Tampa Theatre Florida, and many more theatres.

The average price of her tickets is $224. The cheapest ticket can be bought at $35. Besides doing comedy, she is also an entrepreneur, podcaster, and YouTuber.

She has amassed 612K subscribers on her channel. The channel was created in 2021.

However, she does not create brand-new content for YouTube. Mostly 1 to 2-minute snippets of her shows are uploaded. She is rising up by showing her skills as a comedian. She was recognized by Time magazine as one of the Next 100.

Tomlinson trying to stay positive after a month of quarantine in 2020
Tomlinson trying to stay positive after a month of quarantine in 2020( Source : instagram )

She has performed in many cities in America, including Charleston, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Chicago, Boston, and many more.

She earns by endorsing brands, paid partnerships, and sponsorships as well. In 2020, she landed a paid partnership with FabFitFun. It is an online shop. By using her code TAYTOM, users could get some discounts.

She runs the Self-Helpless podcast along with her friends Delanie and Kelsey. 

How Much Does Taylor Tomlinson Make?

Taylor Tomlinson makes a tremendous amount of money equal to $2 million. 

Her primary source of generating income is her career as a comedian. The average money a stand-up comedian earns is $48,536 in America.

Comedians often get bonuses that are around $1,567. They go on many tours and events to perform.

Taylor at Netflix office holdig a cushion in March 2020
Taylor at Netflix office holdig a cushion in March 2020( Source : instagram )

She has an upcoming tour starting from the Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas on February 17. As per Ticketmaster, the seating price for the Orchestra right is $85 and $95 for Orchestra left. 

All other seats are fully booked. This proves how many people are intrigued to get the tickets and watch her perform live.

The highest price of the ticket at Durham Performing Arts Center stands at $692. Meanwhile, at Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles, the two front seats in row C are priced at $1104 each.

Another source of revenue for Tomlinson is by selling merch. The price of the cap ranges from $22.5 to $30. 

She also sells jackets that can be bought at $48.75. Her T-shirts and boxed candles cost around $35 and $22.50, respectively.

As per SocialBlade, she earns $8500 to $135800 monthly from her YouTube channel. 

Taylor selling tickets for the 'Have It All tour' in June 2022
Taylor selling tickets for the 'Have It All tour' in June 2022 ( Source : instagram )

Likewise, the yearly earnings can go from $101900 to $1.6 million. Taylor has garnered 1 million followers on her Instagram handle. She comes under a macro influencer.

As per Shopify, she can receive from $5000 to $10,000 per post as an influencer.

She is an internet star with 2.2 million followers on her TikTok account. Taylor uses this medium to promote herself. She is one of the most followed female comedians on this platform.

Moreover, she generates income by promoting different products on her TikTok profile.

Tomlinson did 3 great shows in Atlanta in November 2021
Tomlinson did 3 great shows in Atlanta in November 2021( Source : instagram )

Taylor Tomlinson Netflix Deal Worth and Salary

As an aspiring comedian, Taylor did not miss the chance to make a deal with Netflix for her first comedy special in 2020.

Netflix has helped many artists like Ali Wong, Hasan Minhaj, and Hannah Gadsby to get recognition from the public in a short span of time.

Netflix released her special 'Quarter-Life Crisis' in her mid-twenties.

YouTube earnings of Tomlinson as per Social Blade
YouTube earnings of Tomlinson as per Social Blade( Source : socialblade )

It was 1 hour and 1 minute long. She was able to keep her audience engaged throughout the show. She made the viewers laugh by covering simple topics that one experiences in a day to day life.

Quarter life is the period where one transitions to a responsible adult. The crisis that one faces at the age of 25 is explained with humor by Taylor. Her punchlines were top-notch, and her delivery was applaudable.

Everybody who paid for the show came out laughing, refreshed, and satisfied. People were looking forward to more of her performances. Then, again in 2022, she cracked another deal with Netflix.

Tomlinson's second comedy special, 'Look At You,' premiered on March 8. She mostly jokes about her mental health situation, dating life, and the pain of losing a loved one.

Anyone who has an appetite for a good laugh can stream the special and enjoy it.

Streaming companies like Netflix pay around $200,000 in two-year licensing pacts for comedy specials. One of the notable comedians, Amy Schumer was paid $13 million by Netflix for a comedy special. 

Taylor Tomlinson Movies And TV Shows

Taylor Tomlinson had made her way into movies and television as well. She debuted as an entertainer in 2010.

Although she may be known for her prominence in the comedy arena, she is also an actress, producer, and writer. In 2020, she played in a mini-TV series named 'New Couple Gets Quarantined'. She acted alongside Sam Morril.

She was also a part of the TV movie 'Playlist' directed by Christopher Storer in 2017.

Taylor and 'New Couple Gets Quarantined' co-star Sam Morril
Taylor and 'New Couple Gets Quarantined' co-star Sam Morril ( Source : instagram )

Apart from that, she worked as an executive producer and writer for the series 'The Comedy Lineup' as well as her comedy specials.

She also wrote the television series 'Last Comic Standing. She starred in 22 episodes of 'Laughs,' a series that started in 2014.

Her two comedy specials released by Netflix helped her gain a more comprehensive audience range. They were loved by fans worldwide and received good reviews.

IMDB rated her first special, 'Quarter-Life Crisis, ' with a 7.4-star rating. Even her latest TV special, 'Look at You,' gained the same rating.

Taylor on Late Night With Seth Meyers in August 2021
Taylor on Late Night With Seth Meyers in August 2021( Source : instagram )

Quarter-Life Crisis has been listed as one of the best stand-up comedy specials on Netflix by collider.

As a woman in comedy, she has brilliantly made her mark. It takes years for a rising comedian to get their specials. Her special hit the screen when she was just 25 years old.

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