School spirits last episode explained that the chemistry teacher Mr. Martin saved the students from a fire in the laboratory but could not save himself.

The series begins at a fictionary school named Split River High. Maddie Nears thinks she is no longer alive and starts investigating what led to her death.

Nears make spirit friends Wally, Charley, and Rhonda who help her in the quest. Although in the afterlife, she can interact with her only living friend Simon Elroy.

At the end, Simon discovers that Nears's mother Sandra had the necklace she wore on her demise. When he confronts Sandra, she reveals they had an argument, and Maddie returns it to her.

Maddie recalls some moments and is relieved that her mother is innocent. In the ending, it is shown that Maddie, possessed by Janet's spirit is leaving the town.

Is There Going To Be Another Season Of School Spirits?

Ending of School Spirits explained that Maddie has not perished. Her spirit is not in her body and she is stuck between life and the afterlife.

Audiences are curious if the series has been renewed for season 2. Although there is no official announcement, it will probably be back on our screen with the second part if not more.

The series is directed by Brian Dannelly, Hannah Macpherson, Max Winkler, and Oran Zegman. The credit for the writing goes to Maria Nguyen, Megan Trinrud, Nate Trinrud, and more.

The writers of the show shocked the audiences in the final episode. They kept the people hooked for the forthcoming season by picturing a new mystery at the end.

What Is Up For Maddie In The Next Season?

Madison aka Maddie In Front Of Her Missing Poster
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Maddie is played by Peyton List. She will probably work towards reclaiming her body in the upcoming season. The ending episode of the first season gave a sneak peek at what will happen next.

Nears, who thought that she was probably deceased is alive. Her spirit had just left her body and Janet's spirit possessed her.

In the first season, it has been enlightened to Nears that a spirit can enter her body if she tries hypnosis to find out how she passed away. Although she has a way of dealing with Janet, it is yet to see if she becomes successful.

If Maddie reclaims her body, then she will not be able to stay in touch with her afterlife friends. Hopefully, she will get a plan ready to get her life and her spirit friends back.

Is School Spirits A Limited Series?

Shows like School Spirits are not billed as limited series. The soap opera can be renewed multiple times until the creators are done telling a story.

Limited series are longer than mini-series and have only one season. The creators already decide the number of episodes that they are going to launch onscreen.

Such shows have a defined beginning, middle, and end. However, it is different in the case of School Spiritis as the end is not clear and precise.

There is a curiosity in the viewer's mind as to what will Maddie do. Will she always remain in limbo or will she track her body and work towards gaining it back?

Creators Have Thoughts On The Second Season

Maddie Talking With Simon While Wally Eavesdrop From Behind The Glass
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In an interview with J-14, the show's co-creator Nate Trinrud revealed that they have many thoughts regarding the potential second season.

Not only audiences, but even the creators are hoping for the next part. Oliver disclosed that they are expecting another part so that they can take it to next level.

Megan, one of the creators revealed that they love the story and want to continue it. However, it depends on Paramount Plus if the series will be back on our screen or not.

Spencer MacPherson who plays Xavier Baxter told that the first season has left the viewers hanging and wanting more with the show.

Who Plays Janet In School Spirits?

School Spirits Janet actress is yet to be cast for the series. The show has mentioned her name from the beginning but has not shown her face. 

If the second season is announced by Paramount Plus, the audition for Janet will begin. Janet, her character, and her purpose is a mystery for now.

When Maddie joins the spirit support group, she discovers that one of the seats used to be for Janet. Janet is no longer in the support group so everyone thinks that she has crossed over.

Maddie continues her investigation. Meanwhile, she helps Dawn to make peace with her demise. Dawn lets go of her friends who talk badly about her.

Following that, Dawn crosses over and as she ascends, the lights flicker. None of the spirits realize it is happening before, ensuring that Janet is still amid them.

Why did Janet leave the group if she had not crossed over? Did she have problems with other spirits or a different plan?

Janet Took Over Maddie's Body

Maddie Performing Seance With Her Afterlife Friends
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Janet possesses Maddie's body and moves from the town as shown in the final part. It means that Maddie is still alive and can return to the real world. 

Maddie has been stuck between life and demise for some time. What was Janet doing in her body before leaving the town? It is still a puzzle that is yet to be unveiled.

The upcoming season will reveal more about Janet and her story. Also, we get to know if she is the kind one or the one seeking revenge.

Her Parents Blamed Mr. Martin For Her Demise

Mr. Martin is the one who was held accountable for Janet's passing by her family members. He claimed that he perished in a fire that a student started.

The chemistry teacher revealed that he took responsibility and saved all his students. He passed away in the incident and came into the afterlife.

Maddie And Wally Sitting On The Corner And Looking At Each Other
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When Dawn crosses over, others get curious about Janet's demise. Wally checks the schools' newspapers to find out what happened to Janet.

He reaches the edition of 1960 (when Janet claimed she perished) but finds no report. He moves backward chronologically and finds she passed in a fire with Mr. Martin.

To calm their curiosity, Wally and Charley go to the fallout center where they discover that the fire was started by Mr. Martin. They also find the items related to their passing except for Janet when Rhonda barges in.

Is School Spirits Based On A Book?

School Spirits 2023 based on book by the writers Megan Trinrud, Nate Trinrud, and Maria Nguyen. The novel will be released on 14 November 2023.

Maria serves as the illustrator for the graphic book. It will contain 352 pages and be published by Clarion Books at a decent price of $18.99.

Maddie Accompanied By Charley, Rhonda And Wally (background)
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The genre of the book is Young Adult Fiction: Comics & Graphic Novels/ Paranormal. It is suitable for readers of age above 13 years since it has a hint of romance.

The book will be sold by famous retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Bookshop, IndieBound, Target, and Walmart. It is the first penned creation of Megan and Nate.

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