Is Lucy Shimmers And The Prince Of Peace Based On A True Story? No, Lucy Shimmers And The Prince Of Peace is not based on a true story.

Instead, the realistic narrative can be credited to the writer Rob Diamond, who also is the director. He left his audience moved and emotional with the tale of a small girl and her friendship with a criminal.

It represents the power of forgiveness and the beauty of trying something again after failing on the first attempt.

Rob featured his granddaughter in the lead role. Except for Scarlett, the movie has versatile actors like Adam Hightowers, Vincent Vargas, and many more.

The cinema has won multiple accolades, including ICVM VCrown Awards 2020 for Best Evangelistic Film. The 1 hour 27 minutes long film has an IMDb ranking of 6.9 out of 10 based on 534 users.

Cast And Crew

Lucy Shimmers And The Prince Of Peace cast includes 1. Scarlett Diamond 2. Vincent Vargas 3. Adam Hightower 4. Florencia Stevens and many others.

Raelynne Kunz, Cal Nguyen, and Lisa Paul are the supporting characters. Scarlett, a child artist, is the protagonist of the movie. The movie portrays her friendship with Vargas, who played a criminal.

Let's find out more about their roles in detail.

Scarlett Diamond As Lucy 

An aspiring actress, Scarlett Diamond, plays the star of the film. At a young age, Scarlett gave her all to bring the character to life.

The child can see her grandpa, who demised last year. She is passionate about arts and aims to write a book before Christmas. She meets a criminal in the hospital who later becomes her pal.

Diamond comes from a family of filmy background. Her grandfather Rob Diamond is an award-winning filmmaker. Thus, few people may get surprised to know that she debuted in acting at the age of one.

Scarlett looks adorable on her blue fairy attire
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Her debut movie was Sacred Vow in 2016. The seven-year-old artist has worked on Our Father's Keeper and The Last Page to date. The latter was released on March 17, 2023.

At the moment, she is busy with the shooting of her upcoming, Shadow of Vengeance alongside actor Derek Boone. 

Vincent Vargas As Edgar Ruiz

Dark of Light actor portrayed the character of a criminal in the picture. He has been in jail for a long duration.

Edgar is brought to the hospital after his condition goes worse due to kidney failure. A kidney transplant is the only way to fight back the life-threatening challenge.

He has zero hope to get the treatment in time due to his criminal record which takes him to the bottom of the transplant list.

Vincent updated his IG alongside a caption that read
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The American entertainer began his career in acting in 2015 with Helen Keller vs. Nightwolves. Prior to that, he served in US Army. He left the military in 2013 to pursue a career as an entertainer.

Apart from acting, he is a producer and writer. He has produced movies and documentary-like Not A War Story. He is behind the screenplay of a short film, The Long Way Back, and the web series Dads in Parks. 

On the personal front, the Range 15 actor was born on July 15, 1981, in San Fernando Valley. He is a father to five kids.

Adam Hightower As James Shimmers

Adam Hightower played James Shimmers in the picture. James is the father of the little girl.

James loves his little girl a lot. He is shocked to know, Lucy sees her grandpa who has already passed away.

In the hospital, he is not okay with his daughter talking with the criminal. In response, she replies if God loves him why can't he?

Adam with his better half, Sashleigha (on his right)
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Born on January 29, 1986, the award-winning actor fell in love with creativity when he was young. As a result, he chose filmmaking and acting as his profession. Moreover, he owns a film production company, High Tower Films.

Last month, his latest picture, The Late Page released. The drama movie did great business at the box office. Similarly, some of his popular films are Coming Home, Fighting Chance, and Money Man.

Shawn Stevens As Grandpa Jackson

Shawn Stevens played Grandpa Jackson in the picture. Mr. Jackson is always there to hear the little girl.

He is visible only to his granddaughter who often chats with him. Lucy also shares her dream and happenings with her grandfather.

Shawn posed for a photoshoot in November 2022 [pic credit: Utah Portrait Photographer]
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For his role, Shawn won the 2021 Utah Film Award as a Best Supporting Actor. The actor, producer, and writer began his acting career in 1977 with Running Tree.

To date, he has featured in hundreds of movies and television series for around five decades. Some of them are The Santa Box, Fame, Days of Our Lives, and WROL. He is also the co-producer of The Santa Box.

Additional Dramatis Personae In The Movie Are:

  • Florencia Contreras Stevens as Isabelle Shimmers
  • Tara Berrett as April Shimmers
  • Aaron J. Owen as Luther
  • April Dean West as Dr. Stanswick
  • Rachel B. Davis as Nurse Angie
  • Madison Bills as Nurse Max
  • Frank Bennett as Pastor Johnson
  • Larry McCallie as Warden Banes
  • Jamie Lynn Bolton as Adrian
  • Isabella Vargas as Tianna

Movie Summary

Lucy Shimmers And The Prince Of Peace ending explained the unlikely friendship between a little girl and a criminal who met in the hospital.

The movie concludes with a message of hope and peace, uplifting the audience with a reminder that it's never too late to recover and start again.

Rob Diamond narrates the tale with a little girl, Lucy, who can see her grandfather, who isn't in the world anymore. One day, she is admitted to the hospital after her health condition gets worse due to pneumonia. Even on her weak days, she is determined to finish her book by Christmas.

Trailer of Rob Diamond 2020 movie ( Source : youtube )

In the same ward, she meets Edgar, a criminal, who is in the hospital due to kidney failure. The only hope for him to survive the battle is a kidney transplant. Due to his criminal record, he is at the bottom of the transplant list.

Adding to his problems, his family separates from him. He has lost hope to reunite with them. The little girl becomes friends with him and encourages him to reach out to his family.

It isn't easy, but Edgar takes a brave step in the quest for his loved one. Eventually, he finds them and feels a new sense of faith and purpose. 

Where Can I Watch Lucy Shimmers And The Prince Of Peace?

Lucy Shimmers and The Prince Of Peace Netflix is not available at the moment. You can watch the picture on Peacock TV.

Peacock is the platform where viewers can enjoy fictional cinema for now. It is available for users in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy.

The cinema is unavailable on other streaming platforms like Google Play, Binge, or Apple TV. However, it is accessible on YouTube, Amazon Prime Video.

Rob Diamond drama picture came out on October 19, 2020
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Bridgestone Multimedia brought the movie released on October 19, 2020, in the United States and on November 1 in Canada.

The music composed by Russ Whitelock, the cinematography done by Lars Lindstrom with the art direction by David Webb can be thoroughly relished in the movie. The emotional family drama movie is a must-try cinema.

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