Peyton List brothers are Spencer List and Phoenix List. Peyton's brother are aspiring actors making their names in the movie industry.

Spencer is her twin brother, born 10 minutes after Peyton was delivered, making her the eldest in the family. The twins also have a younger sibling named Phoenix, four years junior to his twin kin.

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid actress shares her birthday with her identical brother. They were born on 6th April 1998.

The eldest sibling studied at The Caroll School and the New Voices School for Academic and Creative Arts in New York City. She graduated from Oak Park High School in 2016.

Stardom came knocking on Peyton's door after she did the Diary of a Wimpy Kids films in 2011 and 2012. Her role as Holly Hills bagged her Young Artist award in 2013.

The acting credits of the established actress include Remember Me, Something Borrowed, The Thinning, Valley Girls, Jessie, Bunk'd, Light as a Feather, and School Spirits.

Peyton List Siblings Are Actors

Peyton List siblings Spencer List and Phoenix List are both actors. Spencer is her twin while Phoenix was born four years junior.

Spencer and Phoenix celebrating their father John's birthday in April 2023
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All List siblings are into acting and have already created a buzz for themselves. Among the kinfolk, Peyton was the first to enter the industry with her debut via As the World Turns in 2002.

Spencer List

Peyton List brother Spencer List started acting professionally in 2003. His debut television role was as Tate Walker in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

A year later, in 2004, he was cast as Ace in One Life to Live. The same year he made his film debut via The Veronica Show.

Born in Florida, he was raised in New York and California. Like his twin, he also attended Oak Park High School. After high school, he completed his education at a local college.

Spencer has been acting since 2003 and is involved in charity works.
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Throughout the years, the actor has appeared in diverse roles. He appeared as a mute kid in 2009's science fiction series, Fringe.

His other noteworthy film characters include Rabbit in Offspring, Bobby in Bringing Up Bobby, Steven in Foreclosure, and Jamie in Hard Sell.

Similarly, the striving actor has been part of numerous television shows, such as

  • Saturday Night Live
  • The Wonder Pets
  • CSI: Miami
  • iCarly
  • The Fosters
  • Good Trouble

The actor has also worked with his sister in an episode of Bunk'd in 2016. The episode was titled 'Luke's Back,' and Spencer appeared as Eric.

Besides acting, the talented individual possesses a humanitarian mindset and is involved in various charities and foundations.

He was a StarPower Ambassador at Starlight Children's Foundation. He supports Edward Charles Foundation and The Cameron Boyce Foundation.

Phoenix List

Peyton List brother Phoenix List is an actor by profession. His debut came through 8 Easy Steps in 2009.

He was born on 18th September 2004. Unlike his other kin, the young actor was born in New York.

Phoenix commenced his journey in acting via 8 Easy Steps in 2009.
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The 8 Easy Steps actor is striding in Hollywood and is keen to establish himself as a prominent figure. Phoenix also worked in a 2010's short film titled Curious Things. He played Jared's son in the picture.

His debut on the big screen came through Rabbit Hole in 2010. He portrayed the character of Danny.

The aspiring actor has worked in TV series, short films, and feature films. There are eight credits to his name, including the aforementioned projects. The remaining projects of the actor are

  • Montauk - Short film
  • Reform - Short film
  • Vegas - TV Series
  • Night Has Settled - Feature film
  • American Viral - TV series

In 2014's Night Has Settled, Phoenix appeared as Spike, whereas his brother, Spencer, played the primary character, Oliver Nicholas.

Apart from acting, the youngest one is also interested in sports. His field of interest is baseball and basketball. He is currently studying at UC Davis.

Peyton List Family

Peyton List family consists of five members. Peyton was raised alongside two siblings Spencer List and Phoenix List in Florida.

Peyton List Parents

Peyton List parents Suzanne List and John List got hitched on 15th April 1996. But their dating history goes way back to 1992.

The School Spirits actress's parents are Suzanne List and John List who married in 1996.
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Suzzane and John have been married since 1996. They feature in various Father's and Mother's Day posts from their children.

Suzanne List

Peyton List mom Suzanne List is a self-employed person who creates succulent sculptures. Her Instagram account is 'succulists,' where she advertises her business.

She is a talented artist who has garnered over 6K followers. Suzanne was previously using 'suzannessucculents,' where one can see numerous photos of succulent vases, which look very artistic.

Suzanne makes succulent sculptures and promotes them on her social media account.
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The mother of three is from Florida. She was born on 26th October 1969 to Elmo Roy Mays and Bette Lee Stephens.

Besides her Instagram business, she is a housewife. She is praised and loved by her offspring and husband for being the backbone of the household.

Suzanne is an animal rights activist. She supports California Doodle Rescues.

John List

Peyton List dad John List is a businessman by profession. He was born John Worthington List in 1970.

John's parents are Ellis Worthington List and Charlene W. Messick. He founded 'List Brothers,' and serves as the company's president.

John is the founder of 'List Brothers,' and is the president of the company.
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He is available on Instagram under the username 'johnlist1.' He has 2.7K followers and mainly uploads his children's pictures.

John promotes his offspring and shares their achievement on his social media account. The father of three also wishes them on their birthdays.