Is On A Wing And A Prayer Movie Based On A True Story?

The movie came out on Prime Amazon on 7th April 2023
The movie came out on Prime Amazon on 7th April 2023( Source : instagram )

Is On a Wing and a Prayer movie based On A True Story? Yes, On a Wing and a Prayer is based on a true story. 

The aviation film is inspired by the event that happened in 2009, on an Easter Sunday, when the 'White' family was in the middle of a flight to Lousiana, and the pilot passed away. 

As the film starts, Doug 'White' and his family seem to be leading a normal and happy life but he loses his brother Jeffery suddenly.

They go to attend the funeral of Jeffery. While returning to their home in Louisiana after completing the last rites, they take a chartered flight.

Out of the blue, the pilot Joe Cabuk becomes unconscious. When Doug checks, he learns that his pulse has stopped. 

It is an alarming experience to have your pilot pass away in the middle of a flight. However, they ask for help from flight instructors and air traffic controllers. 

There were great challenges, ordeals, disappointments, and discouragement. However, they were saved at last.

Movie Actors

Cast of On A Wing And A Prayer includes Dennis Quaid, Heather Graham, and Jesse Metcalfe in the lead. Abigail Rhyne, Brett Rice, are supporting characters.

Dennis Quaid as Doug 'White'

Dennis Quaid portrayed the character of Doug in this survival movie. Doug 'White' is the father, the man who safely lands his family at the runaway. 

Doug struggled because his wife and two daughters relied on him to save their lives. At one point, he accepts the fact that they are all going to die, but his faith reappears and successfully lands on the runway.

Quaid is a 69-year-old veteran actor who has spent a few decades in the entertainment industry. His experienced helped in delivering this role with utmost perfection.

Recently, his documentary Grid Down Power Up was released. Other than that, his film credits include Innerspace, Traffic, Great Balls of Fire, The Parent Trap, and many others.

Heather and Jesse went on a press tour for the promotion of their project on 30 March
Heather and Jesse went on a press tour for the promotion of their project on 30 March( Source : instagram )

Heather Graham as Terri 'White'

The American actress Heather Graham essayed the role of Terri, the religious and supportive partner of Doug. In a true sense, as the better half, Terri did not let Doug lose his hope.

She replaced Captain Joe and stayed in the cockpit with her husband. Whenever Doug used to panic, she assisted him in flying the King Air plane.

Born on 29 January 1970, Heather has been actively pursuing acting since 1981. She is a talented actress and filmmaker whose best works are 'Boogie Nights', 'Killing Me Softly', 'Rollergirl', and 'Austin Powers' among others.

Lately, except for the movie, she has been in the limelight for her opinion regarding marriage and children.

Jesse Metcalfe as Kari Sorenson

Kari is an exceptionally skilled pilot who lost his family in a crash. He was called for help by Dan Favio, his friend from the air traffic controller room. 

Although Kari was hesitant at first, later he gave his all to save the family. Everybody including Kari Sorenson played a considerable role in this life-saving mission. 

Sorenson was portrayed by Desperate Housewives fame Jesse Metcalfe. Jesse, who has bagged a SAG Award, recently landed a role in 'The Comic Shop'. He is known for bringing life to every character he plays. 

The Hallmark star, Metcalfe is also a producer and musician whose 5 projects are in pipeline as per IMDB.

Throughout the film, Metcalfe as Kari guided Doug to ride the plane through a cell phone
Throughout the film, Metcalfe as Kari guided Doug to ride the plane through a cell phone( Source : instagram )

Abigail Rhyne as Bailey 'White'

Bailey is the youngest daughter of Doug and Terry. She is allergic to peanuts, but unknowingly she had consumed a bar of chocolate with nuts. 

This stirred even more drama in the plane. Her big sister Maggie had to look for her allergic medicine in the midst of the harrowing situation. The littlest member of the 'White' clan nearly passed away, but thanks to Maggie, she lived.

Rhyne is an artist who hails from Nashville and Atlanta and finds joy in telling stories. She excels in skills like writing and cinematography. Her notable reel characters are Rebecca Carton in the TV series 'Nashville' and Tracy Hatch in 'Son.'

Jessi Case as Maggie 'White'

Maggie is the eldest daughter, who grew up in luxury along with her sibling. At the start of the film, it is shown that she is quite self-centered as she was born with a silver spoon. 

Things change for her as she survives the aviation disaster. Maggie was quite brave as she searched for Bailey's medicine and gave her a shot in the tumultuous situation. 

Actress Jessi Case essayed the role of Maggie. In her latest series, '9-1-1: Lone Star', she is playing Leigh Ann. Not only that, she will be seen in HBO Max 'WildLife'.

The 23-year-old garnered fame by depicting the role of Rachel in 'Mother's Day', and Lizzy in 'Into the Dark'. Jessi is beautiful and is said to bear resemblance to Scarlett Johansson, Emilia Clarke, and Florence Pugh.

Maggie, Bailey and Teri [ from the right] on the set of the movie with TV personality Moe Cason
Maggie, Bailey and Teri [ from the right] on the set of the movie with TV personality Moe Cason( Source : instagram )

Brett Rice as Jeff 'White'

Jeffery a.k.a Jeff is the brother of Doug who lost his life because of a heart attack. At the beginning and end, he is seen in the film. 

Jeff and Doug are brothers who share a fun and loving bond. They can be seen flying a Cessna plane as the movie starts and Jeff is terrified, but Doug seems quite confident.

After Doug successfully lands the King Air plane, he hallucinates his deceased brother and smiles and talks to him. 

Bett Rice is a seasoned actor who rose to prominence through projects like 'The Waterboy', 'Titans', '83 Days', and 'Forrest Gump'. He will be turning 69 years old after a few days. 

With around 163 acting credits, he has made a name for himself in Hollywood and has done theatre.

Rocky Myers as Dan Favio

Dan Favio is the courageous officer who calls his friend Kari through his cell phone from the controller's room. It was against the rules, but he did it anyway, with the risk of losing his job.

His senior had warned him, but he chose humanity over his job. Nevertheless, when everything went as planned, he was promoted. 

His impromptu action paid off. Meanwhile, he asks a girl out in the climax, and she answers positively, indicating a happy life ahead for Dan who used to depend on bourbon.

Rocky Myers is a professional actor with strong academic background. He stands at the height of 6 feet and has appeared in hit series like 'Animal Kingdom', 'Lucifer', and 'Magnum P.I.'

'Sons of Thunder', 'Holidays for Heroes', 'Starting Up Love', 'The Rising Hawk', are some of the movies and television shows of Myers.

Where Did Filming Take Place?

On a Wing and A Prayer filming locations include cities from the state of Georgia in America. The movie was shot in places like Covington, Atlanta, and Fulton County Airport.

In an interview, the actress Heather said that heavy CGI was used while shooting, and the director would say action and they would pretend that they were on a plane and act accordingly.

Meanwhile, its true story happened between Marco Island, Florida, and Louisiana.

The 'White' family lives in Louisiana and travels to Florida for Jeff's funeral rites as per the movie. 

Roma Downey and real life Doug in Houston for special screening of their movie on the 26th of March
Roma Downey and real life Doug in Houston for special screening of their movie on the 26th of March( Source : instagram )

Filming locations are:

  1. Covington, Georgia, USA.
  2. Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 
  3. Fulton County Airport, Georgia

Date Of Release

On A Wing And A Prayer release date was on 7 April 2023. The religious and inspiring film can be watched on Amazon Prime Video. 

This biographical film directed by Sean McNamara, written by Brian Egeston, and produced by Roma Downey came out on Easter weekend. The real Whites had received a lot of offers to make a movie out of their experience, but they had denied it.

Finally, they trusted Sean McNamara and decided to do it. The film was scheduled to hit the theater's screen on 31 August 2022, but it was later released on Prime Video.

As the name suggests, the Whites are on a plane implied by the word 'Wing,' They religiously pray to God to save them alongside getting assistance from instructors. The real Whites have deep faith in Jesus, so there are many scenes where they can be seen praying.

On A Wing And A Prayer Movie Trailer 2023 

The film's official trailer was published by Prime Video on 7 May 2023. It is 2 minutes long and showcases enough clips that make people wanna watch it.

Official Trailer of On a Wing and a Prayer ( Source : youtube )

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