How Much Is Kelly Piquet Net Worth In 2022? A Look Into Her Early Life

Kelly is in relationship with Max Verstappen ( Source : Taylordailypress )

Kelly Piquet's net worth is estimated to be around $ 1 million. She managed to earn her wealth with the success she achieved as a model and columnist. She has a large number of fans and followers from all over the world.

In this article, let's find out more about the model and her life.

Anyone familiar with Kelly knows that she has a very diverse career she can be seen covering Formula one races and also doing modeling. With her inquisitive and skilled manner, she managed to present stories in an interesting way through her blog and column.

Many people might not know that she has been introduced to various cultures because she spent her life in various countries. She was born in Germany but has traveled to England, Brazil, France, and other places while growing up.

How Much Is Kelly Piquet Net Worth In 2022?

It has been reported that Kelly is worth around $ 1 million, which she amassed from her successful career as a model, blogger, and public relationship professional. She is very talented and always managed to impress people with her skills.

Kelly is net worth estimated to be $ 1 million.
Kelly is net worth estimated to be $ 1 million. ( Source : Abtc )

Her journey in the fashion industry started when she did her internship during her college days. She enjoyed it and decided to pursue it. She has worked in many prestigious companies like  Vogue Latinoamerica, Bergdorf Goodman, and the KCD PR agency.

She was also a columnist for Marie Claire magazine. Kelly also had a great modeling career, as she had dealt with the company like PatBO and Lucas Boccalão. Like all models, she also did catwalk for various events.

As of now, she is very active on social media platforms, so she can be seen having various brand endorsements with numerous companies.

Kelly Piquet Career Earnings

From her lucrative career, Kelly has so far made earnings of over $ 1 million. However, it is likely that this number will just go high because her fame and fortune both seem to be in a surge.

People can find her on Instagram under the handle name kellypiquet. She has over 900,000 followers and the number seems to be increasing day by day. She is very active on Instagram.

She can often be seen posting pictures of her in various attire from photo shoots. She also uploads pictures of her partner and her daughter having good times.

Her Instagram is the perfect place for people to follow her if they want to get the latest updates on her life. 

Kelly Piquet Early Life Details

Kelly is the daughter of the Brazilian racing driver and three-time Formula One World Champion, Nelson and Sylvia Tamsma. Her mother was also a model like her. 

She was born in Germany but her upbringing happened in various places. She finished high school in Brazil and after that, she moved to New York to study International Relations with an emphasis on political science and economics.

In New York, she attended Marymount Manhattan College. In the past, she was in a relationship with Daniil Kvyat, a Russian F1 racer and they had a daughter together but that relationship ended abruptly.

After that, she has been in a relationship with Dutch Formula One driver and 2021 World Champion Max Verstappen and they seem to be very happy with their relationship.

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