Hans Korompis Death Cause From An Accident, Facebook Floods With Tribute Post

"I’m not German but my name is Hans," Via Instagram ( Source : Instagram )

Hans Korompis's death cause has been reported as an accident. He went missing after he could not be traced down while diving.

For our little community, Hans Korompis was a major pillar for the Indonesian community in Washington. 

He was a chef in Mar-current Ket's. His success was a result of his tireless effort and devotion to his art. 

Seattle: Hans Korompis Death Cause From An Accident

Hans Korompis's death cause was reported as an accident when he went missing diving. He adored making and eating food.

His career at Salt & Iron (@saltandiron) began as a line chef, and he eventually rose to the position of Director of Mar•Ket (@themarketfishmonger).

To share his interest with the world, he started vlogging about cuisine and was slowly becoming famous.

Hans While In His Restaurant
Hans While In His Restaurant ( Source : Instagram )

In addition to enjoying travel, Hans made an effort to do so at least twice a year. His greatest aspiration was to mix the two while residing in Ubud (Bali, Indonesia).

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According to a Facebook post, "The family of Hans would like to thank his friends, family, and the general public for their sincere condolences, an outpouring of support, and prayers for our smallest member."

No one can believe that it was his one final adventure. 

Obituary On Facebook And Outpouring Grief On Gofundme Page

Many Hans Korompis friends and family have shared their condolences online on social media. A Gofundmepage has been created to help Hans' family with any financial burden. 

According to the page, "Hans is survived by his parents, who are retired, and his two elder brothers, who were neither financially nor emotionally prepared for this.

Furthermore, the memorial page added, "as a result, we put up this GoFundMe page with a sad heart since we sincerely hope it is nothing more than a horrible dream."

A picture of Hans In front of His Restaurant
A picture of Hans In front of His Restaurant ( Source : Instagram )

According to his Website, Hans left Singapore and immigrated to the US when he was 20. Hans started working at Salt and Iron after working at Tom Douglas restaurants and operating his Chicken Rice stand.

He rapidly rose to the all-star position, working every station in the eatery. Hans offered to The Market his distinct cuisine preferences and viewpoint.

Korompis was eager for the chance to share fresh seafood from around the globe, with essential inspirations from Southeast Asia, Central America, and the Pacific Northwest. His travels inspired him.

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