A butterfly haircut is achieved by chopping your hair into small layers mixed with long layers to give your hair some dimension, movement, and fuller effect.

Besides, it is characterized by its unique shape resembling the wings of a butterfly, with shorter layers framing the face and longer layers cascading down the back. If you are wondering what the butterfly haircut is, you are in the right place as we have compiled a list of 20 butterfly haircut ideas and expained its flawless results.

1. Pixie Butterfly Cut

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Perfect for those who want a bold and edgy look, pixie butterfly haircut will give you a refreshing look. This style is created by amalgamating short textured layers on top, with longer pieces framing the face and resembling butterfly wings.

It is a versatile style that can be easily styled in various ways, from sleek and polished to tousled and messy kaing it a great choice for anyone looking to make a statement.

2. Butterfly Haircut With Bangs

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The Butterfly Haircut with Bangs is a simple yet elegant hairstyle that adds a touch of elegance to your personality. With its clean lines and soft layers, this haircut frames your face beautifully and enhances your features.

In fact, the addition of bangs adds a youthful and playful element to the overall look. Be it a shorter length hair or longer version, this hairstyle exudes refined charm.

3. Butterfly Balayage Hair

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The butterfly haircut for long balayage hair is a perfect combination because it adds layers and movement to the hair while enhancing the natural balayage highlights. 

This haircut creates a beautiful and dimensional look, with the layers allowing the balayage colors to blend seamlessly. As a result, you will have a stunning hairstyle that showcases both the cut and the balayage technique, creating an eye-catching effect.

4. Butterfly Hair For Blonde Hair

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The delicate and intricate butterfly design adds a whimsical touch to the hair, complementing the light and airy nature of blonde locks. This combination of vibrant color and haircut undoubtedly showcases the ethereal beauty of butterflies creating a stunning and eye-catching look. 

5. Butterfly Cut With Layers

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The butterfly cut with intense layers is a trendy and stylish hairstyle that is a must-try for anyone looking to amp up their look. It features intense layers that add volume and dimension to the hair.

To make this modern and edgy vibe even more exciting, you can choose your desired hair color to further enhance the overall style!

6. Butterfly Haircut On Curly Hair

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The butterfly haircut for curly hair is a trendy style that features short layers on the top and longer layers towards the bottom. It allows for natural curls to be showcased while adding dimension and movement to the hair.

On the same hand, the shorter layers add volume and texture, while the longer layers provide length and shape. Overall, this hair cut is a stylish choice for people with natural curly hair as it enhances their natural texture while creating a playful, bouncy look.

7. Butterfly Bob

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To achieve Zendaya inspired chic butterfly bob haircut, start by getting a chin-length bob with layered ends. Then, use a flat iron to create wavy ends. Next, part your hair in the middle or sides and tuck some locks behind your ears.

Apply a small amount of styling gel or wax to add shine and finish by spritzing a flexible hold hairspray to keep the style in place all day.

8. Butterfly Shag

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Whether your hair is brown, red, or copper, this haircut is versatile that suits every hair type and color. Not only will it enhance your overall look but the layered cut creates volume and texture, adding dimension to any hair color.

With its playful and trendy vibe, the butterfly shag is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to refresh their hairstyle. Besides, it is flattering for those with thick or medium-length hair.

9. Butterfly Haircut With Curtain Bangs

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The butterfly bob haircut paired with bangs gives a sophisticated look as the straight-across bangs frame the face and add a touch of elegance. On the other hand, opting for curtain bangs with the butterfly bob cut creates a more relaxed vibe, creating a flattering and versatile style. 

Whether you choose normal bangs or curtain bangs, the butterfly bob haircut is sure to make a fashionable statement.

10. V Shaped Haircut

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The V-shaped butterfly haircut involves creating layers that start shorter at the crown and gradually lengthen towards the ends, forming a V-shape. As shown in the given picture, layers give movement and dimension to the hair, while the butterfly effect adds a touch of femininity and elegance.

This haircut is perfect for lustrous hair showcasing the beauty of thick and voluminous hair while enhancing its natural texture and flow.

11. Shoulder Length Butterfly Haircut 

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This shoulder length haircut is truly stunning when paired with dusty blonde or bronde highlights. This hairstyle is effortless and combines the elegance of medium whair with the charisma of butterfly layers.

Similarly, the dusty blonde shade compliments your elegance while enhancing the overall look and creating a captivating style that is perfect for any occasion.

12. Butterfly Haircut For Medium Hair

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Combining layers and movement, butterfly haircut is one of the best hairstyle that can be paired with any haircolor, highlights or balayage. As shown in the pictutre, this blone balayage has created natural-looking highlights as if they were hand-painted onto the hair.

When paired with the butterfly haircut, balayage adds depth and dimension to the layers, creating a stunning, sun-kissed effect. This amalgamation of butterfly hair and balayage is perfect for those looking to add texture and a touch of color to their medium-length hair.

13. Fluffy Haircut

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The trendy and fun haircut is perfect for those with light hair looking to make a bold statement. With its voluminous layers and bangs, this hairstyle takes your look to the next level.

To add a touch of playfulness to this look, you can add playful colors such as vibrant pinks, blues, or dusty highlights. This combination will no only creates an eye-catching style but is also sure to turn a few heads.

14. Butterfly Haircut For Long Hair

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This is an outstanding haircut choice for those with long, textured, and naturally dark locks. Typically, the butterfly cut involves layering the hair to create movement and volume, while maintaining the length. 

Like shown on the picture, this haircut has added an extra dimension to your locks, giving them a fresh look while enhancing the natural texture of your hair. It also makes your hair appear fuller and more voluminous. 

15. Wolf Cut

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The internet famous wolf cut is similar to a butterfly cut but has more choppy layers. Although, butterfly cuts intend to have a nice feathered hair, wolf cut gives more shaggy look but yet gives a butterfly haircut vibe.

As you can see in the picture, the model has a mixie cut with mullet, bangs and feathery layers. Plus her hair is copper red which has aided in creating volume to the rather thin hair.

16. Butterfly Layered Haircut

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Basically, layered haircut adds volume for women with medium to long hair by adding multiple layers throughout the hair. These layers are strategically placed to give the hair a fluttering, butterfly-like effect.

Not only does this haircut intensifies the natural shape of the face but it also creates the illusion of fuller looking longer or shorter hair, depending on the desired look. 

17. Long Shaggy Hair

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Long shaggy hair with layered bottom features a polished top section hair with layered bottom section hair that adds texture and movement to the overall style. This combination of a polished top and layered bottom creates a stylish yet modern hairstyle that is suitable for various occasions.

18. Face Framing Layers

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A stunning hairstyle that is guaranteed to catch attention is face framing butterfly layers with high contrast bangs. These layers add depth and movement to the hair, while the high contrast bangs create a bold and eye-catching look.

Perfect for those who want to make a statement and turn heads wherever they go, this hairstyle is sure to leave a lasting impression.

19. The Rachel Haircut

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If you want a haircut inspired by Jennifer Aniston's character Rachel from Friends, specifically with butterfly layers, you are in the right place.

It is amazing how Rachel's hair always looks effortlessly chic and stylish, and the butterfly layers will help achieve that desired look. These layers should be light and wispy, adding movement and dimension that captures Rachel's iconic hairstyle while still adding a touch of modernity to it.

20. Classic Hairstyles

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Indeed classic hair cuts are the best on their own, but if you add a few butterfly layers, the style will elevate your personlaity and give you a fuller looking hair. Be it some dyed hair or natural dark color, these layers will aid in giving a urban feel to it.

No matter what classic layered styles you choose from, adding butterfly layers to it will undoubtedly turn a few heads!!