In a nutshell, the wolf haircut is the combination of a mullet and shag. Currently popular worldwide, this hairstyle involves loads of choppy layers on the front and wavy ends at the bottom. Supposedly originated in South Korea, this haircut transforms your personality in mere seconds.

From textured layers to mesmerizing bangs, this wolf haircut redefines beauty norms by embracing individuality and focusing on ever-evolving fashion. Thus, transfusing, bangs with mullets and shag is the perfect idea to create a diverse array of options for every hair type and personal style. So without further ado, let's have a look at the list of 21 Wolf Haircut Ideas for Women in 2023.

1. Classic Wolf cut

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This hairstyle is all about a textured top and messy layers paired with a long mullet. Though this style is long-forgotten, you can still make this work with some tricks that your hairstylist knows well. Not only does this works well with thick hair by making it appear lightweight, but it can also give a voloptous look to a thin hair.

With so much potential, a classic wolf cut is easy and simple but still gives you the edge you were longing for.

2. Mullet Wolf Cut

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This hairdo involves keeping a long thin mullet at the back while the side and top are kept shorter. As this style focuses more on mullet, it gives the illusion of having long hair while the heavy layers give a full voluptuous look.

Many celebrities from all over the world have rocked this style. If you are a fan of Miley Cyrus, you might have noticed her wearing the modern mullet for several years. This combination of boldness works well with bright colours and highlights if you are up for it.

3. Wolf Cut Curtain Bangs

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The wolf haircut is edgy on its own but if paired with curtain bangs, it frames the face like a curtain on a window. This hairstyle is ideal for giving movement and volume to your hair while deliberately giving the messy hair look vibe.

This effortless look is easy to style and can be bent to your liking. You can opt-out for long or short, full or wispy, doesn't matter what style you prefer, it will still transform your hair and highlight your facial features.

4. Wolf Cut Shag

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Although the shag and wolf cut look similar, the truth is that the wolf cut is highly influenced by the shag cut and hence it features layers with volume that thins towards the end. Both of these haircuts are incredible and can flatter any face shape, texture and length.

But the main difference between them is that the wolf cut carries the essence of a mullet and appears choppier. But when it comes to shag, the top part definitely has some layers but it doesn't thin out in the bottom section. Moreover, the ends of a shag haircut are razored and they blend easily with the top portion of the hair. 

5. Layered Wolf Cut

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As mentioned above, wolf cut is the modern take on shag and mullet. therefore, it has the elements of both the style which can be defined by its heavy layers and long layered mullet. This style gives you a more structured look which is backed up by a unique texture and volume.

Just like other variations of wolf cut, this layered style can create a messy finish with choppy layers. But if you are not ready to carry the edge, you can ask your stylist to opt for more subtle yet nuanced layered hair.

6. Korean Wolf Cut

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Korean cut is a trending hairstyle that infuses a chich technique with a soft volumising touch that flatters numerous face shapes. Heavily inspired by K-Pop, this hairstyle has been the fan favourite among youngsters.

Because of its expressive and versatile look, this wolf cut is an incredible way to highlight your facial features. Moreover, this style features soft layers that fall gently against the face giving you the perfect Asian-inspired look.

7. Wolf Cut For Curly Hair

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Curly hair is the best when it comes to the wolf cut because it eliminates the styling issue. Although wolf cut looks good on straight hair, it requires a lot of time and chopping. But with curly hair, achieving a wolf style is effortless.

As a matter of fact, this hairstyle harmonizes the layers and lengths while allowing the natural curls to freely cascade. This way, you can maintain a fierce and untamed essence.

8.Wolf Cut Short Bob With Colorful Bangs

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Created with the combination of a shag and a mullet, this style gives you a more textured and voluminous look that flatters different hair lengths and textures. Wearing the supercool cut with a classic bob gives you the versitility and style that will for sure make some heads turn.

But if you top it off will some multi-color highlights and bang, as shown in the picture, you will receive many compliments and a youthful glow. So look no further and try this unconventional look that compliments all face shapes and looks good on women of all ages. 

9. Wolf Cut Medium length

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Wolf cut in a nutshell is a blend of heavy, stacked fringe and heavily layered mullet-like ends, which by the way is the best bet for straight, thicker hair. Add on some pop of colour to brighten up the piecey layers that will add dimension to your haircut.

As you can see in the picture, the short layers and bangs on the top have added fullness to the crown while the lower half is slightly thinner. This way you can create a more subtle look on time while creating a more edgy look when necessary.

10. Wolf Cut Thin Hair

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As wolf cut works on all hair types and textures, keeping the length short and dying it with vibrant colours will give the illusion of thicker and fuller locks. With this hairstyle, the focus is always on creating volume on the top and gradually thinning out the bottom.

It makes perfect sense to chop off the excess on the top portion for women with thick locks, but even if you have naturally thin strands, this techniqiue may be the ideal fit for you. You can still pull it off with a few adjustments.

11.Wolf Cut Shoulder Length

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This modern-day shag is what a cool wolf cut looks like. The mullet hits right on the shoulder and gives you versatility because of its length. It is short enough to create a messy maintenance look as well as long enough to style it per your mood. No wonder this hairdo is appealing to thousands of people around the globe.

If you are in to follow the trend, it is the right time to transform yourself and look like a warrior princess with these edgy shaggy layers. Whether you have wavy, curly or straight hair, this shag can be achieved with textured short heavy layers that flatter women of all ages.

12. Long Texured Wolf Cut

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This lovely wolf cut can look sleek and manageable even on long and textured hair. It looks even better on hair with a lot of texture as it mimics a slightly undone look that isn't too choppy at the top portion. When added with a bang, this hairstyle blends the top and bottom layers effortlessly, giving an illusion of a messy look.

13. Wavy Wolf Cut

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This natural wavy hair is easy to style and boosts the volume to achieve a more blended appearance. Although this version of the wolf is not so subtle, but it is perfect for those with thick coarse and wavy hair.

The main difference of this hairstyle is visible via its heavy layers that are created by chopping off the hair of the crown portion to give a more voluminous effect. While the top part is chopped off in multiple layers, the length is maintained by using short layers that thin down to the bottom.

14. Wolf Cut Long Hair

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Not only does this haircut complement the longer length but it also makes this hairdo suitable for all age groups. For people with long thick hair, this hairdo works wonders as it removes the excess bulk from your top section by adding multiple layers on the crown portion.

Personalize this look by adding curtain bangs that accentuate your face and draw attention to your dreamy eyes. Although this hair look works basically on medium hair somehow your stylists will make it work for people with thick stand textured hair as well. As a result, this hairstyle gives you a cool girl vibe & your style will be truly noticeable!

15.Soft Wolf Haircut

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Soft wolf haircut blends untamed charm with a refined style in a soft manner. This hairstyle is a gem for those who want a soft cut with less choppy layers. Inspired by a wolf's natural, windswept fur, this hairdo creates a subtle finish and provides a less distinct difference between the before and after.

And yes, you can always add more layers of wispy bangs to soften your facial features. If you are wondering if this hairstyle will take away your feminine essence, do not worry, this hair balances a wild spirit with a touch of sophistication, making it more feminine.

16. A Modern Mullet For Brown Hair & Short Bangs

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Modern mullet looks sleek and elegant. But to achieve it, you have to apply some haircare products such as a leave-in conditioner, heat protector and the famous 7seconds Detangler by Unite. After washing it with a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner, add some hair oils (argon or tea tree) and run it over your hair gently.

Then blowdry it using your fingers to give your strands some shape. You can also add on some dry hair wax to prevent flyway and give your mullet a smooth-down effect. So if you are ready to wear this hairstyle like you own it, take some inspiration from the picture.

17. Wolf Cut Curly Bangs

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A wolf cut paired with curly bangs is the newest addition to the variety of shags. Not only does this hair add texture and volume, but it also gives more structure to your hair. To style this edgy haircut, add some styling mousse and haircare products that have no sulphate in them.

Wash it with a curl-friendly shampoo and diffuse it using argon oils and natural hair butter to focus on your natural curls. With some correct styling you can rock this hairstyle anywhere, be it a party or an office event, you will definitely turn some heads around!

18. Copper Shag With Curtain Bangs

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This option has garnered much attention and holds a special place in the market in comparison to other wolf cut variations. As it is so versatile, it can be paired with multiple layers and bright colours such as copper blonde or platinum to add magnetism.

But if you are rebellious and love to draw some attention, it is highly recommended to add a nice layer of curtain bangs to emphasise more on framing your face and drawing attention to your eyes.

19. Pixie Wolf Cut

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You have probably seen various versions of Wolf Cut in these past few years and wondered if you can pull it off. As seen in the picture, this shag-mullet combo has long thin hair towards the end. Though this wolf cut appeals to various lengths of hair, the pixie version of it is slightly different and shorter. 

This short hairstyle is classic and suits various hair types. However, the main essence of this haircut is the choppiness of the hair that adds volume at the crown to your pixie, mimicking a modern take on the classic one.

20. Highlighted Shullet Haircut

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Often referred to as a Shullet, this trendy cut is the cross between a shag and a mullet. The short bangs and upper portion accompanied by a mullet, this hairdo suits both curly and sleek hair. To be precise, we have seen this look on so many top-notch celebrities such as Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus and Keke Palmer. It was because of them the trend of this cut has taken over a whole new level of coolness.

The haircut is awesome on its own but adding bold colors and highlights can add a whole new level of texture and personality to the hair.

21. Colorful Shullet

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Shullet as mentioned above is the crossover between a classic mullet and a shag. The best synonym for a wolf cut, this hairstyle features textured bangs with long tapered layers of mullet. You can wear this look with your natural hair colour or add some colours to make it pop.

As shown in the picture, adding bold coloured highlights on the mullet has added a whole new dimension to the personality. Even the pop star Billie Eilish has rocked this bold green colored shullet in the past couple of years.