Brooklyn Chop House Video Goes Viral On Reddit And Twitter

Brooklyn Chop House
Brooklyn Chop House( Source : amny )

A New York City restaurant's video is becoming more famous on social media. Learn in-depth about Brooklyn Chop House in this article below.

The Brooklyn Chop House was founded and developed in 2018 by Stratis Morfogen, Robert Cummings, and David Thomson.

It is situated only steps from the Brooklyn Bridge and, as the financial district's hub, will bring you and your friends together for a meal there.

What Happened in Brooklyn Chop House?

The well-known New York City restaurant Brooklyn Chop House recently shared a video on social media expressing its admiration for the late rapper BIG.

The eatery made several efforts to honor the late rapper B.I.G., who was well-known and praised.

People are searching for in-depth articles to learn more about this after a video about the restaurant went viral on the internet and started to generate buzz for it.

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Brooklyn Chop House Video Goes Viral

The viral video from The Brooklyn Chop House features an avatar of the late rapper Big in a hologram booth as a tribute to the iconic B.I.G.

It makes sense that people are attracted to and impressed by the rapper's homage in this way. According to a newly released video, an avatar has reportedly been seated in a restaurant's holographic booth.

The digital human firm Hyperreal is credited with creating the avatar. According to several reports, hyperreal is reportedly being developed for BIG's next Metaverse project.

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Brooklyn Chop House on Reddit and Twitter

The Proto places the Metaverse avatar into the booth. P Diddy is an advisor and investor in the holographic gadget firm Proto.

The rapper is depicted in the holographic avatar as donning a Sergio Tacchini tracksuit in white, green, and black, along with a Kangol hat, sunglasses, and Nike sneakers on his feet and a Jesus pendant necklace around his neck.

According to reports, BIG's holographic avatar was made for the Metaverse project and will appear in concerts in the Brooklyn Chop House restaurant.

It has been over 25 years since the assassination of B.I.G. in 1997. He will again astound his audience with his Metaverse presentation in The Brook, 25 years after his passing.

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