Hola TikTok Song Lyrics Meaning With Viral Videos And Dance Trend

'Hola' TikTok song, which is originally sung by Sofia Reyes ( Source : Youtube )

TikTok is a general platform where you may watch videos according to your preferences. It may range from makeup, dress, music, movies, dramas, challenges, games, gadgets, and other things.

Though the bulk of the videos is limited to certain regions and nations, there are those that go viral all across the world, such as the Hola Tiktok dance.

Continue reading the article to explore more about the trend and be up-to-date.

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What Is The Meaning Of Hola TikTok Song?

The 'Hola' TikTok song which is getting a lot of traffic from the user is actually a Spanish song, 1,2,3, by Sofia Reyes. The literal English meaning of the segment of song popular on TikTok is; 

I seem to like you a little more today (ok)

Hello, comment allez, allez-vous?

So nice to meet ya

You say we should go and get a room (no)

@double_ux #fyp #foryou #xyzbca #song #lyrics ♬ Hola - :):

The song is about the girl's demands that must be met in order for them to be in a relationship. You can get the full Spanish/English lyrics of the song here.

You may also view the song's official video to better comprehend the notion that the vocalist is attempting to convey.

The original lyrics of the song is:

Parece que hoy me gustas un poco más (ok)
Hola, comment allez, allez-vous?
So nice to meet ya

You say we should go and get a room (no).

People all across the world have embraced the craze and uploaded videos to TikTok, whether they know or not the actual meaning of the song.

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You Can Create Next Viral Videos On Hola TikTok Song

You may create the viral videos Hola TikTok song by learning how to make such a video transition here.

At first, drag the sound to set the recording limit on your phone. Show the basic version or even the worst version of yourself until the set limit is reached and then stop. Do your make-up, change your dres,s and be ready to shoot your transition video.

@wassimonyourscreen Result?🧑‍🏫#wassimsfyp #fyp ♬ Hola - :):

You should end the first transition video with your hands in the pose of a phone call. Then record the second from the same position, zoom out, and you're done.

Furthermore, you can view the dance trend that is most usually done in this sound here. I'll discuss the stages in detail so you can understand them better.

@wassimonyourscreen Result?🧑‍🏫#wassimsfyp #fyp ♬ Hola - :):

The song begins with okay, which may be expressed with a simple hand gesture of okay sigh. Follow it with one hand waving hi in the air, two times.

Next, create a fist and move your hips in a circular motion with your hands. Then, twice, move the air away from your hips, standing sideways.

Assume you're shaking hands with someone when the lyrics state "so nice to meet you." Next, make a fist with one hand and position it in front of your chest, then use the other fist to band the air at your side.

Then, rotate your fisted hand from side to side before tapping 1 2 3 with your index finger. 

Hola TikTok Dance Trend And Challenges

TikTok song, Hola has over 2.4 million videos on the social media platform. It is not only a dance trend but a challenge that encourages you to upload a creative video. 

The fad began with the song's transition video, in which one displays themselves in the worst possible version before transitioning to a fashionable version with makeup on.

@oshima_ Hola 🤙🏼 ´- #fyp #TikTok動画コンテスト ♬ Hola - :):

However, following the trend and doing the same actions and ideas as others is not required; instead, you develop your own version of it.

Like many others, you can now utilize sound to film yourself traveling and presenting your favorite actors and movies.

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