Silu Maharjan

Silu Maharjan is a writer at KPO and Company since quite some time now. She is currently pursuing MBA in Marketing. As An ardent reader, she loves to discover new books and blogs. Silu enjoys writing about pop culture, the latest stories, TV shows, and movies.

Who Is Harvey Marcelin And Where Is He Now? Transgender Serial Killer Arrested For Killing 3 Girlfriends

Who is the transgender serial killer Harvey Marcelin? She is now suspected of dismembering a body that was found in Brooklyn.  Marcelin spent most of her life in prison for killing two ex-girlfriends. She is again getting investigated in interc...

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Where Is Allison Langdon From The Today Show? Fans Are Worried About Why She Is Not Hosting This Week

Where Is Allison Langdon From The Today Show? She is forced to skip her hosting duties due to her knee injuries. Langdon is an Australian television presenter, news presenter, reporter, journalist, and author. She currently co-hosts The Today Show, ...

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