Why Was Twomad Arrested? Weight Loss Journey and More On The YouTuber

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TwoMad appears to have some critics, despite his popularity, as seen by a terrifying occurrence that occurred during a broadcast.

Muudea Sedik, as twomad, is a YouTuber and live streamer from Ethiopia. He is well known for his YouTube page, where he uploads videos.

Seidek is well-known for his participation in the video games Overwatch and Fortnite. He also uses his channels to post challenges, reactions, discussions, storytime, and funny mini videos in his own.

Likewise, He is also responsible for the viral "Goodnight girl" meme.  Not only that, but twomad also has two other channels under his control. Apart from that, he is active on other social media networks.

Not only that, Twomad began his YouTube career in September of 2016. "WHEN TORBJORN MOLTEN CORES" was the title of his first video. LOLYOU1337, a Counter-Strike YouTuber, inspired his handle "twomad."

Why Was Twomad Arrested?

Despite his popularity, TwoMad appears to have his fair number of detractors, as proven by a frightening incident that occurred during a broadcast.

He also referred to them as "North Korean pawns" who clearly worked for Kim Jong-un. He then went on to tweet bad things about BTS, prompting a swarm of kpop stans to flood his account with hostile tweets and kpop fancams.

Similarly, Twomad informed on March 1, 2020, that BTS stans were attempting to sue him for his video and had mailed him a lawsuit. 

BTS fans accused him of being racist towards Koreans, but Twomad responded by showing screenshots of some of the messages he got, including several that used the n-word.

Know About Twomad Weight Loss Journey

Twomad was around 80 kgs while at present, he weighs around 63 Kg or 138 lbs. But, there is no confirmation on the weight loss journey of the star.

The difference in weight is available on various unofficial websites, but it's not an authentic source, so we can only confirm of the fact after his reveal.

He may soon announce it to the public through various social media so that his fitness effort can be seen and the difference can be recognized.

What Is Twomad Net Worth In 2022?

Twomad's principal source of revenue is his YouTube channel. He frequently posts commentary and storytime videos about himself. His net worth is reported to be in the millions (USD).

Similarly, his content and dedication has led to earn this hefty amount as of now in the very young age all by himself.

This amount of earning has created his lifestyle uplifting and worth-living and extravagant. 

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