Who Is Alexandria Herring? Ned Try Guys Cheating On His Wife, Ariel Fulmer

Ned Fulmer and his wife Ariel Fulmer attend the 2016 Miss USA pageant at T-Mobile Arena on June 5, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Ned Fulmer and his wife Ariel Fulmer attend the 2016 Miss USA pageant at T-Mobile Arena on June 5, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.( Source : mixedarticle )

Ned Fulmer of Try Guys cheating on his wife Ariel is circulating on online media platforms. The article below explains more details about Alexandria and Ned's wife, Ariel.

According to some Reddit users, Alexandria (Alex) Herring, the Food Babies associate producer, is the lady with whom Ned allegedly had an affair.

The post became public when someone shared pictures and videos of them kissing in a club in September. Later, the images and messages vanished, and several internet users immediately looked them over.

Recent information provided on Reddit has fans wondering whether the infidelity scandal might get connected to what appears to be amiss in the Try Guys.

Who Is Alexandria Herring?

Rumors about Alexandria Herring and Ned Fulmer having an affair with each other are spreading on the internet.

She is professionally working as the associate producer for the Try Guys of the Food Babies.

The University of Hawaii awarded the Los Angeles native Herring a communications and anthropology degree. She then rose to the position of assistant producer for The Try Guys and joined their food challenge team, The Food Babies.

After finishing her education, she worked as an intern at a commercial production company in Hollywood.

The internship provided her with the foundational information she needed to start working on a movie set because she had no prior experience in production.

Alexandria Herring spending her time in a library
Alexandria Herring spending her time in a library ( Source : instagram )

According to an interview in Hilo, Hawaii, she learned how to run an office and plan music videos and commercial projects.

Alexandria met well-known YouTubers before joining their solo channel when they were employees of Buzzfeed. The group collaborated with Herring on videos they used to advertise The Shallows.

She discussed her time working with them in an interview, stating that she loved to Try Guys so much. Herring recalls touring the facilities on foot during her first week of employment.

Over 49.4k people follow Alexandria Herring on her Instagram account. She frequently promotes movies by The Try Guys and shares photos from her travels, and her social media site still has images of her and Will Thayer together.

Few topics got examined regarding the pair's connection. Simply put, it got regarded as employers and employees. Various rumors regarding their relationship, however, have recently been circulating.

Ned Try Guys Cheating on His Wife, Ariel Fulmer

Details and proof that Try Guy's Ned Fulmer cheated on his wife, Ariel, were posted in a Reddit thread.

According to gossip, Ned cheated on his wife, Ariel, with Alexandria Herring, a Try Guy's crew member who worked for Fulmer.

Alexandria's fiance, Will Thayer, received a message from an unidentified person who claimed to have seen her with Fulmer at an NYC nightclub making out with him. The news is no longer available.

The anonymous included blurry pictures and videos of the two kissings each other in multiple screenshots of the conversations. Sadly, the images are no longer accessible because the account that initially submitted the proof got removed on September 3, 2022.

Other signs included that Ned was absent from the most current tracksuit collection advertisement, also available on Try Guys' Instagram account.

Ned was not visible in the photos, even though the other members wore the tracksuit.

The detailed advertisement featuring Eugene, Keith, and Zach got used to replacing the intro in each video. Ned was also absent from Try Pod's most recent three episodes.

And Ariel was absent in the most recent and You Can Sit with Us shows. In a similar vein, the post noted that Nod got removed from several recent movies that got published earlier this month.

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Where Is Ned Try Guys Now?

Fans observed that Ned Fulmer had vanished from recent episodes of The Try Guys' podcasts and videos, which fueled speculation about the supposed affair.

Ned Fulmer of The Try Guys is facing a lot of anger online after a Reddit user alleged that he had an affair with Ariel Fulmer.

Internet users believed that the father of two had an adulterous relationship with Alexandria Herring from Food Babies. The incident happened after the YouTuber stopped participating in the team's most recent efforts.

Reddit user hamilton390 claimed on the site that he saw Yale alumnus Ned Fulmer kissing a different lady at a New York bar, which sparked reports of Fulmer cheating on his wife.

The platform user also posted screenshots of what appears to have been an exchange with Ariel Fulmer in which he reportedly sent a video of Ned purportedly kissing someone wearing a red dress.

Meanwhile, devoted followers of the Food Babies noted that Will Thayer, Alexandria Herring's fiancé, had deleted all their joint Instagram photographs and changed his account to private shortly.

YB, the senior editor of the Food Babies, allegedly unfollowed Herring, and Fulmer on Instagram, according to tweeter @camitwomeyy.

According to No, They Didn't, Thayer reportedly made the charges of cheating on Reddit. The same still needs to be verified, though. Viewers noticed that the 35-year-old was absent from the video introductions for their channel.

Users on the internet were astounded by the accusations. In numerous Try Guys films, the member has established a reputation for being dedicated to and adoring his wife. The new charges against him startled the online community.

Many likened him to Adam Levine of Maroon 5, who recently faced several adultery allegations. Ned Fulmer received swift criticism from online users who mercilessly criticized him.

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