What Happened To Sebastian Roman? Victim Of Millenia Mall Shooting

Sebastian Roman, a non-minor, firstly aimed the gun at the police officer before gunning himself down.
Sebastian Roman, a non-minor, firstly aimed the gun at the police officer before gunning himself down.( Source : facebook )

Sebastian Sepulveda Roman was a 19-year-old boy who was involved in Millenia Mall Shooting.

Thankfully, the police officers, who had the gut to feel that something was wrong with the teenager, stopped him in time, thus saving the lives of people. 

After this, news surfaced on the web along with the video of the police managing to take Sebastian Roman to a relatively secluded and private place with few people. 

If you want to know more about this incident and the updates, keep reading the article below.

Orlando: What Happened To Sebastian Roman? Victim Of Millenia Mall Shooting

Sebastian Roman has reportedly shot himself in the Millenia Mall shooting incident. He was killed in an officer-involved shooting near the Mall at Millenia on Saturday night.

As per the reports, he was spotted by an officer who had been working extra duty at the Neiman Marcus store. Roman was escorted out of the store after he was seen acting oddly by the law agents.

In the video, the officer asked for Roman's consent to search the bag, and he refused and was about to let him leave, as per the reports. Roman could be seen as harmless and innocent, but who knew that this kind of person would carry a gun and even won't hesitate to aim at the people.

The saying goes, 'don't judge a book by its cover.' Sebastian is claimed to have opened fire on Orlando Police Officer and then fatally shot himself outside the restaurant on Olive Garden on Conroy Road on May 28.

On Monday, the Orlando police released a video showing the moments leading up to a shooting outside an Olive Garden restaurant in May. On May 28th, at approximately 7:12 PM, Sebastian was being escorted out of the mall by an officer who was working overtime. Sepulveda Roman suddenly retrieved a firearm from his bag and shot at the officer during the interaction outside the mall's premises after he felt that the police found something off with him.

Sebastian Roman Death Cause And Obituary

 Sebastian Roman's death cause is noted to be suicide resulting from self-inflicted gun injuries.

The police reported this, and several obituaries have also come along with his death. As we found, the officers had not been injured by the gunshots aimed by Roman. 

More About Sebastian Roman And Police Encounter

Sebastian Roman was thankfully stopped in time, or else the consequences would have been unimaginable.

Many have complimented the police officers for their great job, doing everything right, and thinking about the public's safety before themselves.

We also learned that for the safety of others in the surrounding area, the officer did not return fire. After that, a responding officer encountered Sepulveda Roman across the street, where a shot was heard, and thus, the teenager was pronounced dead at the scene.

And the Medical Examiner ruled the manner of death as a suicide by an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

In the video, we could see the officer making way for the Roman to go outside with him. And before taking him out, the law enforcers firstly made him comfortable by having some questions and answers talks with him. Shortly after making him leave the mall, he was asked by the police about something, which led the teenager to fear and think that the police found that something was wrong with him. 

Thus, Roman put out a gun and began shooting.