Has Jonathan Cheban had Plastic Surgery? Jonathan revealed that he had gotten a botox, but his decision was met with backlash. 

Jonatha, 48, would otherwise have appeared much older with wrinkles and fine lines on his face.

Spicy food, margarine, sodas and energy drinks, alcohol, processed meat, fried foods, and baked goods are all said to hasten aging, according to WebMD.

However, despite consuming all of this, he has not aged a year, and Botox and fillers may be held responsible for this. 

Exercise and detox can be another safest option. But he doe snot like to display that in public. It comes down to cosmetic surgery as the only logical solution to his beauty.

Jonathan Cheban Plastic Surgery Procedures

Jonathan Cheban actually contemplates getting a facelift in 2020. 

Cheban also known as FoodGod, opens up about his plastic surgery.

A very noticeable difference between his appearance in old and new photos can not be attributed to aging. Numerous remarks have been made about the structure and shape of his face.

He was even compared to Chelsea FC manager Antonio Conte by some Twitter users after his plastic surgery. One wrote, "why did he spend so much money to resemble Chelsea FC manager Antonio."

He was different before and during Celebrity Big Brothers 2016, mainly when he was featured on the show. Perhaps he wanted to freshen up before performing on such a big show.

Slate Medspa tweets about Jonathan visit to their clinic
Source : twitter

To confirm the rumor, Ok magazine consulted with a facial plastic surgeon from London named Miss. Caroline Mills. She said: 'There is a good chance Jonathan has had facial surgery.'

Miss Mills mentioned that it appears that he chose to have rhinoplasty surgery to change the size and shape of his nose.

Some other changes she notices are his nose tip which appears to have been shortened and is more clearly defined. He may have had a mini facelift because his skin is sometimes tight and shiny.

She also doubted if he had a pinnaplasty to change how his ears protruded.

Dr. Kishan Raichura, a specialist in injectables and cosmetic dentistry at IGDP Dental in London, continued Jonathan has an unusually smooth forehead for 41 years old.

He might have extensive use of Botox or other muscle-relaxing injections. He might have used dermal fillers or even a chin implant to make his chin sharper and cheeks fuller. 

Images of Jonathan from 2019. He even appears younger in 2022, which is definitely not a sign of aging.
Source : instagram

Raichura claimed, "Compared to his neck, his skin appears firm and plump, which may be the result of a collagen-boosting procedure like Exilis Elite."

Nu Image Medspa from Slate Medspa tweets that Cheban visited them in 2020. She shared her excitement about his visit by uploading a photo of herself with him.

The facility Nu Image Salon & Medspa offers specialized treatments that will leave you feeling genuinely renewed and refreshed. You can get botox, injectables, dermal fillers, cool sculpting, and many other procedures there.

Jonathan Cheban Is An American Entrepreneur

American entrepreneur Jonathan Cheban is well-known for being Kim Kardashian's best friend. After appearing on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and its spinoffs, he gained notoriety.

As a result of his growing popularity, he has since made appearances on a wide range of programs, including Celebrity Big Brother and Celebs Go Dating.

He started the podcast Foodgod: OMFG in 2019 after dabbling in a clothing line, jewelry, and restaurants. Cheban has 3.9 million followers on Instagram (FoodGod) and 21.4K subscribers on YouTube where he post shorts. 

He even called out the vegan vlogger after she called out Kim for wearing furr. This exemplifies just how close they are as friends.

The reality star virulently responded in the comments after Nancy Sidley called him a "furhag." He wrote, "Worst looking vegan alive." Give me beef if that's vegan, please!

Additionally, Cheban referred to Sidley (who is a size 2) as a "fat, wrinkled mess" with a "huge chin" and advised her to "get some lips."