The top 10 celebrity houses in Beverly Hills include Bruce Springsteen Home and Steve Martin Home. Rod Stewart Holmby Hills Home is also spectacular.

Beverly Hills has been a go-to place for celebrities to purchase homes. It is the best place to own a property in California and the houses are exquisite and lavish.

Located southwest of Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills has secluded roads and quiet residences. It is relatively easy to commute to the hustling and bustling Hollywood and the city of Los Angeles.

Over the years, Beverly Hills has earned quite a reputation. Besides quiet roads and scenic beauty, the home offers privacy, security, and comfort to celebrities.

Celebrities invest in a luxurious home in Beverly Hills for both privacy and investment purpose. They get to spend time away from the prying eyes of the media and the real estate growth rate is striking.

Let's take a closer look at the top 10 celebrity houses in Beverly Hills and enjoy celebrity house tours.

Top 10 Celebrity Houses In Beverly Hills

Bruce Sprinsteen$14 Million
Taylor Swift$25 Million
Rod Stewart$12 Million
Jack Nicholson$5 Million
Jennifer Lawrence$8.225 Million
Kendall Jenner$8.55 Million
Jeff Bezos$165 Million
Lizzo$15 Million
Sandra Bullock$2.7 Million
Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington Whiteley$13 Million

1. Bruce Springsteen Home

Bruce Springsteen home is one of the grand celebrity houses in Beverly Hills. It is named Beverly Hills Mansion and was bought in 1990 for roughly $14 million.

Bruce Springsteen's Lifestyle 2022 ( Source : youtu )

Bruce's Beverly Hills Mansion is located at 1244 Benedict Canyon Drive. The property is currently worth more than $70 million.

The award-winning singer purchased the mansion before he was married to Patti Scialfa. The estate spans 4.5 acres and consists of two houses surrounded by trees.

One of the houses is a Mediterranean mansion of 10,000 plus square meters. It was built in the 1920s with four bedrooms, two maid rooms, and a chauffers quarter.

Another house of 7500 square meters is made in an English country style. It has two stories and contains four bedrooms including a high-ceiling living room.

Besides these, Bruce owns estates in Rumson and Colts Neck of New Jersey, a farmhouse in Florida, and a small house in the Hollywood Hills.

2. Taylor Swift Home

One of the celebrity houses in Beverly Hills is of the singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift. She bought the property in 2015 for $25 million.

It is located at 1200 Laurel Lane and is named 'Goldwyn Estate'. She purchased the estate from the co-founder of Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Samuel Goldwyn.

Taylor Swift | House Tour 2021 | Inside Her $25 Million Dollar Beverly Hills Mansion ( Source : youtu )

The mansion built in 1934 is 10,982 square feet and consists of four bedrooms. The house is a part of Hollywood history since it was granted landmark status back in 2017.

Besides a home in Beverly Hills, Taylor owns a property in Rhode Island. She gave a shoutout to the former owner of the house in the song, The Last Great American Dynasty.

Moreover, Swift also has properties in Nashville, New York, Pennsylvania, and North London. She spent the COVID-19 lockdown in her Primrose Hill townhouse with partner Joe Alwyn.

3. Rod Stewart Holmby Hills Home

Rod Stewart Holmby Hills home ranks third in celebrity houses in Beverly Hills. He purchased it for $12 million from the former owner.

Rod Stewart | House Tour | $8 Million Essex Mansion & More ( Source : youtu )

The 28000-square feet English country-style mansion is located at 391 N Carolwood Dr. It consists of several antique Italian and French pieces from the 18th century.

The interior of Rod's home is of neoclassical style and the living room has a French crystal chandelier that is more than 200 years old. 

According to Architectural Digest, Thomas Allardyce and Iliya Hendrix did the interiors with a consultation from the architect Richard Laundry.

Having an English root, Rod has transformed his home into a country estate of his native land. Moreover, the third floor of his home is dedicated to a model railway.

4. Jack Nicholson Home

Celebrity houses in Beverly Hills include Jack Nicholson's elegant home. He bought it in 1969 and has been adding pieces to his estate ever since.

Jack Nicholson | House Tour | $10 Million Los Angeles Mansion & More ( Source : youtu )

Jack's 3-acre property is located at 12850 Mulholland Drive. The estate consists of four houses including the 1947 mansion of 2117 square feet.

The estate is tied to multiple criminal investigations. Previously, the original house standing on that land burned down and the legends noted the area as cursed.

The area was also a go-to spot for hookups and parties back in the 70s and 80s. Despite the hoax, Jack bought the property and is residing there for more than 5 decades.

Nicholson added to his property by buying Marlon Barndo's nearby home for $5 million. Further, he owns several estates throughout the U.S.

5. Jennifer Lawrence Home

Jennifer Lawrence home makes the fifth position in the celebrity houses in Beverly Hills list. She bought it in 2014 for $8.225 million.

Jennifer Lawrence | House Tour | Manhattan Penthouse & Beverly Hills Mansion ( Source : youtu )

Lawrence's gorgeous mansion is located inside the gated community of Hidden Valley Estates. The previous owners of the property were Jessica Simpson and Ellen DeGeneres.

The French-style house of 5500 square feet was built in 1991. It consists of a floral courtyard, koi pond, home gym, swimming pool, and 5 luxurious bedrooms.

The .31-acre property is surrounded by some trees and a garden. The peaceful community and the European house provide a soothing romantic vibe.

Other than this real estate, Jennifer owns multiple estates and apartments in California and New York City.

6. Kendall Jenner Home

Kendall Jenner is the owner of one of the celebrity houses in Beverly Hills. She bought the house in 2017 for $8.55 million.

Inside Kendall Jenner’s Cozy L.A. Hideaway | Open Door | Architectural Digest ( Source : youtu )

The home is located at Mulholland Estates and was built in 1997 in the Spanish-Mediterranean style. The mansion of 6635 square feet stands on a .84 acre land.

It consists of formal living and dining along with a private sitting room. The interiors are modern and the house has 5 bedrooms and a plunge pool.

According to Architectural Digest, the interior of the house was designed by Kathleen and Tommy Clements. Kendall chose a bohemian and funky theme for the property.

The highest-paid model has added bits to remind her of some nostalgic memories. She has done the complete home by herself and it reflects her personality.

7. Jeff Bezos Home

Jeff Bezos owns one of the celebrity houses in Beverly Hills and it is the most expensive celebrity house purchased in 2020 for $165 million.

Inside Jeff Bezos' $300 Million Mansions ( Source : youtu )

The 10 acres estate is located at 1801 Angelo Drive near the Playboy Mansion. The land houses a two-story Georgian manor of 13612 square meters.

The property is named after the former owner, Jack Warner Estate. Besides the main house, it has two incredible villas for Jeff's high-profile guests.

The estate consists of a nursery, swimming pool, tennis court, golf course, and hothouses. It is one of the architectural cornerstones of Beverly Hills.

Besides Jack Warner Estate, Jeff owns multiple real estate properties including a $78 million La Perouse Bay compound.

8. Lizzo Home

Lizzo purchased her celebrity house in Beverly Hills for $15 million. She purchased the house for $15 million from the stylish singer, Aaron Bay-Schuck in 2022.

Is Lizzo's Beverly Hills Mansion Worth The Hype? ( Source : youtu )

The mansion is located at Beverly Hills Post Office. It was built on land spanning .31 acres and was formerly owned by the One Direction singer Harry Styles.

The 5300 square feet property includes 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. It was built in 2019 and boasts a home theatre as well as an infinity pool.

Harry bought it in 2014 but sold it to a construction company bearing a loss in 2016. Later, it was bought by Warner Records CEO Aaron Bay-Schuck in 2011 who sold it to Lizzo.

Lizzo also owns a lavishing property worth $26 million in the city of Los Angeles.

9. Sandra Bullock Home

Sandra Bullock is the owner of one of the celebrity houses in Beverly Hills. She bought her home in 2021 for $2.7 million as reported by Dirt.

Sandra Bullock | House Tour | $39 Million Properties from New Orleans to Malibu ( Source : youtu )

The property was built in 1946 and is located at the top of Beverly Hills. The mansion has been continuously renovated and made to the liking of popular celebrities.

The 2800 square feet villa consists of 3 bedrooms and 3 and a half bathrooms. The living spaces are open and the interiors have a modern touch to them.

The front of the estate has an English-styled garden and there is a swimming pool in the backyard. Moreover, the property includes a faux waterfall for a pool.

10. Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington Whiteley House

Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington Whiteley reside in one of the celebrity houses in Beverly Hills. The couple bought it for around $13 million in 2015.

73 Questions With Rosie Huntington-Whiteley | Vogue ( Source : youtu )

The model's house made on a piece of .38 acres of land is located at North Elm Drive. Built-in 1983, the mansion consists of five massive bedrooms as well as eight bathrooms.

The property is in a secluded location with a great view and tight security. Moreover, it consists of a tranquil garden, a grand swimming pool, and a koi pool.

Rosie and Jason are the owners of the estate. Their home decor is minimalist and the couple shares the living space with their son Jack.