Snapchat filters have been widely known and used among people but do you know that you can use them on Tiktok too?

Well, many people think that Snapchat filters can be used only in Snapchat but they can also be used in Tiktok.

Nowadays, in the era where the use of social media is thriving, social media apps are being connected to each other due to which you can use some features of one app into another app.

People who have been able to use Snapchat filters from the Tiktok app are enjoying it a lot.

How To Use Snapchat Filters On TikTok?

Snapchat Filters are popular filters that have been used by almost all people. 

You can also use the Snapchat filter on Tiktok and enjoy it. People have seen that Snapchat filters have been going viral on the Tiktok app.

The Snapchat filters like no beard filter or crying face filter had been a trend at the time on Tiktok. But the trending filters are still being used by people.

You might be wondering how to use Snapchat filters. It is easy to use Snapchat filters on the Tiktok platform.

Here Is The Step By Step Guide On How To Use Snapchat Filters On TikTok

Let's seen the steps to make your own tiktok video using the Snapchat filters on the platform.

1. Install the Tiktok app:

You need to click on smiley face emoji to get access to Snapchat filters.
Source : techcult

For using the Snapchat filter, you must have the Tiktok app. So, the first step is to install the app. After installing the app, open the app and search for the smiley face icon on the app.

You will find the smiley face icon on the left-hand side and press it to get access to the various filters.

2. Use the filters according to your desire.

You need to click explore button to find various filters.
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You can search for different filters available by pressing the explore button. After pressing the explore button, explore the filter that you want to try.

3. Select a filter for the use

You can choose filter from wide range of filter present in the platform
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After you have browsed the filter that you want to use than point the camera of your phone at the object or the person. Choose the filter that you like and then you are ready to record.

4. Recording the video

To record the video long press the record button the scree of the app.
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Now after selecting the filter you want to use just long press the record button. that you will see on the screen. If You need to change the filters you can press the filters tab.

5. Save the Video

Save the video by pressing the save button present on the left side of the screen
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After you have made the video using the filter then now use the editing features available on Tiktok. You can add text/links, cropping, trim, insert stickers, and many more.

Once you have edited the video according to your wish then you need to press the Save button present on the extreme left side of the screen's bottom.

After pressing the Save button, your video will finally be saved.

6. Uploading Video

Now you can upload your video by pressing the Upload button.
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Once you have saved the video, now it is time to upload the video. It is easy to upload the video you just need to press the Upload button and import your save video.

After that, you need to click next and make changes. You also need to add the caption to the video according to your need and click the post button.

Once you click the post button, it will be uploaded to your Tiktok account.

So, in this way you can make your own Tiktok video by using the Snapchat filter available in Tiktok.

Some of the trending Snapchat filters are:

  • Butterfly Cheeks
  • Palm Beach
  • Indie Glasses
  • Classic Cutie
  • Moody BBY
  • Vintage Retro
  • Butterfly Bling
  • Cozy Kira
  • Cherry Cola Bling
  • Pastel Butterfly
  • Soft Cherry Kira
  • Teal Kira
  • Indie Bling V2
  • Sharpen Saturation
  • Devil
  • Video star
  • Dark triplets
  • Trippy V1
  • Trippy V2
  • Golden Hour

There are filters and effects of Tiktok too and you can get access by pressing the filter button present on the right side of the screen.

You can use the effects present on the Tiktok by pressing the effect button present on the left bottom side of the screen.