Who Is Shoto Vtuber And Has He Ever Done A Face Reveal On Twitter?

Shoto Vtuber face reveal
Shoto Vtuber face reveal( Source : instagram )

Shoto Vtuber is a popular web star who has not revealed his real face to his fans. He is an independent English VTuber.

Vtuber's Twitter account @shxtou disclosed the stream schedule for this week. He and his team were inebriated, which resulted in even more ASMR.

Furthermore, He is now working alongside the Hamamori gang, according to Virtual Youtuber.


Most of the VTuber prefers to hide behind the mask of a fictional character, which is also true of Shoto Vtuber.

He also likes to conceal himself as Shoto Vtuber's character.

The original guy lurking behind Shxtou's ID has yet to expose his identity to his fanbase.

Shoto Vtuber is hidden behind a pair of gorgeous purple eyes and a purple hoodie-wearing. 

Has Shoto Vtuber  Ever Done A Face Reveal On Twitter?

Shoto Vtuber has chosen not to disclose his face on Twitter as of now. Like the majority of Vtubers who prefer to hide behind their masks, he is also following the trend of not revealing his identity.

Not only that, they are apprehensive about showing their faces. Thus, his true identity has been hidden behind an anime photo.

His personality might be revealed in the anime sketch as he is said to be known for his outspokenly filthy personality.

The Vtuber has confessed that he has no remorse for the obscene things he says or the dubious sounds he is known to produce. He has a shooting voice that is ASMR-like.

Shoto has also not revealed his face on twitch, as this social media platform is a significant channel for him to connect with his fans and followers.
Shoto vtuber has no plan or has no official information about his face reveal on social media. 

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Shoto Vtuber Real Name Is Shottom- His Wiki Bio 

Shottom is likely the real name of Shoto Vtuber. He prefers to be called Shoto the majority of the time, so his full name is still unknown.

Shoto has a Twitch channel, an Instagram account, a Twitter handle @Shxtou, and a YouTube channel called Shoto. Similarly, Shoutou.wixsite.com is his official website, where anyone can learn more about gaming.



Although Shoto VTuber is not on Wikipedia, Other platforms have profiled him with a brief biography.

The streamer was born in the Bakumori village with magical abilities and God's blessing. In his early years, he followed in his father's footsteps and worked as a baker. He had never imagined himself as a demon killer.

Shoto has a softer side as well as his demon side. The beautiful puppies are a favorite of the little children. Furthermore, Shxtou made its debut on October 2, 2021.

Shoto Vtuber's real name might be Shottom. Mostly, he loves to call by Shoto. However, his real name is still unknown, and his followers are still waiting to know shoto vtuber real name.

He has a Twitch channel, Instagram account, Twitter account @Shxtou, and Youtube Channel named Shoto.

His official website is Shoutou.wixsite.com, where anyone can find details about gaming.

Shoto Vtuber Age- How Old Is The English Independent Content Creator? 

Shoto Vtuber has kept his age a secret on social media, but judging from the information on his, he is most likely between 20-25 years.

On July 11, 2021, the live broadcaster declared that he would be celebrating his birthday with a stream subathon. He also invited his VTuber pals to join.

Shoto invited them all to visit on July 23rd and 24th. On that day, the VTuber invited all of his followers to attend. His birthday is July 23rd or 24th, according to the information. Nevertheless, It's also possible that the streamer is a child.

As we due a lack of any official or authentic information, we could not share shoto vtuber real age. 


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Likewise, Shoto is also available on Instagram under the username of @shoto_tv and he has not shared any pictures of himself.

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