Everything We Know About Hakeem Jeffries Wife Kennisandra Jeffries

Hakeem Jeffries with his wife, Kennisandra and sons as he is being sworn into office by Nancy Pelosi
Hakeem Jeffries with his wife, Kennisandra and sons as he is being sworn into office by Nancy Pelosi( Source : kcrw )

Hakeem Jeffries wife Kennisandra Arciniegas-Jeffries shares two sons and lives in New York.

Kennisandra Arciniegas-Jeffries works with a non-profit voluntary organization called 1199 SEIU's Benefit Fund. Since 2013, her husband Hakeem has been serving as the United States Representative for New York's 8th Congressional district.

A proud member of the Democratic party, Hakeem's district represents the diversity that is commonly representative of the left-wing party. Covering parts of eastern Brooklyn and southwestern Queens, Jeffries also serves as the Chair of the House Democratic Caucus.

He received that role on January 3, 2019, and most recently, he is expected to be the new House Minority Leader-elect if previous House Minority Leader-elect Kevin McCarthy becomes the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Unlike Hakeem Jeffries, his wife tends to stay out of the spotlight so that she can focus on her social work. However, here is what we have managed to dig up about Kennisandra Jeffries, all in one place.

Hakeem Jeffries Has Been Married To Kennisandra Jeffries For Twenty Years

Hakeem Jeffries and wife Kennisandra Jeffries are married since two decades.

During that time, Hakeem and Kennisandra have managed to keep their marriage private, with the only available pictures being the occasional event where Kennisandra is supporting her husband.

However, some information about the statesman's spouse is available on the internet. Chief among them is the fact that she works with the 1199 SEIU's Benefit Fund, which is a healthcare union in the United States.

Social work is also present in Hakeem's life, as both his parents were active in the field. His father, Marland, was a state-appointed substance-abuse counselor, and his mother, Laneda, was a social worker, like Kennisandra.

Kennisandra Jeffries, seen her at an event, is a social worker with the 1199 SEIU Benefit Fund
Kennisandra Jeffries, seen her at an event, is a social worker with the 1199 SEIU Benefit Fund ( Source : facebook )

It is assumed that this throughline sparked their relationship which has now lasted for over twenty years. Though the exact date of their marriage has not been revealed to the public.

Part of the reason why is that Kennisandra is an intensely private person. Especially when it comes to social media. She does not use it for the sake of celebrity like other people of note, especially in such a luminous field as being the wife of a prominent politician.

That is not to say she is not active on the internet as she does have one social media account, a Facebook page. Surprisingly, her Facebook page looks more like an ordinary person's rather than a platform. 

One can see how normal her page is as she has kept the account semi-private. It is open enough that people can see pictures she's shared of her family and friends, but not so open that anyone can see everything she is doing there. 

If her posts show anything, it's that Kennisandra is a woman who is dedicated to her community. She shares many pictures with both family and friends, especially celebrations, vacations, and intimate events.

Kennisandra Jeffries seen here with her sorority sisters
Kennisandra Jeffries seen here with her sorority sisters ( Source : facebook )

The few pictures she has allowed to be seen by the public showcase her love for her various hobbies like dancing, gardening, hiking, and reading.

The page also shows that she is multilingual. She often converses in both Spanish and English and seems to have family members that communicate in both languages.

As a social worker, her skills in both languages are sure to be helpful as she lives and works in a multicultural city. So, this skill must be very useful for her.

Hakeem And Kennisandra Jeffries Have Two Children

Hakeem Jeffries and his wife, Kennisandra Jeffries have two children together, both sons.

Their sons' names are Jeremiah and Joshua. The older son was born in 2001, and the younger son was born in 2004. The family lives in Prospect Heights, a neighborhood in northwest Brooklyn. It is one of the boroughs of New York City.

Kennisandra often posts about her sons on her social media. One of the most prominent posts was back in 2019 when her son Jeremiah graduated from high school.

Hakeem and Kennisandra Jeffries with their family celebrating their son, Jeremiah's high school graduation
Hakeem and Kennisandra Jeffries with their family celebrating their son, Jeremiah's high school graduation ( Source : facebook )

The Jeffries children have become very popular among Hakeem Jeffries' supporters. The reason is that he has often spoken about the fear he has for his sons growing up amidst the racial tension the country is currently facing.

The main reason is that he fears any violence against his sons, especially his older one, may face due to bad apples amongst the police force. He made the statement in 2014, at the cusp of the peaceful protests that would make waves in the country the next year.

His comments touched a nerve with many people, especially his supporters, who have used his words to communicate the racial unrest that the country is facing these days.

Though Kennisandra has not made such comments, given her shyness of the spotlight, her love for her sons is palpable as the first post public on her Facebook page is of her and her sons at an aquarium.

In a nutshell, Hakeem Jeffries' wife, Kennisandra Arciniegas-Jeffries is a happy wife, proud mother, and a dedicated social worker who focuses more on her job than publicity.

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