Ever wondered why some eyes shape have that captivating almond shape, while others boast a round and playful look? Well, buckle up because we're about to embark on a journey through the diverse world of eye shapes. From the sultry captivation of hooded eyes to the wide-eyed charm of round peepers, each shape tells a unique story.

So, whether you're rocking monolids, downturned eyes, or anything in between, let's celebrate the beauty of diversity in every blink and wink. Ready to unravel the secrets behind those mesmerizing gazes? Let's get started!

1. Upturned Eyes

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Upturned eyes, also known as Cat eyes is the delightful feature that imparts a perpetual sense of optimism and a hint of whimsy. With a gentle upward tilt at the outer corners, these eyes create an effortlessly uplifted and expressive appearance.

They have a natural ability to convey warmth and openness, making every gaze seem like a shared secret or a cheerful invitation. So, here's to the charm of upturned eyes, turning each glance into a joyful connection!

Makeup Ideas For Upturned Eyes

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  1. Emphasize the upward tilt with a classic winged eyeliner.
  2. Extend the line slightly beyond the outer corners for a lifted look.
  3. Apply darker eyeshadow shades at the outer corners and transition to lighter shades toward the inner corners.
  4. For extra drama, apply lengthening mascara generously to the outer lashes to accentuate the upward lift.
  5. Brighten the eyes by applying a white or nude eyeliner to the waterline as this opens up the eyes.
  6. Apply a touch of highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes to brings attention to the center and adds a subtle sparkle.
  7. Embrace a slightly arched eyebrow shape to complement the upward lift of the eyes.
  8. Use an eyelash curler to lift the lashes further, enhancing the overall upturned appearance of the eyes.
  9. Avoid applying heavy eyeliner to the lower lash line, as this can counteract the lifted effect.
  10. A soft line or eyeshadow is often more flattering.

2. Wide Set Eyes

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Wide-set eyes offer a naturally open look, providing a great canvas for makeup experimentation. To enhance this eye shape, consider focusing on the inner corners when applying eyeliner, creating a subtle charm that draws attention toward the center of the face. You can also, experiment with eyeshadow by adding depth to the inner corners, offering a touch of mystery and captivating charm.

When it come to mascara, it becomes a key player because it accentuates lashes and highlights the inherent beauty of wide eyes. In addition, a subtle touch of highlighter on the center of the eyelids and brow bone can add a radiant glow, emphasizing the unique allure of this eye shape.

Regarding eyeshadow, opt for lighter shades on the inner corners to keep the overall look fresh and bright. In each makeup application, the goal is not just enhancement but also creating a personalized masterpiece that celebrates the inherent beauty of wide-set eyes!!

3. Deep Set Eyes

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The enigmatic windows to the soul, deep set eyes possess a unique charm that adds a touch of mystery to your gaze. Nestled a bit farther back in the eye socket, these eyes create a captivating shadow that lends an attractive depth.

Moreover, deep eyes often give off an air of quiet confidence, inviting others to explore the intriguing depths within. So, here's to the captivation of deep eyes, where every look holds a story waiting to be discovered.

Three Major Makeup For Deep Set Eyes

To bring out the beauty of deep-set eyes, it's essential to use makeup techniques that enhance their depth and create balance. Here are three major components of makeup to emphasize deep-set eyes:

1. Eyeliner

Use eyeliner along the upper lash line to define the eyes, and choose a liner shade that complements your eye color. Also, consider creating a subtle wing at the outer corners for added lift, as it helps accentuate the upper lid and draws attention to the eyes.

2. Eyeshadow

Deep-set eyes often benefit from eyeshadows that add depth. So, apply darker eyeshadow shades, such as rich browns, plums, or charcoal, to the crease. This enhances the natural recess of the eyes, creating a sultry and captivating look. Furthermore, consider using a lighter, shimmering shade on the eyelids to balance the depth.

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3. Mascara

Apply mascara generously to both the upper and lower lashes. This not only defines the lashes but also opens up the eyes. Curling your lashes before applying mascara can further enhance the lifted effect.

These three components work together to accentuate the inherent beauty of deep-set eyes. By defining the upper lash line with eyeliner, adding depth to the crease with darker eyeshadows, and emphasizing lashes with mascara, you create a harmonious and captivating makeup look that highlights the unique features of deep-set eyes.

4. Round Eyes

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These shapes often creates a wide and open appearance, giving off an inviting and approachable vibe. Round eyes have a charming ability to convey warmth and friendliness as if each glance is accompanied by a friendly smile.

It is beautiful and Dakota Johnson of all people has amazing round eyes that bring a soft and approachable quality to her timeless beauty.

5. Protruding Eyes

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Making a bold statement with their forward position, protruding eyes are like windows that eagerly invite the world to witness their vibrant energy. This eye shape gives off an immediate sense of openness and enthusiasm, as if every glance is an excited leap into the surrounding space.

Protruding eyes have a way of capturing attention effortlessly, creating a dynamic and engaging focal point. So, if you think your eyes falls into this category, then kudos to you, as celebrities like Ashley Olsen, Nicole Richie or Amanda Seyfried have these prominent eyes!

Two Essential Makeup Items For Protruding Set Of Eyes

Here are two major components of makeup to emphasize protruding eyes:

1. Eyeliner

Upper Lash Line Definition: Use eyeliner along the upper lash line to define the eyes. Opt for a classic line or experiment with a subtle wing at the outer corners to enhance the upward lift.

This provides structure and draws attention to the eyes without overwhelming their natural prominence.

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2. Eyeshadow

Neutral Contouring: Apply neutral eyeshadows to contour the crease and outer corners. Utilize shades that are slightly darker than your natural skin tone to add depth without overshadowing the protruding shape.

Consider a shimmer or light shade on the eyelids to bring attention to the center of the eyes.

6. Downturned Eyes

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Downturned eyes shape with their subtle slope at the outer corners bringing an air of gentle contemplation and understated beauty. These eye shapes carry a natural elegance, as if they are engaged in a perpetual moment of quiet reflection.

Furthermore, downturned shaped eyes have the engaging ability to convey a hint of mystery and sophistication, leaving others intrigued by the stories hidden within each gaze. Here's Camilla Belle, one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, who made us believe that down-turned eyes can look prettier and stunning. Camilla is often seen wearing edgy eyelashes and a lined lower lashline which gives the illusion of uplifted eyes.

7. Hooded Eyes

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Draped in a touch of mystique, hooded eyes like Jennifer Lawrence add an alluring veil to your gaze. Characterized by a slight overlap of the eyelid, these eyes often create a captivating sense of depth and intrigue. 

Hooded eyes possess a knack for subtle seduction as if they hold secrets waiting to be unveiled with the flutter of lashes. Furthermore, this unique eye shape often looks desirable leaving an indelible impression of sophistication. 

8. Almond Eye Shape

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Gracefully curved with a subtle upward tilt, almod eyes is like nature's artistry, creating a gentle and harmonious sweep that opens up a world of expressive possibilities.

Almond eyes often convey a timeless charm, where each glance carries a hint of sophistication and grace. In the world of celebrities, those with captivating almond eyes include Penélope Cruz, Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Aishwarya Rai, Rihanna, Kate Winslet, Scarlett Johansson and more.

9. Monolid Eye

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Monolid eyes, a canvas of simplicity, defy the conventional crease, creating a seamless and smooth expanse. Often associated with East Asian features, these eyes possess a timeless beauty that's both subtle and striking.

Furthermore, monolids have a knack for showcasing clean lines, allowing for a minimalist aesthetic that highlights the natural beauty of the eyes. Embracing a monolid look is like celebrating a tranquil landscape—uncluttered, serene, and absolutely captivating. So, here's to the beauty of monolid eyes, where the absence of a crease is an invitation to a new window of endless possibilities.

Two Major Makeup To Bring Out The Mono Lid Eyes

To enhance the beauty of monolid eyes, it's important to focus on techniques that add dimension and definition. Here are two major components of makeup to bring out monolid eyes -

1. Eyeliner

Consider using eyeliner to create a graphic or tightlined look. This involves applying eyeliner very close to the lash line or drawing a bold line that follows the natural curve of the eye. This technique adds definition to the eyes and can make them appear larger.

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2. Gradient Eyeshadow

Apply eyeshadow in a gradient style, starting with a lighter shade near the inner corners and gradually transitioning to a darker shade toward the outer corners. This creates the illusion of depth and dimension, enhancing the shape of monolid eyes. Shimmer or metallic eyeshadows on the center of the lids can also add a touch of glamour.

10. Close Set Eyes

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Close-set eyes is where the distance between them is a bit more intimate, often creating an intriguing and intense gaze. This eye configuration lends an air of focus and intensity to one's facial features.

Besides, it's like having a built-in intensity dial that can go from subtle to piercing with just a shift in expression. So, if your eyes enjoy a cozy proximity, embrace the allure of close-set eyes; where every glance feels like it's meant for a special connection. There are several celebrities and popular film stars who rock this set of eyes, like Sarah Jessica Parker, if you look closely, her eyes sit quite close!!

Close Set Eyes Makeup Ideas

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For those with close-set eyes, a strategic approach to makeup can enhance their natural beauty and create a balanced appearance. Here are some makeup tips for close-set eyes-

  1. Apply eyeliner along the entire lash line but focus on extending it slightly beyond the outer corners.
  2. Use lighter eyeshadow shades on the inner corners of the eyes to create a brightening effect.
  3. Transition to darker shades toward the outer corners.
  4. Apply mascara generously to the outer lashes to draw attention away from the inner corners, balancing the overall look.
  5. Steer clear of dark eyeliner on the waterline, especially on the inner corners.
  6. Instead, opt for a nude or white liner to open up the eyes.
  7. Apply a touch of highlighter to the inner corners and the center of the eyelids to bring focus to the center of the face.
  8. Consider shaping your eyebrows with a slight angle to visually create more space between the eyes.
  9. Avoid heavy or dark eyeshadow on the inner corners, as this can accentuate the proximity of the eyes.
  10. Use a subtle contour shade on the outer corners of the eyes and the sides of the nose to create an optical illusion of more separation.

By incorporating these makeup techniques, you can enhance the beauty of close-set eyes and achieve a harmonious and balanced look.

How To Determine Your Eye Shape?

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Determining your eye shape can be a fun and helpful step in tailoring your makeup to enhance your natural features. Here's a simple guide to help you figure out how:

1. Examine the Placement

Wide-Set: If there is a noticeable gap between your eyes, you likely have wide-set eyes.

Close-Set: If the distance between your eyes is smaller, you may have close-set eyes.

Average/Standard: If the distance between your eyes is balanced, it's considered an average/standard placement.

2. Look at the Crease

Hooded: If the natural crease on your eyelid is not easily visible when your eyes are open, you may have hooded eyes.

Monolid: If you don't have a defined crease, your eyelid is a continuous surface, indicating monolid eyes.

Double Eyelid: If there is a visible crease that defines the eyelid, you likely have double eyelids.

3. Check the Shape


If your eyes have an oval shape with a slight upward tilt at the outer corners, they are almond-shaped.


If your eyes have a circular shape, you have round eyes.


If the outer corners of your eyes point upwards, your eyes are upturned; if they point downwards, they are downturned.

4. Evaluate the Size

Large/Big Eyes:

If your eyes are proportionally larger on your face, you have big eyes.

Small Eyes:

If your eyes are proportionally smaller, they are small eyes.

5. Consider Multiple Factors

Your eye shape may be a combination of features, so consider the overall appearance. Please remember that these are general guidelines, and individual variations are common.