Danielle North is leaving WPRI after nearly 24 years. Danielle is stepping away from the television screens to a private gig.

Danielle has decided to step back from the news anchoring business for the time being.

The news was already circulated about her exit from the online media and the public for over a month since the first report surfaced around December 2022.

Toward the end of January 2021, she confirmed her departure through social media, where she thanked everyone that helped her climb the ladders in the sector.

She is one of the familiar faces on the television network and was a significant personality. People woke up early to listen to her news round-up and liked the style of reporting, charm, and energy she brought in the early sunrise.

Is Danielle North Leaving WPRI?

Danielle North has left WPRI after almost 24 years at the television station. 

Danielle confirmed her departure by thanking all the involved people in the station on January 25, 2023, through a Facebook post.

In the post, she thanked the entire team, director, editor, videographer, producer, and all other personnel in the station by sharing a lovely group photo.

Danielle with her fellow WPRI co-anchors
Source : facebook

Although the time to move out from the site has come, it was lurking for over a month.

The news of her exit from WPRI surfaced online around two months ago, which stated that her last days at the station would be towards the end of January 2023.

However, it is not a forced removal or a departure due to a rift between the anchor and higher management in the network. Furthermore, it is not due to a contract renewal issue or a misunderstanding between the lady and her anchoring team.

Everything is in the proper place, and she maintains good chemistry with all.

Why Is Danielle North Leaving WPRI?

Danielle is leaving WPRI due to her desire to step away from the TV screens and not cover the gruesome news.

Boston Globe mentions that the actual reason that forced her to call it quits had been accumulating since 1997.

In 1997, she had to report the shootings of New Hampshire state troopers Scott Phillips and Leslie Lord. A few hours after the shooting, a police officer named Jeremy Charron also lost his life.

North showed up to the scenario without knowing it was Jeremy. She grew up with his family and shared a close bond with them.

So, seeing such happening to someone close, the grief afterward broke from the inside. But she just couldn't step away from the job. So, she just took it in and continued her work.

Danielle during a news reporting at WPRI
Source : facebook

She also covered the killings of children at Sandy Hook Elementary School. As a mother of three kids, it also hit her hard and negatively influenced her mental state.

Boston Globe reports that Danielle almost called it quits seven years ago when she had to cover the terrorist attack in Paris, where 130 people lost their lives. But she kept holding the fear and gruesomeness of being a news reporter inside.

She even broke up in tears in front of the screen while reporting some news. With these experiences throughout the tears, it seems the woman cannot experience any such moments and is willing to step back from having a direct impact on her.

Although she has not personally declared those experiences as the main reason for her departure, sources claim that it might be one of the primary influencing factors that made the woman come to such a decision.

Where Is Danielle North Going To Work?

Danielle North is leaving WPRI to start her career in a gig in the private sector.

She has yet to clear out about her next venture or the workplace where she will be spending the coming days. So figuring out her next job station is quite challenging due to the lack of sufficient information.

However, Danielle is not returning to the TV screen for a similar job role.

We might see her in other television programs as the woman has not ruled out such a possibility. But given her past experiences in the reporting sector, it seems unlikely that she will return to do the same thing.

Despite the speculations, we will have to wait for her official announcement about joining her new venture to know the destination she is heading towards.

Danielle North Is A News Anchor For 12 Years

Danielle North was a part of WPRI morning news as an anchor for 12 years.

Danielle joined the television station in 1999 after moving south of New Hampshire. She first joined the Rhode Island network as a reporter and worked away from the screen for multiple years.

Danielle North with her co-anchor at WPRI station
Source : geniuscelebs

After working behind the camera for around 11 years and moving up the promotional ranks, North landed her anchoring role around the early 2010s.

Since then, she has been a regular face on the morning news telecast, which she hosted with her co-anchors.

She covered some of the biggest news during her time as an anchor and was a pivotal part of the program over the years. So, the station, her colleagues, and the viewers are disappointed with her exit.

Before landing a job at WPRI, North had worked as a journalist in a few other portals.

She started her journalism career in Burlington, Vermont, at WVNY-TV. After that, she worked at WMUR-TV in Manchester, New Hampshire, before securing her move to Rhode Island.

She has been active in the field since the mid-90s after graduating from Lyndon State College in Vermont.

Immediately after beginning her career, the woman covered many top stories in England, including the presidential primaries in 1996, as mentioned in her WPRI profile.

It further mentions that the reporter's favorite reporting moment was the coverage of the red carpet in LA for the first season of Survivor when a contestant from Rhode Island won the show.