What Happened Between Chie Filomeno And Zeus Collins? Twitter Issue Explained

Chie Filomeno and Zeus Collins are currently trending for their parking lot video caught in CCTV footage.

Chie Filomeno and Zeus Collins are two popular Pinoy actors. A recent scandal video surrounding them has made their fans extremely curious. So, what exactly had happened?

Issue: Chie Filomeno And Zeus Collins Scandal Viral Video On Twitter 

Chie Filomeno and Zeus Collins were caught in scandalous CCTV footage a long time ago. 

In the clip, the two actors arrive in a car at a parking lot during the nighttime. They are seen parking their vehicle between a truck and an SUV.

We can plainly see the motions of two people, who are reportedly the two actors if we look out the windows of the recently parked vehicle.

They were exclusively recorded on CCTV in the parking lot being intimate with one another. Nonetheless, the faces are unclear and it is hard to analyze the whole activity. 

The videos have been shared first on Twitter and Youtube platforms and many fans have commented that the video was taken four years ago.

Furthermore, it is uncertain who had leaked or posted the video. Perhaps, an open investigation is being made on the matter.

 Chie Filomeno and Zeus Collins Were Threatened On Instagram

A news source has claimed that Chienna Filomeno was threatened by a certain 'LGBTQ' to release the video by hashtagging Zeus.

The anonymous person made crazy charges against the Kapamilya star on Instagram, claiming that they witnessed what happened in the ABS-CBN parking lot with Zeus. The person had said: "Kita naming lahat sa CCTV ng ABSCBN. Sue me for this and I will show the CCTV footage. Dare me,"

Meanwhile, Chienna had denied every accusations from the anonymous guy. Also,  Zeus Collins has not commented anything on the matters.

On Filomeno's support the actress's followers had come to the rescue and they had challenged the basher and dared to show her face. Since then it has become a hot topic on social media platforms.

With the viral CCTV footage trending on their name, some have also criticized Chie Filomeno and Zeus Collins on their respective Instagram and Reddit. At present, we can find Chienna Filomeno active as @chiefilomeno on Instagram. She has a total of 3.3 million followers.

Chie Filomeno and Zeus Collins' Age Gap 

Actors Chie Filomeno and Zeus Collins have an age gap of four years between them.

Filomeno, who is currently 25 years old, was born on August 15, 1997. Meanwhile, Collins turned 29 on March 19, 2022. He was born in 1993.





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