Celebrities Who Look Older Than They Are Include 1. Hailey Bieber 2. Selena Gomez 3. Margot Robbie 4. Zendaya and 6 others.

Aging is a natural phenomenon and people appear different as time passes. The effect of being old can be seen on people's health and sometimes on their skin.

Among others, excessive use of cosmetics, surgical procedures, and childbirth have an impact on our skin and body. For some, it has a positive influence, and for others, the case is reversed.

People are mesmerized by the looks of Hollywood celebrities since they appear young even in their 30s and 40s. However, in this piece, we will talk about the ones who seem more mature than their age.

Artists That Look Mature Than Their Age

1. Hailey Bieber26 years
2. Selena Gomez30 years
3. Margot Robbie32 years
4. Zendaya26 years
5. Macaulay Culkin42 years
6. Kylie Jenner25 years
7. Harry Styles29 years
8. Anna Kendrick37 years
9. Jennifer Lopez53 years
10. Paul Rudd54 years

1. Hailey Bieber

Hailey Ready For Coachella Music Fest On 16 April 2023
Source : instagram

Hailey Bieber Coachella 2023 outfit comprised Acne Studios jeans and a ripped crop tank. She appeared more mature in the music fest than she really is.

The model was born Hailey Rhode Baldwin on 22 November 1996. She is a media personality, socialite, and the life partner of singer Justin Bieber.

Raised by parents Stephen and Kennya, Baldwin learned ballet from American Ballet Theatre. She was first signed by Ford Models after which she shot to fame.

Having been in the entertainment industry for a long, Hailey has matured in age. Although she is only 26, she seems like someone in her 30s.

Hailey has fabulous skin but due to the makeup, lighting, a hectic schedule, and work, she does not appear her age. Her body has tolerated all the burden that comes with her profession.

2. Selena Gomez

Selena Modeled For New Tinted Lip Oil Collection Of Rare Beauty
Source : instagram

Selena Gomez shares Swimsuit TikToks from her Italian vacation. Selena appeared ravishing sunbathing in her swimming suit on the yacht.

With the fluctuation in her weight, Gomez has been body-shamed many times. However, she does not care about any of it and continues to live her life happily.

Born on 22 July 1992, Gomez was diagnosed with Lupus in the early 2010s after which she underwent a kidney transplant. She has to take medication for the disease for a lifetime.

The singer has also been taking therapies and has been open about her mental health issues. She recently disclosed that she also has bipolar disorder.

The effect of all these health complications has affected her body. That is why she appears more mature than her age, which is 30 years.

3. Margot Robbie

Maggie At The 2019 Cannes Film Festival (Image Source: Getty/ Stephane Cardinale)
Source : instagram

Margot Robbie teases Leonardo DiCaprio in one of the scenes from The Wolf Of Wall Street. The two can be seen doing romance in the nursery.

Actress and producer, Margot was born on 2 July 1990 to father Doug and mother Sarie. She began acting during high school and earned leading roles for her talent.

Robbie earned a major breakthrough from her movie with Leonardo in 2013. She has since starred in The Legend of Tarzan and Suicide Squad.

Margot has always made headlines for her mature appearance. She faced criticism in 2016 after Vogue magazine revealed that she was only 25 years old.

The 32-year-old actress has made peace with her outlook. She is currently receiving fame for her sleek foot displayed in the trailer of Barbie.

4. Zendaya

Zendaya Modeled For Lancome's Teint Idol Ultra Wear Campaign
Source : instagram

Zendaya Coachella dress 2023 was made by Roberto Cavalli. Zendaya rocked the outfit with thigh-high Christian Louboutin boots.

The singer shocked her audiences at Coachella by performing with Labrinth on stage. She was born on 1 September 1996 as Zendaya Coleman.

Zendaya kicked her career as a background dancer and child model. She debuted onscreen as Rocky Blue in Disney's Shake It Up.

Coleman hit the spotlight by starring in the 2017 feature film titled Spiderman: Home Coming. She is also known for her recurring role in HBO's Euphoria.

The 26-year-old actress seems more mature than her age when she does heavy makeup. Being a reputed persona, she has to wear cosmetics while shooting or attending some events.

However, in her natural skin, Zendaya actually appears young like a teenager. She is one of the red-headed actresses in their 20s.

5. Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Shared Collage Image Of Himself Now And Past
Source : instagram

Macaulay Culkin then and now pictures prove that he has matured over the years. Macaulay appears much more elderly than he actually is.

People age differently and sometimes it can be seen in their faces. Culkin's saggy skin and undereye bags point that he is between 45 to 50 years old.

Macaulay has not disclosed having health issues until now. So, it might be because of genetic reasons. Some assume that the reason is drug abuse.

Culkin was detained for the possession of cannabis and controlled substances in 2004. However, he has denied being addicted and shut the rumors.

Macaulay is only 42, as he was born on 26 August 1980. He had a rough childhood since his father Christopher was cruel and violent towards him.

Culkin began his career as a child actor at age 4. He earned a major prominence for portraying Kevin McCallister in the 1990 film, Home Alone.

6. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Promoting Her New Lipstick Collection On 24 April 2023
Source : instagram

Kylie Jenner then and now the transformation is incredible. Her whole appearance transformed after she used fillers on her lips to make them full and pouty.

The beauty mogul has been in the limelight since she was a kid. She was one of the stars of the reality series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Growing up, Kylie started being insecure about her thin lips and used fillers. However, she did not reveal about the implants until years later.

Many assume that Jenner has undergone breast augmentation and Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. Meanwhile, the businesswoman has declined all the rumors.

Born on 10 August 1997, Kylie is 25 years old but she seems different than her age. With full makeup on, she can easily be confused with women in their 30s.

The reason behind the mature impression can be motherhood as well. She has delivered two babies: Stormi and Aire and its toll is visible on her skin and body.

Moreover, Kylie is one of the most famous TikTok influencers in the world.

7. Harry Styles

Harry Clapping On His Love On Tour Concert On 17 November 2022
Source : instagram

Harry Styles dating history goes back to 2011 when he was with Caroline Flack. Caroline is 14 years older than the singer Styles.

Styles has been in the center of the limelight, and his relationship is a part of it. Following his split with Caroline, he dated Taylor Swift for a brief time.

The musician was romantically involved with model Camille Rowe from 2017 to 2018. Olivia Wilde became his new love interest until November 2022.

Since the past year, Styles has not been linked with any women. Besides, he secures the limelight for his flamboyant and colorful choice of dress.

Born on 1 February 1994, Harry is only 29 years of age. Despite having a great childhood and a successful career, he appears a bit mature and different from his age.

Styles earned recognition as a contestant on The X Factor and a One Direction member. He is known for albums titled Fine Line and Harry's House.

8. Anna Kendrick

Anna Enjoying Her Vacation To Europe On 3 September 2022
Source : instagram

Movies with Anna Kendrick include The Accountant, The Last Five Years, and Self Reliance. She has received 62 acting credits as per IMDb.

Anna Kendrick is a 37-year-old established actress. Born on 9 August 1985, she debuted in the Broadway musical titled High Society.

Kendrick received fame for playing Jessica in the 2008 film Twilight and its sequels. She has not yet retired from the entertainment industry.

Anna's 4 upcoming projects are Trolls Band Together, Unsound, The Dating Game, and the Scott Pilgrim anime series. She has also started producing and directing movies.

Kendrick has won 18 accolades including Teen Choice and HMMA awards. Moreover, she was nominated for the Academy Awards for her acting in Up In The Air.

The fine lines and wrinkles are being more visible on Anna's face with every passing day. Although she is in her late 30s, her skin defies her actual age.

9. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer All Set To Attend Grammy's On 6 February 2023
Source : instagram

Jennifer Lopez movies on Netflix comprise Anaconda, Maid In Manhattan, and Parker. Most of the films of the actress are available on the platform.

Lopez was born on 24 July 1969 and is 53 years old. Besides being an actress, she is also a singer and a dancer known by her nickname J.Lo.

Jennifer made her TV appearance in In Living Color. In 1993, she started pursuing acting and earned a lead role in the musical drama Selena.

Lopez released her first-ever album 'On The 6'  in 1999. She took her acting and music career sideways and established herself as an artist.

J.Lo does not appear her age since the fine lines are prominent on her face. The lady has not retired from her work despite being in her 50s.

Jennifer has three forthcoming projects lined up: The Mother, Atlas, and The Godmother.

10. Paul Rudd

Paul Photographed By Esquire Singapore In January 2020
Source : instagram

Paul Rudd and Jason Segel movie is titled I Love You, Man. The Bromantic comedy released in 2009 features the two actors as best friends.

Rudd is 54 years old and was born on 6 April 1969 in New Jersey. He began acting in 1991 after starring in a Super Nintendo commercial.

Paul is famous for portraying Kirby in Sisters and Ian in Gen-Y Cops. He has further performed in Knocked Up and The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.

The actor has received several awards for his contribution to the film sector. Paul Rudd and son at Super Bowl together went viral and earned the spotlight.

Rudd still appears on the screen but he looks different than before. The significant change in his face and body shows that he appears more mature than his age.

Despite that, Paul continues to become a fan-favorite actor.