Cast Of High School Musical Then And Now are 1. Lucas Grabeel As Ryan Evans 2. Ashley Tisdale As Sharpay Evans and many more.

High School Musical is a musical TV film and one of the originals of Disney Channel. It became a huge hit and two more sequels were made after it.

The film is based on the genres of comedy and drama and was released on 20 January 2006. Although it has been over 17 years of its initial release, the motion picture has hooked the audience's mind.

People still want to keep track of the jolly and hilarious characters' personal and professional growth.

Ryan From High School Musical Now

Lucas Grabeel High School Musical The Musical The Series portrayed the character Ryan Evans in the Disney film series.

Before that, Grabeel acted in Halloweentown High, Return to Halloweentown, and Boston Legal. He received a breakthrough for playing Ryan.

After the Disney film, Lucas continued his journey as an actor. Moreover, he also became an established voice artist, singer, and songwriter.

Grabeel is known for his roles in CSI, Switched at Birth, and Little Women. He voiced the characters in Phineas and Ferb, Family Guy, and The Cleveland Show.

Lucas made his directorial debut in 2009 with The Awakening of Abigail Harris. He kicked his journey as a producer in 2008 as an executive producer of The Real Son.

The artist is working on his U.S. musical tour Bop To The Top. His first concert will be at The Belasco Theatre on 21 April 2023. The whole tour will end on the 8th of July.

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Lucas Grabeel Is Still Single

Lucas is single, and he has not married yet. The 38-year-old artist is not dating and he is still busy expanding his career.

The actor was formerly in a relationship with Sara Paxton. They were together for three years and they parted ways in 2009.

Lucas has been in a courtship with Emily Morris, Hannah Heart, and Pamela Saunders. However, none of the relationships worked for him.

Sharpay Evans Now

Ashley Tisdale age in High School Musical was 20 years old. Ashley played a few years younger character onscreen which suited her looks.

Born on 2 July 1985, Ashley established herself as a performance and musical artist. She began her career as a voice artist for Whisper Of The Heart in 1995.

Tisdale portrayed Sharpay Evans in the musical movie. Evans is the twin sister of Ryan. She is also a proud and energetic student who loves theatres and attention.

The 37-year-old actress pulled the character effortlessly and earned widespread fame. Following the hit movie, she also resumed acting and dived into music.

Ashley released a song titled What I've Been Looking For with Lucas, reaching the top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100. She was a voice actor for Kim Possible, Family Guy, Sabrina, and more.

Tisdale is the owner of the non-toxic beauty and skincare label Frenshe. Moreover, she is an interior designer at Frenshe Interiors. 

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Ashley Tisdale Is A Baby Mama

Ashley wedded musician Christopher French in 2014. They welcomed a baby girl Jupiter Iris French on 27 March 2021.

The artist is happily married to her partner of over 8 years. Her husband Christopher is a composer as well as an instrumentalist. 

Tisdale manages her brand and looks after her child at the same time. She recently organized a happening birthday bash for her little one.

The family photos of Ashley can be seen via her Instagram handle where she garners 15.8M followers.

How Old Was Corbin Bleu In High School Musical?

Chad Danforth now works on the movie Camp Hideout. Corbin Bleu was 16 years old in High School Musical (HSM).

Bleu appeared as Chad in the film series and gained recognition. Chad is the best friend of Troy Bolton and the co-captain of the basketball team.

The actor had small and short roles in the series before HSM. Bleu is well-known for appearing in Campfire Christmas, One Life To Live, and The Beautiful Life.

Corbin also worked as a voice actor for Beyond All Boundaries and Twinkle Toes. Moreover, he started performing in Broadway productions.

Bleu starred in Godspell, In the Heights, Holiday Inn, etc. He became second in Dancing With The Stars, along with the choreographer Karina Smirnoff.

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Corbin Is Married To Sasha Clements

Corbin first met Sasha Clements at a grocery shop in 2011. They began dating and got engaged at Walt Disney Studio on 15 October 2014.

They got married two years later and are still smitten. Sasha is an actress of Canadian origin popular for The Snow Queen and Majority Rules.

Sasha suffers from an autoimmune disease called Rheumatoid Arthritis. As per her Instagram, she also has chronic pain and histamine intolerance.

Corbin has been by her side through her lowest point. The couple has a blissful marriage but they do not have a child yet. 

How Old Was Zac Efron In High School Musical 2?

Troy Bolton now plays Kevin in The Iron Claw. Zac Efron was 16 years old in High School Musical 2.  

The actor featured in CSI: Miami, Summerland, and NCIS before he was selected for HSM. He achieved stardom for "Baywatch" and "Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile."

Efron was lastly seen onscreen in 2022 in The Greatest Beer Run Ever. Moreover, he has five projects lined up for 2023 and the coming year.

Zac's upcoming film, A Family Affair is currently in post-production. He will soon appear in Killing Zac Efron, Three Men and a Baby, Ricky Stanicky, and The Iron Claw.

The artist has received several accolades for his stunning performance. It includes the Daytime Emmy Awards, MTV Movie Awards, and others.

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Zac Dated Vanessa Hudgens

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens fell for each other while shooting HSM. They began courting after some time and broke up in December 2010.

After the heartbreak, the actor was in love with the model and entrepreneur Sami Miro. They separated in April 2014 after spending more than a year together.

Zac is single as of 2023 and he practices transcendental meditation. The actor moved to Australia in 2021 and has purchased a home in Byron Bay.

How Old Is Vanessa Hudgens In High School Musical?

Gabriella Montez now recognized as a distinguished artist and entrepreneur. Vanessa Hudgens was 18 years old in High School Musical. 

Hudgens was born on 14 December 1988 and she is 34 years old. She made her onscreen debut in 2002 from the series Still Standing.

The artist was part of a handful of series and movies before joining HSM. After the success of the musical film, she shot into the spotlight and attracted fame.

Hudgens secured a deal with Hollywood Records. She released albums titled V and Identified with the recording label. The lady parted from the label after the commercial failure of her second album.

Since then, Vanessa focused on acting and has always been active in the entertainment sector. Besides HSM, she is recognized for Powerless, Sucker Punch, and The Princess Switch.

The actress has multiple projects in hand. She is busy filming French Girls and Bad Boys 4. "Army of the Dead", Big Rig, and Downtown Owl are in post-production.

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Hudgens Is Engaged To Cole Tucker

Vanessa got engaged to her boyfriend Cole Tucker on 10 February 2023. Cole is a shortstop in Major League Baseball.

The actress formerly dated co-actor, Zac Efron. She also established a romantic connection with actor Austin Butler in 2011 which spanned roughly 8 years.

Hudgens announced her relationship with Cole via Instagram in 2021. Tucker is her fiance and soon-to-be husband.