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Aditya has a open personality who shares what comes to his mind. A guy with frank nature, he is currently on his last semester of MBA with Marketing Major, from DAV Business School. He has been working as a project manager for the company since almost a year with dedicated attention and learning opportunities. His hobbies includes writing and researching interesting news and contents along with reading novel and watching movies of sci-fi and action genre in his free time.

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Where Is Greg Gutfeld Today? With The Absence Of The Host Tonight, People Wonder What Happened

Greg Gutfeld is an American TV host and a political commentator whose absence from the late-night show Gutfeld! has made people worry about his whereabouts. Greg's full name is Gregory John Gutfeld, but he is most famously known for the short version...

Did Jason Momoa Testify In Court Defending Johnny Depp? Fake Testimony Goes Viral!

Jason Momoa's testimony against Amber Heard is in the highlights after the Depp VS Heard trial finished on the 19th day. The Aquaman actor is gaining much attention from all the people that are staying updated on the famous Hollywood trial between J...

AFL Lachie Whitfield's Ankle Injury Update -What's Wrong With Him?

GWS Defender Lachie Whitfield is out from the match against the West Coast, due to an ankle injury. The Giants recently took the decision to remove Lachie along with Nick Haynes as they both are unable to play against the match with West Coast. La...

Who Are Anderson Paak Parents? Story On The Rappers Father And Mother Explained

Anderson .Paak has a whole new level of interesting childhood, as his parent's story in "You Don't Know The Half Of It" feels like a movie. The multi-talented musical artist is a skilled drummer and a reputed Rapper who has bagged a Grammy award as ...

Who Was Comedian Dan Vitale? Tributes For The SNL Actor Pour In As He Passed Away At Age 66

Comedian Dan Vitale is a former Saturday Night Live cast who passed away recently at age 66, leaving his family in sorrow. Multiple TV shows are giving tributes to his name, reminiscing his talent as a stand-up comedian. Dan is originally from Long ...

Norwegian Singer Sigrid Has A Successful Career At Age 25- Explore Her Net Worth As Of 2022

Sigrid is a popular Norwegian singer whose net worth in terms of her average earnings is estimated at around $1 million. Born as Sigrid Solbakk Raabe, in Alesund, Norway, on September 5, 1996, she started her career in music when she was 16, after ...

Metea Valley School Teacher Nathan Bramstedt Arrested Over Assault To Minor- His Wife Carol And Family

Nathan Bramstedt is a former Metea High school choir teacher, arrested under charges of alleged illegal assault on a 17 years old minor. The incident dates back to early 2018 as per the police reports.  A former model teacher, Nathan Bramstedt,...

What Is UFC Fighter Mackenzie Dern And Her Husband Surfer Wesley Santos Age Difference?

UFC fighter Mackenzie Dern, 29, is three years older than her surfer husband Wesley Santos, who is currently 26.  Mackenzie Dern Is an MMA fighter competing on the Ultimate Fighting Championship stage. Recently, In the UFC 273 match, she nabbed...