Alix Earle Net Worth

 Alix is a talented TikTok influencer.
Alix is a talented TikTok influencer.( Source : instagram )

Alix Earle net worth currently stands at $2 million. Alix Earle earns a good amount of money from her successful TikTok career.

Alix is a college student at the University of Miami who has gained fame as an influencer on TikTok.

She has amassed millions of followers on the platform, and while she didn't become famous overnight, her popularity has grown gradually over time.

She has also gained attention for her personal life. She was previously in a relationship with MLB player Tyler Wade, but the two have since broken up.

On TikTok, she is known for her creative and entertaining videos, which often receive millions of views. Some of her most popular videos include 'Get Ready With Me' and 'GRWM' routines, which showcase her makeup and fashion skills.

These videos have gained 8.5 million and 9 million views, respectively, and are loved by her fans, who enjoy following along with her routines. 

Alix Earle Net Worth

Alix Earle has a net worth of $2 million. 

Alix is a talented and successful influencer who has made a name for herself on TikTok and has 3.3M followers.

Alix wearing her personalized initial earrings at her 22 birthday designed by Retrofête.
Alix wearing her personalized initial earrings at her 22 birthday designed by Retrofête.( Source : instagram )

She is a rising star on YouTube with 43.1K subscribers on the latter platform. Despite only having three videos on her YouTube channel, she has already gained a large following, racking hundreds of thousands of views.

One of her most popular videos is the "Rare Beauty Brand Trip - NYC" video, in which she does her makeup with none other than Selena Gomez. The 12-minute video has garnered 161K views in 11 days and shows Earle and Gomez applying Rare Beauty makeup products.

In the video, she thanks Luxy Hair for sponsoring the video and can be seen wearing Seamless Clip-Ins in Beige Blonde and Ash Brown Highlights.

She is no stranger to luxury, as she is seen staying at a lavish hotel room in NYC and showing off her collection of designer shoes.

These luxurious experiences are made possible by her successful career as an influencer, as she is often called upon to promote various brands, including Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty line.

How Much Money Does Alix Earle Make?

Alix is traveling to New York for a vacation.
Alix is traveling to New York for a vacation.( Source : instagram )

Alix Earle has even been invited to be a Rare Beauty influencer, showcasing her beauty and fashion expertise.

In addition to promoting various luxurious brands, she is also a partner of Fashion Nova, a famous fashion brand known for its trendy and affordable clothing.

As an influencer, she has made a name for herself by promoting various brands and earning money through partnerships and sponsored content.

She has created highlights on her Instagram account for various categories such as fashion, Snapchat, nails, links, loves, fit check, travel, brands, and more.

Alix celebrated her 22nd birthday in Miami, Florida.
Alix celebrated her 22nd birthday in Miami, Florida.( Source : instagram )

Her followers often try to imitate her style and follow her makeup tutorials, as her dress-up and makeup are always on point.

She also earns commissions through Amazon Advertising. According to glassdoor, the total pay for an Advertising position at Amazon is $122,683 per year, and she is likely earning a similar amount or more through her work with the company.

She has also promoted various products, including swimwear from Fox Boutique and hair care products from K18. 

She frequently uploads videos to her verified Instagram account, where she has over 1.3 million followers.

According to Jessica Liliann, an influencer coach, Alix earns $70,000 for a single video on TikTok.

This is likely due to her large following and the engagement she receives on her posts, as well as her ability to promote products and brands effectively.

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