Southern Charm: Leva Bonaparte Weight Loss In 2022, How Much Weight Did He Lose?

Leva Bonaparte, is back in Southern Charm after a massive weight loss. ( Source : Instagram )

Leva Bonaparte is an entrepreneur, an American model, actress, and reality television personality. She is best known for her appearance in the American reality television show Southern Charm.

She also owns and operates restaurants and nightclubs in South Carolina, US. She is back with her weight loss journey on the eighth season of Southern Charm.

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Southern Charm: Leva Bonaparte Weight Loss In 2022

Southern Charm mom, Leva Bonaparte dropped a significant amount of weight in 2022 which resulted from her post-pregnancy surgery and Covid.

Leva stated that "my weight after [COVID-19] was at its highest ever in my life," after outlining her experience with weight gain over the years

She has previously gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy with her son Lamar Jr.

The Charleston parent stated that she shed a "fair chunk" of weight through lifestyle modifications and exercise, but she still had certain "stubborn spots" she couldn't get rid of.

So she went to visit Dr. Clayton Crantford, a board-certified plastic surgeon and had some surgery done. 

While Leva did not clarify what she accomplished, the Persian beauty appeared delighted with her accomplishments.

"He(Dr. Clayton Crantford) surpassed my expectations! My new body looks more natural than I imagined, and I'm overjoyed!" She penned a letter.

Leva Bonaparte in the season 8 of Southern Charms
Leva Bonaparte in the season 8 of Southern Charms ( Source : Instagram )

"So, moms, do your work, and then do what makes you happy, but only with the proper doctor. Just being honest with you," she added.

Her fans started inquiring about her sudden weight reduction, so she shared her experience on social media. She discussed her weight gain history throughout the years, including her 70-pound gain during her son's pregnancy.

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How Much Weight Did Lava Bonaparte Lose?

Lava Bonaparte lost almost 20 pounds after doing cardio for 40 minutes five days a week and cutting out all carbohydrates. However, she was not satisfied with the result and opted for surgery.

No, she is back with her slim and fit figure in Southern Charm season 8. After a 16-month hiatus, Bravo's Southern Charm returns tonight. The last time we saw the Charmers on-screen was in February 2021.

Bravo broadcast the show's wild and wooly two-part Season 7 reunion in Feb 2021. It was a gathering where the cast's vaunted Southern manners and sense of decorum appeared to have been left behind at CHS.

Leva returns for Season 8 tonight, and she recently took the time to jump on a Zoom with Decider to explain her personal approach to filming this season. Since she dealt with some on- and off-screen turbulence last season.

I was so exhausted and worried last season that one of the first things I did this season was telling myself, "I simply want to have fun." I don't want to get into a fight with anyone. "I don't believe any of this is worthwhile," she told Decider. 

She continued, "That's what I contributed to both my life and the performance. But, you know, it isn't always the case. I have a bad temper. That I am aware of. I'm a tyrant. I'm aware of that as well. I'm defective, maybe even severely flawed."

"But, yes, those are the issues I have. But I'm aware of it and can work on it."

Leva Bonaparte Is Business Partner With Her Husband, Lamar Bonaparte 

Leva Bonaparte is married to her husband, Lamar Bonaparte since April of 2013(Distractify). Lamar was up in Charleston and attended South Carolina State University. He graduated with a degree in Accounting.

Lamar has worked in the hotel industry for over 20 years.

Despite the fact that Leva is highly active on Instagram, don't expect to see many photographs of her spouse. Lamar looks to be a fairly private individual, despite having a Facebook account.

On January 29, 2018, the couple had their first child, a son called Lamar. Unlike his father, the cute tot is a regular on Leva's Instagram account.

They are partners in the Republic Development and Management Group as well as 26 Industries, a marketing and event management organization.

In the Charleston region, they have refurbished, modernized, and changed nightclubs and restaurants. They also own and run multiple restaurants.

Mesu, a Mexican and sushi fusion restaurant, launched in September 2019. Craig Conover, the star of Southern Charm, is their business partner for Mesu.

Leva Bonaparte in the season 8 of Southern Charms
Leva Bonaparte in the season 8 of Southern Charms ( Source : Instagram )

Republic Garden & Lounge and Bourbon N' Bubbles are also owned by Leva and Lamar. All of their businesses are located on King Street, one of Charleston's most iconic and famous streets.

They are also planning to open 1st Place Pub, a sports bar.

The actor and a restauranter have an estimated net worth of $5 million. Her restaurant provides the majority of her income, with some coming from Southern Charm.

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