Eric Murphy is currently dating his girlfriend, Jasmin Lawrence. Let's find more about Murphy and his girlfriend.

Eric and Jasmine are not prominent faces in media; however, the father of each of them are well-reputed comedian figures of the 1980s. 

Eric Morphy is the son of the famous American comedian of the 1980s, Eddie MorphyJasmine is also the daughter of another renowned comedian, Martin Lawrence.

Jasmin made their romance official on the 32nd birthday of Eric after she shared a picture of him with a lovely caption on Instagram. Before that, the eldest, Murphy, had also shared a picture with her mentioning to be head over heels in love with her.

Who Is Eric Murphy? 

Eric Murphy is the eldest out of ten children with the prominent comedian voice of America in the 1980s, popularly known as Eddie Murphy.

Eddie's son has followed his father's career path in the media industry.

According to Avalon entertainment, Murphy is a writer and voice recorder in Los Angeles and is also currently composing an animated series that will have his writing and voice cover.

Like Jasmine's boyfriend, she has also followed her father's Martin Lawerence path. After graduating from Duke University in 2018, Lawerence is active in the acting industry, most prominently starred in "Bad Boys for Life" in 2020, together with Martin and Will Smith.

How Much Is Jasmin Lawerence and Boyfriend Eric Murphy Age Difference?

Jasmin Lawerence is seven years younger than her boyfriend, Eric Murphy.

Eric was born on July 10, 1989. He is 32 years old as of 2021.

On the other hand, Jasmine is 24 years old as of 2021. 

Despite this near-decade age difference, they seem to be so in love with each other and enjoying a blissful relationship.


Who Jasmin Lawerence Boyfriend Parents?

Eddie Murphy and Paulette McNeely are the parents of Jasmin Lawerence Boyfriend Eric Murphy.

Eric's mother, Paulette, was only a girlfriend to his father when he was born. He was raised and loved by his mother, as per Murphy.

Murphy, however, seems to have a good bond with his dad extrapolating from the Instagram post where he expressed gratitude towards his father on the occasion of father's day.

Jasmine Lawerence is the eldest child of the comedian Martin Lawerence, who was born to his ex-wife, Patricia Southall.

Eddie, 60, and Martin, 56, have previously worked together on comedies such as Boomerang (1991) and Life (1992).

Does Eric Morphy Have Instagram?

Eric Morphy is available on Instagram with the user name @ericmurphy77.

He has decent followers of around 24k.

Eric mostly shares greyscale photos; his friends and family can be spotted.

After revealing it on Instagram, Murphy was first to make his relationship official.

Jasmine Lawerence is also available on Instagram with the username @jasmine_lawrence, garnered followers of 177k.