Drew Starkey real name is Joseph Drew Starkey. Drew Starkey grew up along with his three siblings.

His family comprises five members along with his parents. Drew was welcomed into his family on November 4, 1983, in Hickory, North Carolina. 

One of his biggest hits was the rom-com movie 'Love, Simon,' and 'The Hate U Give'. But, playing Rafe Cameron in the teen drama 'Outer Banks' made him a household name.

'Outer Banks' has been airing since 2020, and its 4th season will hit the screen in 2024. Not only that, his project 'The Other Zoey' where he portrays the role of Zach MacLaren is in the pipeline.

Starkey's Instagram handle is about to hit 4 million followers as of March 2023. He stands at a height of 6 feet and 2 inches.

Drew Starkey Real Name

Drew Starkey real name is Joseph Drew Starkey. Drew is recognized as Rafe Cameron of the Netflix series Outer Banks.

The emerging actor excluded the first part and incorporated only Drew Starkey as his stage name. The name 'Joseph' originated from the Hebrew Language, which means 'Jehovah shall add' or 'God will give'.

Drew Starkey starred in four episodes of 'Scream' released in 2015
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Meanwhile, Joseph is mostly picked as a name suitable for male children while Drew is neutral having Welsh origins. It roughly translates to 'wise'.

It seems that Starkey's parents chose the right name for him because, through his wise decisions and perhaps God's will, he landed good projects, which ultimately aided in uplifting his career.

Drew Starkey Siblings

Drew Starkey siblings are Brooke Starkey, Mackayla Starkey, and Logan Starkey. Logan is the eldest among all of them.

While Logan Starkey age is 29, his brother Logan Starkey's age is 28. Likewise, his sister Mackayla Starkey is 25 years old and Brooke Starkey age is 24. 

Brooke Starkey

Drew Starkey's sister Brooke is employed at Delight Kent State as a Creative Director since 2020. She is also a model and entrepreneur, who partnered with Reignn Outfitters to create 'The Brooke Starkey x RO Collection' in 2021.

Brooke made a heartfelt post for her brother Logan for his 28th birthday in February
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Her social sites from Facebook to Instagram are filled with amazing pictures of her hot and happening life. Her boyfriend is regularly featured on her Insta feed where she has amassed more than 37,000 followers. 

In December 2021, she graduated from Kent State University. Recently, in January, she moved to New York City in pursuit of bigger opportunities. Born on 13, 1999, in North Carolina, she is a 24-year-old. 

Mackayla Starkey Davilla

 Drew Starkey's sister Mackayla tied the knot with her beau Garrett Davila on November 6, 2022. They dated for 3 years before finally getting hitched. For their honeymoon, they went to Oregon Coast.

She studied at St. Stephens High School and East Gaston High School. On the professional front, Mackayla works in the construction field. She is employed at an insulation company as an estimator, measuring houses.

Mackayla and her husband went to Glass Hill Venue to celebrate their friends wedding in 2021
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Logan Starkey

 Drew Starkey's brother Logan is a musician by profession, born on the 10th of February, 1995. One can stream his music like 'Daylight' and 'Sip & Savor' on all streaming platforms including Spotify.

In addition, the song's official music video can be watched on YouTube. The aspiring singer is available on Instagram as @starkeyboy, and his stage name is Lo Starkey.

He has been into music since an early stage of his life. He used to perform on stage and at events. Lo went to Saint Stephen's High School to receive an education. 

Drew Starkey Parents Are Accomplished In Their Career

Drew Starkey parents are his mom Jodi Ballard Hutto and dad Todd Starkey. The couple is successful in their respective career.

Mom Jodi Ballard Hutto is a School Counselor

Jodi Hutto works as the School Counselor at Startown Elementary School in Newton, North Carolina. Previously, she used to do counseling in Catawba County Schools and Hickory City.

Many challenges can appear in school life, whether it be emotional, academic, mental, or social, so, Jodi aims to provide proper guidance to young minds. This is not only her way to make a living but, her passion as well.

Jodi Ballard Hutto looks delighted as she hugs her daughter Mackayla on the day of her wedding
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She went to

Dad Todd Starkey is a Basketball Coach 

Todd Starkey is the Head Women's Basketball Coach at Kent State University. Todd has been associated with the football scene of Kent State since June 2016. 

As a coach, winning MAC East Championship two times is his biggest achievement. Prior to that, he used to serve as the Assistant Coach at Indiana University as per Kent Sports.

Todd completed a Bachelor of Science in Outdoor Education from Montreat College. The commencement of his career as a mentor began when he performed as the basketball coach for Montreat College, where he studied.

Todd is a respectable and experienced basketball head coach in Kent State University
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The outstanding coach regularly tweets on his Twitter handle which he joined in August 2011. All updates regarding the upcoming matches and players can be discovered by going through his feed.

Except for his liking for this popular sport, his hobbies include playing musical instruments, riding bikes, and exploring places. Born on June 5, 1971, Starkey is a 51-year-old man with tons of experience in coaching.

Interestingly, he won the trophy for being the Coach of the Year in 2009 and 2017.