Who Is Ishowspeed Girlfriend Ermony Renee? Everything About The Love Life Of The YouTuber

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Ishowspeed and his girlfriend Ermony Renee have been dating for a while. Let's find out how the couple is doing in the present day. 

Ishowspeed is a famous YouTuber, best-known for his gaming uploads. He is a popular social media personality with millions of followers on his accounts. 

Ishowspeed's followers have loved his video streaming and found him entertaining. He previously brought up his girlfriend, Ermony Renee, and introduced her to his followers.

Since then, Ishowspeed's fans have shown interest in the YouTuber's love life. Learn more about the blooming romance of the internet personality and his sweetheart. 

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Who Is Ishowspeed Girlfriend Ermony Renee? 

Ishowspeed is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Ermony Renee. The couple opened up about their dating life in 2021. 

The YouTuber, Ishowspeed introduced his girlfriend, Ermoney, to his stream, surprising his fan followers. Although people were stunned by the good news, they congratulated the new couple. 

Ermony hails from Cincinnati, Ohio, and studied at Walnut Hills High School. Ishowspeed met with his sweetheart at the UDF and soon connected with her. 

Ishowspeed followers have also known Renee by her nickname Dream. Ermony has made her appearance in some of the YouTuber's videos; however, their love life remains private.

16 Years Old YouTuber Ishowspeed Height Explored

16-years-old YouTuber, Ishowspeed is approximately around 1.72 meters in height. His height measurement might change in the future, as the YouTuber is still growing.  

Moreover, Ishowspeed doesn't seem to have much height difference with his girlfriend. However, there are no details available on Ermoney's height.

Ishowspeed is a young and famous social media personality. He weighs around 143lb; however, his physical measurement might differ with the lack of accurate data. 

Ishowspeed Real Name Revealed

Ishowspeed goes by his real name Darren Watkins Jr. Even so, people have known him from his stage name Ishowspeed or speed. 

Darren used his name Ishowspeed on his YouTube channel to create various content. He is more popular with his streaming name than his real name. 

Using the name Ishowspeed, the YouTuber has earned millions of fan following. Also, he continues to be on various social media platforms with a similar name. 

More On Ishowspeed Family Details 

Ishowspeed has not revealed much about his family. However, he was born to his father, Darren Watkins Sr., and his mother, name unknown.

Ishowspeed was born to an African-American family, holding American nationality. Also, his parents welcomed him to this world on 20th January 2005. 

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