Laurenzside is a media personality and a digital creator from New York, United States.

The American YouTuber is known for her gaming playthroughs and reactions with commentary and a jump-cut editing style. Likewise, her Instagram bio states that she is a professional child on YouTube.

Laurenzside, a self-proclaimed "Gaming Comedian", is known by her web alias and posts playthroughs filled with jump cuts and funny commentary. 

Does LaurenzSide Have A Baby?

LaurenzSide has only a baby named Melody. The child's name was put by Lauren and Bobby.

The couple announced their pregnancy news in November 2020, and she welcomed her child on May 6, 2021, after a very quick and unexpected delivery. What's more, since Melody was born a little bit earlier, Laurenzside got to celebrate her first mother's day, which she didn’t think she would be celebrating.

Luckily, since her baby made her appearance a little earlier than they thought, just so they could celebrate together.

Lauren named her baby melody, which is music related, as it simplifies the call back to how she met her child's father. What's more, after around a month, Melody got to be included in her first YouTube video in June 2021 with her parents.

Given her postpartum, LaurenzSide took a hiatus from making videos for 5 weeks and only uploaded pre-recorded videos.

Is LaurenzSide Married To Husband Bobizard? 

Yes, LaurenzSide is married to her husband, Bobizard.

The couple got officially married on August 20, 2016, and have been bouned maritally together for over five years now. And these YouTuber fellow partners have been together for over a decade.

They were in a dating relationship before they took their love to marriage. Moreover, her partner considers their wedding day the happiest and great day of his life.

Recently, a month ago, the gamer LaurenzSide shared a prank post of salty sauce food, and there we could see the presence of Bobby.

In the video, when Bobby got a taste of the salty sauce, he did not give any particular reaction but ate it as if it were a normal dish, so we could say that the prank failed Bobby. Some even noted that there is a problem with his tastebuds.

It is learned that Laurenzside and her husband Bobby met each other through working at a music television company called Fuse TV, where they both started as interns.

LaurenzSide have been partners before being a couple.
Source : youtube

What Is LaurenzSide Real Name And Networth?

LaurenzSide's real name is Lauren as per Fandom, however, there are no clues about her last name.

It is found that the 1989-born beauty's family consists of her older half-sister named Chrissy, who is a YouTuber known as Wild & Precious Now, and a brother named Ryan.

LaurenzSide's net worth is estimated to be around $3 million to $18 million.

According to Social Blade, her estimated yearly earnings from her YouTube channel is $144.4K to $2.3 million, which is impressive.

Likewise, she earns $12,000 to $192,600 on a monthly basis, given her 6 million subscribers and around 2 billion views.