YouTuber: Did Ethan Klein Divorce With His Wife, Hila Klein? Net Worth In 2022

Ethan Klein and Hila Klein announced their pregnancy news in May 2021
Ethan Klein and Hila Klein announced their pregnancy news in May 2021( Source : instagram )

Although the rumors of Ethan Klein and Hila Klein's divorce are circulating online, neither has addressed the hoax.

The YouTuber has been married since 2012 and has two wonderful sons, one of whom was recently born in February.

The couple may have disagreements from time to time because they are both life partners and business partners, but they have not mentioned going so far as to divorce.

Quick Facts About Ethan Klein

NameEthan Klein
BornJune 24, 1985
ParentsGary Klein, Donna Klein
SpouseHila Klein (m. 2012)
ChildrenTwo sons (Theodore and Bruce)
Channelsh3h3Productions, H3 Podcast
Years active2011–present
h3h3Productions subscribers6.13 million
H3 Podcast2.91 million
Net Worth$20 million

YouTuber: Did Ethan Klein Divorce With His Wife, Hila Klein?

Ethan Klein and his wife, Hila Klein, are rumored to have parted ways in 2022.

This is not the first time rumors of their divorce are circulating online. Previously in 2019, their clickbait-driven video "We broke up," in which Ethan played a practical joke on the listeners of his podcast by declaring that he and Hila had broken up, went viral.

In the video, Hila was asking for a divorce from Ethan and interjecting with legal documents. Similarly, another YouTube video uploaded by The Quartering might have fueled this new speculation about their separation.

Ethan and his wife, Hila promoting their merch on Instagram
Ethan and his wife, Hila promoting their merch on Instagram ( Source : instagram )

Even though he didn't elaborate much on their relationship status, the clickbait headline Ethan Kain Got Divorced managed to draw in a sizable audience.

We are, however, assured that the couple is still together and living happily married. A relationship may experience a number of ups and downs, which is quite normal. Both have consistently been by each other's sides and been each other's biggest supporters. They also have two pets and are blessed with a couple of kids.

Etan Klein and Hila Klein's Relationship Timeline

Klein and his Israeli wife Hila first met while Ethan was on a Birthright tour, and Hila was a member of the IDF at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in 2011.

Soon after, they started dating, and before getting married, they co-founded h3h3Productions.

Ethan with his wife, and two sons
Ethan with his wife, and two sons ( Source : instagram )

But until their subscribers asked them for records, their wedding went unnoticed. Then Hila showed off her engagement ring and shared some images from their special day. 

As of now, the pair is the parent of two kids. Theodore's eldest son was born on September 5, 2017, and their youngest son, Bruce, was born on February 2, 2022. The couple runs their YouTube Channel and merch together. We can see some lovely pictures of the family on their Instagram handle. 

Ethan Klein Is A YouTuber Known For h3h3 Production

Ethan Klein is a well-known YouTuber and comic who is best known for his "h3h3Productions" YouTube channel.

Along with his wife, they upload comedic and response videos that parody online culture. 

He was born to his parents, Gary and Donna Klein in California on 24 June 1985

In 2016, he received his degree from the University of California, and the couple's YouTube channel joined the Omnia Media network.

h3h3Productions' content focuses on comedy, satire, and sketches. The two are known for trolling other influencers, online fads, and controversy within the vlogging community.

Ethan is the co host of H3 Podcast with his wife
Ethan is the co host of H3 Podcast with his wife ( Source : instagram )

In 2017, the couple started H3 Podcast, which currently has 2.91 million subscribers. Fellow YouTubers such as James Charles and Trisha Paytas have appeared on the show to spill the beans and feud with other influencers.

They were living in Israel together when they first started their internet ventures. In 2015, they relocated to the United States. 

Ethan is recently in the news after he stated, "I hope Ben [Shapiro] is gassed first if there is another Holocaust and people start picking up Jews once more," in his now-deleted podcast (Jpost).

YouTuber Klein made this statement on his H3TV podcast on Monday while talking about Kanye West's recent anti-Semitic outbursts and other current political issues.

Employees and co-hosts of Klein's became visibly distressed by the remark. Prior to making the joke, Klein had shown hesitation and predicted criticism.

Ethan's podcast is frequently involved in controversies
Ethan's podcast is frequently involved in controversies ( Source : instagram )

Klein attacked the pundit because political commentator Candace Owens, who the Youtuber said had taught West his antisemitic vocabulary, works for Shapiro's Daily Wire outlet.

Shapiro tweeted on Thursday in response to Klein's remarks: "I would hope that Ethan and his family survived another Holocaust. But perhaps that's just me."

Ethan Klein's Net Worth, How Rich Is He?

Ethan Klein's net worth is estimated to be $20 million as of October 2022.

The couple promoting their clothing line, Teddy Fresh on Instagram.
The couple promoting their clothing line, Teddy Fresh on Instagram. ( Source : instagram )

His primary income source is the YouTube channel he runs with his wife, Hila. Furthermore, their merchandise and clothing line help to boost their income.

Their primary channel, h3h3 Production, gained popularity after winning a Hot97 contest in 2016. The channel currently has 6.13 million subscribers and 1,505,316,178 views. A YouTuber with outstanding talent can get $5 for every 1,000 video views, claims Forbes. A YouTube video with one million views can be worth up to $5,000.

Based on this supposition, as of October 2022, with 1,505,316,178 views, he had a total career income of $7,526,580. Similarly, he might have received $4,507,231 total from his other channel, H3 Podcast. H3 Podcast currently has 2.91 subscribers with 901,446,321 views as of October 2022.

So far, the couple has made over $11 million from his YouTube channel, excluding all the partnerships, sponsorships, and merch.

Ethan Klien and Hila Klein together own and run their clothing line since 2017. The clothing collection mostly features beanies, socks, and hoodies with boldly colored block patterns.

You can check their website to view their wide range of products.

Ethan Klien Expenditure

According to, the couple spent $780,000 on their first house in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles. They bought this house in 2017.

Ethan and his wife, Hila together with the guest (Bella Porch) on their H3 podcast
Ethan and his wife, Hila together with the guest (Bella Porch) on their H3 podcast ( Source : instagram )

They purchased an Encino home for roughly $2.3 million later in 2017.

They also bought a $9 million mansion in Bel Air, California, in November 2019. The opulent home sits on nearly an acre of land and includes six bedrooms.

They still have ownership of their first two homes and their ultimate property at Bel Air.

Some FAQs

Did Ethan Klein Divorced His Wife, Hila Klein?

No, Ethan Klein and his wife, Hila Klein are still married.

What Is Ethan Klein Famous For?

Ethan Klein is famous for his controversial interview on H3 Podcast.

How Old Is Ethan Klein?

Ethan Klein is currently 37 years old.

Does Ethan Klein Have A Kid?

Yes, Ethan Klein has two sons, Theodore and Bruce.

What Is The Net Worth Of Ethan Klein?

Ethan Klein has an estimated net worth of $20 million as of 2022.

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