'Your Chain Is So Cool' TikTok Meme And Original Comic Trend Explained

Your Chain Is So Cool has taken over TikTok ( Source : Searchenginejournal )

Your Chain Is So Cool meme seems to be taking over the internet, especially TikTok. People are sharing videos relating to it and are using a similar context to create their content over TikTok.

In this article, let's find out more about the video and the trend that has taken over the internet.

TikTok has slowly become a platform for the youth, and most of the content on it is youth-driven and created by the young ones. It is quite normal on TikTok for new trends to circulate and run for a while to disappear after people lose interest in it.

It looks like TikTok has a new trend Your Chain Is So Cool running now. It will be interesting to see how long will this trend become viral before it ceases. However, it has also left many people confused as it is circulating without context.

'Your Chain Is So Cool' TikTok Meme

It is likely that you might have run into a video that is called Your Chain Is So Cool, where people have a large number of discussions and comments about the original video.

@theendlessreflection #comic #ilikeyourchain #ilikeyourhair #viral #trend #fypシ #fyp ♬ original sound - ༻☆☾~👁️⃤ BillCipher!👁️⃤ ~☽☆༺

As of now, it looks like the original video has been removed from social media because of its alleged graphic content. As per many users all over the internet, the video has some disturbing messages when watched in its entirety.

A video is available on TikTok, where people can see a girl saying to a boy that he has a cool chain, and the name of the video comes from it. The boy in reply to that says she has nice hair.

However, the content after that is not available on TikTok, so it looks like the full video has been removed for something that violated the guidelines of TikTok. TikTok is very strict about content moderation.

Your Chain Is So Cool - Original Comic Trend Explained 

Your Chain Is So Cool seems to have started from some comic book pictures where a girl and boy drawing is present, and in the video, they seem to be talking with each other with text that is seen in their head.

The boy holds the mobile phone in his hand and says that the girl has beautiful hair. They both seem to be sparkling as they talk; however, the video cuts shortly and ends abruptly.

Many people have commented on the videos and are saying that they have watched the original video and now they are completely disturbed because of its content, so people who are easily disturbed must think twice before searching for the original video.

Your Chain Is Cool seems to have stirred up the internet and the discussion of the video has taken over other social platforms like Twitter too.

Learn About Your Chain Is So Cool On TikTok

Many people are confused by new TikTok trends where a video of the comic book is going viral and the video does not have much information to explain itself because it is just a short clip.

Many are searching for the video on the internet; however, it is almost impossible to find because of its alleged graphic content, and some are claiming it also harms people's religious beliefs.

The video has been said to have been taken down by TikTok because of a rule violation; however, many are uploading clips and other parts of videos from other videos' screen recordings.

A massive number of people are interested in it, so the content seems to become a viral topic for some time now.

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