Xirena is a twitch streamer who is known for playing Valorant.

She is a Vtuber who has yet to reveal her face publicly.

She plays the Valorant game well and is sometimes seen just interacting with her fans in the twitch stream, while sometimes she is seen playing games in the stream.

Name Xirena
ProfessionTwitch streamer, YouTuber, and social media star

Did Xirena Do Face Reveal?

Xirena is a Twitch Streamer and Vtuber who is yet to reveal her face to her fans.

She was believed to have pink hair, and many fans and people assumed she had pink hair.

Xireana seems to have heard the rumors about it and showed her hair which was blonde and not pink.

Xirena revealed that her hair color is not pink but blonde color.
Source : twitter

She shared her hair picture, saying that many assumed her hair color was pink, but it was not. 

The release of the hair picture by the Twitch streamer caused an uproar on the internet, and many people thought that she might reveal her face.

But she has not talked anything about revealing her face and doesn't seem to reveal her face anytime soon.

She has 169k followers on her Twitch account and has been seen playing games like Valorant, Minecraft, Sudoku, Crossfire, and Gartic phone.

Similarly, she is also seen chatting and interacting with her fans and followers sometimes during her Twitch stream.

How Old Is Xirena?

Xirena seems to be 20-30 years old, but she has not revelead her exact age yet.

She was born in Australia and seemed to have been brought up in Australia, due to which she has an Australian accent.

Xirena began her career as a Twitch Streamer around 2020 and has amassed a hundred thousand followers.

Before starting her Twitch channel, she was into playing Valorant which got released on June 2020. 

She began playing the game as a hobby and got good at it, so she started her Twitch channel. She is scheduled to do a Twitch stream in about six hours.

Xirena began her Youtube journey by opening her account on October 1, 2013, but only started posting her videos on the channel eight months ago.

The most popular video on her Youtube is I hired a boyfriend in Valorant which has gained about 1.6 million and was uploaded on May 13, 2022.

What Is The Real Name Of Xirena?

Xirena has not revelead her real name, but people are also seen calling her Reyna.

She doesn't seem comfortable sharing her personal information yet, so she has neither revelead her face nor her name and age.

Her fans and followers hope that someday when she feels comfortable, she might share her real name with the public.

 Xirena has 460.9k followers in her TikTok account.
Source : twitter

She is active on Youtube, Twitter, and Tiktok. In TikTok, she shares snippets from her Youtube videos.

She had hit 100k followers on her Tiktok account in 2021 and thanked all her fans and followers for achieving this milestone.

Xirena has 460.9k followers in her Tiktok account. She has gained 12.9 million likes in her TikTok videos.

Xirena's Net Worth In 2022

The net worth of Xirena is estimated to be about $1.5 million in 2022.

She has amassed millions of dollars through her twitch stream and the views she has garnered in her Youtube videos.

She earns through ads, donations, and cheers during her live streams on Twitch. Similarly, she has subscription plans on her Twitch channel and can make from it.

She also earns about eight thousand dollars from her Youtube videos monthly ad revenue. 

She also earns through sponsorships and has worked with brands like HelloFresha.

She had worked with e-pal, where people can make friends who play games and have similar hobbies regarding games and anime.


1. Who is Xirena?

Xirena is a Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and social media star.

2. How old is Xirena?

She is about 20-30 years of age.