Irene Sunderland From Woodland Dies Of OD- Teen's Mother Mandy Wishes This To A Lesson For Others

Irene Sunderland is one of the teenagers who died of a drug overdose on May 5, as per her online obituary.

Irene Sunderland was the adopted daughter of Mandy Sunderland, and she was popular and liked by the people of high school. But she had a dark part in her life, and it was her drug addiction.

Irene was dead due to an overdose of drugs laced with Fentanyl which is more powerful than the narcotics Morphine, and now her parents are speaking about it. So, other parents don't have to go through the same pain.

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Obituary And Death News of Irene Sunderland From Drug OD

Irene Sunderland's death news from a Drug overdose has been on the headlines of many news portals. According to the dignity memorial, her full obituary is pending.

Irene along with Gregory Blodgett 17 years old, was found dead on May 5. On further investigation by the Montgomery County Sheriff, it was believed that they had passed away due to a drug overdose.

Similarly, in the autopsy and toxicology reports, there was the presence of fentanyl in the deceased body which confirmed their death by drug overdose. 

Montgomery County also found the person who sold them the drugs that took their life. They have arrested Abdulbaaith Adewale who is accused of selling them the narcotics.

Who Was Irene Sunderland From Woodlands?

Irene Sunderland was an 18 years old teenager attending The Woodlands High School. She was born on October 7, 2003, in Changsha, China.

Irene was adopted by her adoptive parents, Mandy and Jeffrey Sunderland when they were living in Beijing. She was only two weeks away from her high school graduation, but she has passed away on May 5 

In high school, she was a member of the Highsteppers. Similarly, she had planned that she would attend Drexel University to pursue a degree in Fashion Merchandising.

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Irene Sunderland's Parents Shaken By Her Death

Irene's parents, mother Mandy, and father, Jeffrey, have been shaken and devasted by the death of their 18 years old daughter.

They had given their best to protect their daughter from her drug addiction, but at last, it took her life.

Her brother Michael is also grieving as he lost his only sister.

Irene's memorial service was held on Monday, May 9, at Congregation Beth Shalom of the Woodlands.

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