Who Is Salma El Wardany? BBC Radio Presenter Has More Followers For Her Motivation Talks On TEDx

Salma El-Wardany captured by BBC Radio London.
Salma El-Wardany captured by BBC Radio London.( Source : co )

Salma El-Wardany has received nothing but praise as she has published her first novel "These Impossible Things."

A well-acclaimed BBC radio presenter, Salma has ventured into writing as of 2022. She is a writer, poet, speaker, and a self-proclaimed Spoken Word Artist.

Salma spoke on the stage at Ted Talks in 2019, garnering more recognition and followers. Her new ventures scream inspiration and knowledge as she mainly focuses on her and women's journey in life.

Is Salma El-Wardany On Wikipedia? Her Age 

Salma El-Wardany does not have a Wikipedia profile yet but has opened up about her life and work journey in many instances.

Her official website is mainly dedicated to her professional life while her story is still intact with Tedx. 

She is proud of her origin as a half Egyptian, half Irish, and a bit 'Desi Muslim.' Her mother is Irish-Egyptian, while her father is a Pakistani Muslim. BBC's beloved Salma was born in a remote desert village in Egypt and grew up in North England. She was well-supported by her parents regarding her education and attending universities.

Salma El-Wardany during her Ted Talk in 2019.
Salma El-Wardany during her Ted Talk in 2019.( Source : ted )

Salma obtained her Bachelor's degree in English Literature in 200 from Newcastle University. She went on to attend the same university next year to gain her Master's degree. Her initial working days were spent in Cairo during the Arab Spring. She actively participated in the revolution against the government by protesting and fighting through a blog.

Then young Salma documented her experiences as a young woman in Cairo and added the ideas of womanhood and gender identities. She then sought a corporate working life in London but found out that it was less fulfilling for someone who had been a part of the revolutions and writing.

Thus, started Salma's sane career in poetry and writing while speaking for radio and various platforms. She writes for multiple magazines, works as a radio host for BBC, and has worked with Edinburgh University on the Dangerous Woman Project, 

Likewise, she has also run her internal marketing business as an expert for many years. Per her LinkedIn, she is the current Chief Diversity Officer at Solutions Driven and is in the same position at Digitally Human.

More On BBC Radio Presenter Salma El-Wardany Husband Info

Salma El-Wardany is a beautiful, out-spoken, and sought-after woman in the media industry. However, she remains unmarried and is on her quest to get married to the man of her dreams.

She is less likely to speak about her potential husband's traits and likeness to men. The very much loved BBC radio presenter appears to be single and away from the thought of being married as she is at the peak of her presence.

Salma El-Wardany posing with her newly published book
Salma El-Wardany posing with her newly published book "These Impossible Things."( Source : twitter )

Her notion mainly revolves around her idea of presenting womanhood and friendship as analyzed in her debut novel, "These Impossible Things."

Her much-talked-about novel is about the friendship between three Muslim friends, Malak, Kees, and Jenna, navigating love, sex, and faith. The major catch is a one night that changes it all, making it the focal plot of the book.

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How Much Is Salma El-Wardany Salary From BBC?

Salma El-Wardany earns an impressive salary from her position as a BBC radio presenter. Glassdoor has reported that the average salary of a BBC radio presenter in the U.K. varies from £39k and goes to the highest of £89k annually.


Hence, the "These Impossible Things" writer earns decently from her world-famous employer company. As mentioned above, Salma enjoys various sources of income, including her literary career and business marketing.

Nonetheless, she has refrained from opening up about the precise figures on her earnings. She is observed to enjoy a comfortable life, thanks to her earnings.

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Salma El-Wardany Is An Instagram Star

Salma El-Wardany has an impressive 68k followers on Instagram with a verified tick on the side. Her recent posts are dedicated to promoting her new book and gifting giveaways to her precious followers.

Her Instagram handle is her proud identification as an Egyptian, Irish, and Desi Muslim, as seen on her bio. Besides that, Salma promotes her career as a writer and BBC presenter.

She usually updates on inspiring quotes on picture messages while also giving insights into her beautiful travel pictures. Salma's Instagram is a wonder for her followers to get close to her.

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