Who Is Roman Gavrilov? Details About The Army General Of Russia Who Was Sacked For Allegedly Leaking Information

Roman Gavrilov is the Deputy General of the National Guard of Russia, working in the attack against Ukraine.

Roman Gavrilov was in the private army of Putin, President of Russia. He is in the limelight as he is fired for leaking information about the ongoing operation in Ukraine.

The news of him getting detained and fired came through Christo Grozev, who is the CEO of the Netherlands-based investigative journalism group Bellingcat. 

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Who Is Roman Gavrilov? Wikipedia Of Russian General Sacked For Leaking Info

Roman Gavrilov is the former Deputy Chief of the National Guard or Rosgvardia force of Russia. He started to work as the deputy chief of the National Guard last June, and he is yet to have his own Wikipedia page.

Before working as deputy chief he had worked ten years in the Federal Guard Service. In the ongoing attack of Russia against Ukraine, Roman's Rosgvardia force has suffered significant losses of life in the face of Ukrainian resolve. 

In the initial days, Russia seemed overpowered and started to take control over major cities. But three weeks later, Ukraine is holding strong with Russia as Russia is yet to take any major city or strategic location. 

Due to this situation, Russia has started to fire the army which was not able to show significant changes in the ongoing operation. Similarly, Roman is believed to be fired for leaking information about the ongoing operation, while someone said he got fired for squandering fuel.

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Who Is Roman Gavrilov Wife?

The information about the wife of Roman Gavrilov remains unknown as he has not been open about this personal life to the media. So, it is hard to find information about his partner and married life.

The former deputy general is 45 years old, and he had been serving his country in this battle against Ukraine, but there were hints that he has been detained, and will be fired, before the confirmation of the News from Russia.

Roman is believed to have leaked information as heavy losses of the Russian Army led by him in Ukraine were reported during the three weeks since the invasion began on February 24. 

Net Worth Bio Of Roman Gavrilov 

The net worth of Roman Gavrilov is not available at the moment. But the average salary of the Deputy Chief of the National Guard is estimated to be about $9,797 to $10,612 per month.

So, he has earned well from his profession. He doesn't seem to be active on social media platforms.

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