Why Was Transgender Streamer Keffals Banned From Twitch? What Is She Doing Next

Trans Streamer Keffals claims Twitch banned her for 'openly discussing' the abuse she suffers. ( Source : Kotaku )

Transgender Streamer Keffals says she is banned from Twitch for openly discussing the example of abuse she has received. She is briefly banned for using slurs in a broadcast thumbnail.

Sorrenti is an ardent advocate of transgender rights. She claims that she is frequently targeted by transphobic trolls.

Why Was Transgender Streamer Keffals Banned From Twitch?

Twitch has suspended transgender Streamer Clara "Keffals" Sorrenti for 28 days after she displayed a list of transphobic remarks sent directly at her during a recent broadcast.

"I am banned for another 28 days for showing a list of terrible obscenities that were really hurled at me by bigots. I listed them to highlight the type of abuse I get as an openly trans twitch streamer," Keffals said on Twitter.

Transgender Streamer Keffals is banned for listing the example of abuse she has experienced y Twitch.
Transgender Streamer Keffals is banned for listing the example of abuse she has experienced y Twitch.( Source : Dotesports )

"I've never felt more let down." Twitch suspended one of their most popular transgender streamers from their website for publicly discussing the hatred they face," Keffals added.

"I'm not sure how they managed to screw up so horribly."

Keffals is one of Twitch's most popular trans broadcasters since she began producing political content in February 2022. She was inspired to act after Greg Abbott, the Republican governor of Texas, initiated a campaign against gender-affirming care for children.

Keffals's appeal was rejected by Twitch suspending her for 28 days from the platform.
Keffals's appeal was rejected by Twitch suspending her for 28 days from the platform.( Source : News )

Keffals has subsequently abandoned typical gaming broadcasts in order to reach a large number of LGBTQIA+ teenagers.

Along with her rise to fame and thousands of Twitch subscribers, Keffal has received a slew of abusive remarks. And instead of supporting her and going after the perpetrators, the Amazon-owned site has banned her.

It's unclear whether Twitch will reconsider the 28-day ban it imposed on Keffals, but the company may be motivated to do so given the backlashing reaction.

Many of her supporters have shown their support on Twitter. "Twitch, tragically, punishes everyone who speaks out against harassment of musicians. Particularly those from underprivileged groups, by displaying the hostility they encounter," one user said.

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What Is Keffals Doing Next?

Keffal is streaming on her YouTube account since she was banned on July 18. Twitch dismissed her appeal on Thursday, and the restriction will remain in effect for another 28 days.

She informed her fans and followers that she will be streaming on Youtube and no one can stop her from doing so.

According to Sorrenti, she understands "why Twitch has regulations in place that they need to follow in order to prevent hate speech from being mainstream."

Keffals plans to stream on YouTube in the wake of the controversy.
Keffals plans to stream on YouTube in the wake of the controversy.( Source : Topgamingmag )

However, she emphasized that "it goes against the company's ideals to disempower marginalized individuals from speaking up against the abuse they experience for being popular on that platform."

The scheduled Twitch stream, before the channel was suspended, appeared to be about how controversial political streamer Steven "Destiny" Bonnell. He was reportedly weaponizing his own supporters and members on the hate forum Kiwi Farms to attack her.

She is currently re-editing that stream for YouTube.

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Canadian Streamer Keffals's Net Worth 

Clara Sorrenti aka Keffals is a Canadian Twitch broadcaster, socialist, former Communist Party of Canada candidate, and trans activist.

The streamer has an estimated net worth of $50,000 as of July 2022. Sorrenti's popularity on Twitch has grown as a result of his coverage and debunking of a fresh wave of right-wing attacks on transgender persons and the gay community in general.

Sorrenti has slammed conservatives and centrists and started battles with everyone from J.K. Rowling to the r/Conservative forum.

She has been skewering anything from the "Don't Say Gay" school statute in Florida to conspiracy theories that the Uvalde, Texas school gunman was trans. And of course, the political streamers, such as Bonnell.

"I don't believe civility politics works when I'm talking with individuals who don't even see me as human," she said earlier this year to the Washington Post.

Sorrenti began her career as a volunteer with the New Democratic Party. She entered Canadian politics following Donald Trump's victory in the United States in 2016. 

There she competed as a member of the Communist Party of Canada in two campaigns in 2018 and 2019. She ran in both the 2018 Ontario general election and the 2019 Canadian federal election, however, she was defeated in both.

She was the coordinator for the Young Communist League's London, Ontario branch at the time. 

Sorrenti began broadcasting video games on Twitch before switching to politics in 2021 when a wave of anti-trans legislation was launched in state legislatures.

She raised US$205,000 for the Campaign for Southern Equality to defend transgender adolescents in April 2022.

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