Tom Cavanagh had decided to leave the Flash in 2021, but people are curious to know the reason behind his departure.  

Canadian actor Tom Cavanagh is known for a variety of roles in TV and Films. Ed (2000–2004), Love Monkey (2006) and Trust Me (2006) are among his popular credits. He also played Eobard Thawne / Reverse-Flash in the TV series The Flash from 2014 until 2021.

Cavanagh decided to leave The Flask after seven seasons and a variety of Wellses from numerous universes. Continue to know more about the actor.

Why Is Tom Cavanagh Leaving The Flash?

Tom Cavanagh had announced he is leaving The Flash a year ago. The actor had decided it was time to part ways, making clear that it was his very decision.

Cavanagh had told the Entertainment Weekly, "At a certain point I in the back of my head, ‘I'm going to do this for as long as I really feel challenged and it's enjoyable and that I'm contributing to Flash's storyline,"

"I thought after Sherloque was tracking down himself, the Reverse-Flash, even early on in that season. Yeah, this feels like I might be heading towards the exit now. I thought it was a perfect denouement. The Wells characters have been fun, but as we say, the show is called The Flash and it'll be fine without me.”

The actor also said: “I feel like all of us on The Flash feel a certain sense of propriety toward the show and when Greg Berlanti calls, I don't think there's ever any hesitation,” 

“I think one of the grand things about the show is the collaboration I've had with him. It's not just a sense of, When this guy calls, he's so prolific, I best go.’ It's more a sense of, When this guy calls and he's so wonderful, I can't wait to go.’”

Where Is Tom Cavanagh Going To Work? 

Tom Cavanagh recently appeared in the action-thriller “Corrective Measures” alongside Bruce Willis. The movie was released on April 29, 2022.

The Canadian actor also opened up about working with Willis on his last movie. He said to Fox News Digital: “This is a privilege, Growing up as a younger actor, I remember being hype influenced by his command of the screen. It’s not as easy as people think to do small stuff and have that project large. Not every actor can do that. Not many actors do.”

He added, “Even when Bruce was doing ‘Moonlighting,’ he had the ability to say nothing and yet command the screen.”

At present, Cavanagh has not announced his upcoming projects. Hopefully, we'll see him in some more action pack movies very soon. 

Meet Tom Cavanagh's Wife Maureen Grise 

Actor Tom Cavanagh married his beautiful wife Maureen Grise in the year 2004.

The couple has been blessed with four children. They are Katie Cavanagh, James Joseph Cavanagh, Alice Ann Cavanagh, and Thomas Cavanagh, Jr.

In particular, Grise is a popular photo editor and journalist. She has worked for the magazines like American Sports Illustrated for more than two decades.

Tom Cavanagh's Net Worth In 2022

Tom Cavanagh has a net worth of $4 million USD, as per the Celebrity Net Worth. 

The Canadian actor has participated in many movies and TC shows as an actor and theater producer in past. When he was cast in the Broadway revival of "Shenandoah," he gained a lot of notice. After that, he worked on many big projects like The Flash,  Ed, Love Monkey, Trust Me, Providence, and Scrubs.