Where Is Leah from Home And Away 2022? Fans are speculating r umor of her leaving the show and being ill. Continue reading the article to learn more about the star. 

Leah Patterson aka Ada Nicodemou from Home and Away is everyone's favorite character. And her absence from the show is giving anxiety to her followers. 

She explains that she still experiences imposter syndrome and would prefer to work rather than act.

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Where Is Leah From Home and Away 2022?

Leah from Home and Away 2022 is currently raising funds for flood appeal with Redcross Australia. She joined the team in the aftermath of a massive, unprecedented flood in Queensland and New South Wales.

A record-breaking and unrelenting deluge flooded towns and cities along Queensland's southeast coast. It has submerged thousands of homes and killed at least nine people.

People are worried about her after her recent podcast with Mamamia's No Filter. In the podcast, she discussed her dilemma with continuing to act.

Leah's first appearance on television was in an episode that aired on March 22, 2000. She is one of the persistent characters, having appeared in plots involving the deaths of her spouses, numerous romances, surrogacy, anxiety, and prejudice.

Leah aka Ada took a break from Home and Away in late 2012 after the birth of her first child. However, she returned from her temporary break on June 19, 2013.

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Why Is Leah Patterson Not On The Show?

Leah Patterson is conspicuously absent from the show, as the story focuses on her brother and other characters. She is not leaving the show, so don't be concerned.

In the same podcast, she revealed that she recently renewed her contract with the show and will not be leaving anytime soon.

Though she stated, "I'm not sure if it's something I'll continue to do," Nicodemou admitted to host, Mia Freedman during the candid interview. "Perhaps it's because I prefer something stable. Or [because] I don't think I'm that good at it."

Leah also joked that if she were to leave the show, she is unsure if she would be cast in another series. "I like television, and I like stability." And it has provided me with a wonderful life.

She also expressed her concern about her baby and mentioned that though she is spending as much time with him. And, "hustling for different roles all the time and being out of work." And I don't particularly enjoy acting; I'd rather work."

However, we will still be seeing her in the series. 

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Is  Leah Patterson From Home and Away leaving? Dead or illness

The rumor of Leah Patterson leaving from Home and Away is circulating on the internet for a very long time now. She is neither dead nor ill, but her absence from the show has worried her fans.

We can assure you that your favorite actress is all good and in good health right now. If she is not seen on the show, she may have a valid reason. However, she is not on leave or is leaving.

We will be able to see her in the coming episode