Joseph is leaving coronation street and moving to Portugal following her grandmother for a better life. Brown family had a happy ending from the series on 28 February.

William Flanagan has played Joseph Brown on Coronation Street. 

Flanagan attends Ology Kids Casting Workshops with his twin sister Isabella, who plays Joseph's cousin Hope Stape in Coronation Street.

His elder sister Amelia plays April Windsor in Emmerdale.

William has also starred in a Nextbase commercial opposite Isabella and the television series Paranoid.

Why Is Joseph Leaving Coronation Street?

Joseph is leaving coronation street and moving ahead to live with his family in Portugal. 

Monday's episode opened with resolving the mystery surrounding Joseph's future on the show. 

William's father consented to let him join his grandma, Linda Hancock (Jacqueline Leonard), abroad for a better life.

Surprisingly, it was a pair of shoes that prompted the decision.

Linda replaced Joseph's scuffed shoes with new ones before taking him to school at the beginning of the episode.

The father subsequently admits to his partner, Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell), that his son might live a more comfortable life without them.

"We're not going to give him away. We'll provide him with a better life, "He argued with Gemma. 

Even Joseph, who looked to respond much better to the news and reluctantly accepted.

He has appeared to resign, silently broken by the thought that his father was abandoning him.

Where Is Actor William Flanagan Going?

William Flanagan is leaving the show and going for a better life in Portugal with his grandma. 

Joseph's unexpected desire to accompany her stunned and grieved the family, especially Gemma.

Despite this, when Chesney agreed, Joseph dashed up to his room, more troubled than relieved by choice.

Despite Gemma's heartfelt appeals and Linda's invitation to return in a few weeks to pick up the boy, Chesney remained unmoved, stating that he was "for once" putting Joseph first.

Finally, Chesney, Gemma, Bernie, Fiz, Hope, and Ruby gathered outside No.5 to offer the boy an emotional farewell complete with teary hugs, jokes, and watery eyes.

Fortunately, in the last moments of the episode, the tables were turned as young Hope assisted Chesney in realizing he had made the biggest mistake of his life.

The episode concluded with the couple rushing to the airport in a panic, racing against the clock to get the small kid in time.

"Please do not leave. I love you. We're all crazy about you. We wouldn't be a family if you weren't here, "Chesney screamed as he caught up to them.