Why Did Sam Leave Adventures With Purpose, Where Is He Going To Work?

Sam was one of the members in Adventures With Purpose Youtube channel.
Sam was one of the members in Adventures With Purpose Youtube channel.( Source : facebook )

Sam is a YouTuber known for being one of the members of Adventures with Purpose.

He and Jared were the team members of Adventures with Purpose and had helped people find their missing family and relatives. They didn't take money to help people find their missing loved ones.

But now, the show's original members have gone, and the channel is run by the new members, Doug Bishop and Nick Rinn.

Quick Info

Name Sam Ginn
YouTube channel Sam Sam The Adventure Man
Subscribers  134k
Son Kyler Ginn


Why Did Sam Leave Adventures With Purpose?

Jared and Dan came into the live stream on their Adventures with Purpose Youtube channel to announce who was leaving and what was next for the channel. People thought Sam was leaving, but it was Dan who was leaving. Dan was 18 years old and active on the Youtube channel as a cameraman and editor.

Before leaving Adventures with Purpose, Dan underwent a hiatus and decided to pursue another way in his life. Dan parted the way in May 2021, while Sam decided to leave Adventures with Purpose on August 2021.

Sam did share his reason on his Youtube channel, but the video has been taken down. He might have left for personal reasons or to pursue other ventures in his life.

Sam Leave left the Adventures with Purpose in August 2021.
Sam Leave left the Adventures with Purpose in August 2021. ( Source : youtube )

Sam was also one of the members of the YouTube channel, Adventures with Purpose. Adventures with Purpose began with Jared, who opened the YouTube channel in 2018.

The YouTube channel started a fun Youtube channel by Jared, along with his daughter and wife. They were seen in the beginning cleaning up the underwater world of cell phones and sunglasses by scuba diving.

Their journey, which started as cleaning and preserving the environment, turned into a massive mission of finding the lost people and solving the missing mysteries.

Where Is Sam Going To Work?

After leaving Adventures with a purpose, Sam started focusing on his journey as a solo YouTuber.

He opened his Youtube channel, Sam Sam The Adventure Man, on April 28, 2017. Even Sam opened his Youtube channel in 2017; he began to upload on his YouTube channel on July 23, 2020.

 Sam is active on his Youtube channel, Sam Sam the Adventure Man.
Sam is active on his Youtube channel, Sam Sam the Adventure Man. ( Source : facebook )

His first video is AFTERMATH Of Giant Sea Lions on Small Boat! DAMAGE ASSESSMENT With Owner! Olympia, WA, has got 26k views in it.

Although Sam's journey with Adventures With Purpose has ended, his journey with himself has begun. The most popular video on his Youtube channel is You guys don't want another body? OFFICER: No, not on a Friday uploaded on December 21, 2020.

The videos have got about 2.1 million on them. Adventures with Purpose began with cleaning and finding the lost items and turned out to be a search team finding people who went missing on the beach and seas.

Adventures with Purpose has solved 24 cold cases and helped people with missing loved ones find closure and answers.

What Happened To Sam? 

Sam shared that he had a close counter to danger while scuba diving in July 2021.

He shared it in one of his Facebook posts on July 25, 2022. He went scuba diving as he usually used to do in July 2021. During his search undersea, his regulator popped out of the mask, causing his mask to fill with water, and it all occurred due to the regulator not being correctly clipped in.

Sam was close to losing life when his mask popped off whil scuba diving in July, 2021.
Sam was close to losing life when his mask popped off whil scuba diving in July, 2021. ( Source : facebook )

So, he took the mask and breathed directly off the regulator; while doing so, he got a face full of bubbles causing him to be even more disoriented.

Sam went to reach for his backup but couldn't get it because it was being clipped down. So, he was in dire need of air, so, to breathe, he went up. He made some grave mistakes, like not having a backup mask in his pocket, which is mandatory. Similarly, he also shared that his ego also resulted in this dangerous situation.

He revealed that he would avoid these situations if he took scuba diving classes. Still, he didn't want to be trained due to his ego of twelve years of dive experience on a traditional mask and regulator setup.
But his thought changed when he experienced this mishap and shared it with people so they won't repeat his mistake. So, he encourages people to take classes and be trained rather than assuming they have the experience and don't want training.

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