Why Did Brenda McCutcheon Kill Dr Frank Buddy McCutcheon? Dateline Episode Explains More

The well-known doctor Frank Buddy McCutcheon was found shot at his house while his wife, Brenda, dialed 911. She, on the other hand, was the one who murdered Frank because she was afraid he would divorce her.

The latest Dateline program focuses on the murder of Asheville cosmetic surgeon Dr. Frank Buddy McCutcheon, which culminated in his wife Brenda's life sentence in 2016.

The Day the Music Died, a true-crime episode, will air on NBC on Friday, May 13, 2022, at 9/8c. Surprisingly, the series claims to include previously undisclosed investigation footage.

Why Did Brenda McCutcheon Kill Dr. Frank Buddy McCutcheon?

Buddy died on July 16, 2016, when his wife, Brenda McCutcheon, savagely murdered him. During a state inquiry into his practice for potential embezzlement, she shot her 32-year-old husband in the head.

Buddy and his wife, who worked at Cosmetic Surgery of Asheville at the time, were accused of retaining employees' paycheck withholdings and failing to pay them to the North Carolina Department of Revenue as taxes, according to the Citizen-Times.

Misuse of payroll withholdings is deemed embezzlement in North Carolina, and the couple was slapped with court documents just days before his terrible death.

Although it is uncertain whether the embezzlement claims were the cause of his death, Brenda was arrested and charged with his murder shortly after. At the age of 69, a jury found her guilty and sentenced her to life in prison in February 2020.

Brenda has maintained her innocence despite being found guilty and has since appealed the judgment, arguing that the trial court made a simple mistake by accepting testimony from Buddy's brother indicating how Buddy's death had affected him,  according to court documents acquired by ABC15 News.

Brenda McCutcheon Appeal And Court Verdict For The Murder Of Dr. Frank McCutcheon

In November 2018, Brenda Kay Parker McCutcheon was charged with the murder of Dr. Frank McCutcheon and was sentenced to life in prison by the court.

Dr. McCutcheon was an Ashville-based cosmetic surgeon. They had met and fell in love while still inhabitants and had been married for 32 years. Brenda abandoned her job as a nurse to help Frank pursue his dream of becoming a plastic surgeon.

Frank was found dead with a bullet wound to the head at their Arden home on Tree Top Drive on July 16, 2016, shortly after 3:30 a.m.

Brenda McCutcheon said that he was sleeping on the couch in the first-floor room because he loved to watch TV overnight and Brenda did not. When she got downstairs at 3:30 a.m., she heard what she believed was thunder and smelled gunpowder.

During questioning with detectives in 2016, Brenda McCutcheon allegedly denied shooting her husband or concealing the firearm recovered outside their home in rows of ivy.

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Dateline Episode Explains More Of Dr. Frank McCutcheon's Murder

Dateline on NBC is a popular television show that presents viewers with real-life mysteries and in-depth investigations from the past.

Buddy's episode will feature interviews with family members, law enforcement officers, and attorneys, as well as previously undisclosed investigation footage.

According to the episode's description on Yahoo! News, after famed plastic surgeon and local musician Dr. Frank Buddy McCutcheon (Jr.) is murdered in his Asheville, North Carolina home, investigators unearth a trail of clues pointing to an unlikely killer.

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